Malcom CasSelle Anticipates WAX as the Beginning of Cryptocurrency Mainstream

Entrepreneur, early stage investor, and cryptocurrency guru Malcom CasSelle can apparently see the future. According to him cryptocurrency will become mainstream through the gaming market, and his new decentralized platform WAX will get the ball rolling.

Malcolm CasSelle is graduate of MIT and Stanford Univeristy, holding both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer sciences form both institutions respectively. His career began in 1995 when he founded his first website NetNoir. Since then he has been bouncing around the virtual world like a ping pong ball. In 2012 he became CEO of a global social network for gamers called Xfire, became CEO of an online paywall solution company called MediaPass in 2013, and is currently the CIO of OPSkins.

CasSelle’s expertise has already led OPSkins to become a top global seller of digital assets, as well as the largest Bitcoin merchant on earth. Now he is going to take the company into the decentralized zone with WAX. Worldwide Asset eXchange is a P2P network operating in a decentralized market. It allows players to trade assets with other players cross platform, which a huge development as it gives gamers an actual return of investment. WAX is able to accomplish this with the use of blockchains to avoid fragmentation and fraud.

Most gaming markets exist in a centralized marketplace, which provides security but limits what can be done. Players cannot sell their digital wares to other players, and currency can stay only within one game. WAX changes that by using a decentralized marketplace. Using blockchains, WAX creates smart lists through tokenization. The lists create protection from fraud, and avoid fragmentation.

CasSelle, who has also been an early stage investor in Facebook and Zynga, has been present for many innovations over the years. His investment and knowledge of cryptocurrency have allowed OPSkins to enjoy much success. In a recent statement he advocated that WAX could very well take cryptocurrency mainstream. He may be right as many experts look to the gaming industry as the one to do it. Gamers have been using digital assets longer than anybody.

Academy of Art University Alumnus Leading Animation in Avengers: Infinity War

The superhero movie Avengers: Infinity War is ruling the box office. We all know that the movie is produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Disney. But who is responsible for all the amazing animation graphics in the movie? The answer to the question is Academy of Art University’s very own Jan Philip Cramer. According to Cramer, his mentors at Academy of Art University helped him a lot in deciding his path of career. He is very grateful and gives them a lot of credit for his success. The academy is very excited to see Cramer’s future developments.

Academy of Art University is very proud of Cramer’s success, and is glad that it can help support and grow professional artists. The Academy is very well equipped in helping students who are interested in performing arts. It offers programs in more than thirty areas of study. It also offers a lot of courses dedicated to studying film writing, acting, animation and visual effects, motion pictures and television, etc.

Located in San Francisco, California, Academy of Art University was founded in 1929. It is one of the largest privately owned, accredited, art and design institution in the country. Over the years, the Academy has shaped numerous well known film directors, photographers, animators, actors and actresses.

Academy of Art University describes its curriculum as hands on and industry based. It prepares students for the professional world by exposing them to the newest technology and cultural diversity. In addition, not only are its faculty members passionate and experienced in teaching, they also uphold their top tier careers in the industry. Instructors are therefore able to provide practical advice, and industry insights. Alumni describes their experience at the Academy of Art University as well-rounded and invaluable. They believe the school has given them the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as an expert in the industry.


Richard Dwayne Blair and his Wealth Solutions Share Investment Pillars

Wealth is not easy to accumulate. Some people have spent all their lives trying to look for wealth, but they have not been able to get it. Other individuals have been getting good money at the end of the month, but they have remained to be poor even after getting their retirement because they did not invest their wealth in the correct way. If you want to become wealthy all your life, it is very important to ensure that you have entrusted your money in the right hands so that it can be managed and controlled by an individual who knows more about this department.

There are millions of people in the finance department, and most of them have been proven to be academically qualified to handle the challenges that come with investments in the market. Not all of these professionals will handle all the cases that are brought their way. Richard Dwayne Blair is changing the wealth management department. This is the businessman who founded Wealth Solutions, and he is doing a great job in the lives of many customers.

When Wealth Solutions was quite new in the market, people never knew the impact it was going to have in the lives of the Americans. Fortunately, the founder of the company was an expert in wealth management, and he has brought the company the best reputation over the years. Investments in the modern times have changed, and with the changing market, it can be quite challenging to determine an investment that will have a great benefit at the end of the day.

If you find yourself in the hands of a professional who is not experienced in this field, you will have to endure losses because you will only lose the money you invested and at the same time pay the company for the services they have offered you. Richard Dwayne Blair will never give you any reason to have any worries.

When a client visits Richard Dwayne Blair and his company for any service, they are taken through the three-pillar strategy that is used. The company takes time to learn about the customer strengths, their risk tolerance and the amount of capital they want to invest so that they can come up with a strategy that will suit them.


Sheldon Lavin kick-began his profession at OSI Group as an expert. In 1975, he turned into an accomplice of the organization and extended their activities into Asia, South America, and Europe. In the mid-1980s, Sheldon Lavin bought a controlling interest and assumed control of OSI Group. Sheldon has additionally built up the one of a kind culture of OSI Group where workers deal with as a worldwide family. Therefore, the organization has negligible staff turnover as most representatives work for the organization for a considerable length of time. Sheldon beforehand worked in the commercial and saving money administrations division. Since Sheldon Lavin assumed control as the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, the organization has gotten numerous different honors. A portion of these honors are for dangers and additionally natural, and wellbeing administration like the 2016 Globe of Honor granted to OSI Food Solutions UK by the British Safety Council on February 20, 2016. He helped steer it to massive development and even administered the securing of assets from financial foundations.

The advanced universe of business loaded with young business visionaries who plan to change the business sectors with beautiful items. Be that as it may, vast numbers of these cheerful pioneers of a big business flop because of their absence of learning or administrative capacities. New business visionaries should focus on the bits of knowledge of the best CEOs. Sheldon Lavin is a respected expert who knows how to fabricate and lead business domains. How does Sheldon Lavin efficiently oversee organizations that must consider finicky points of interest? Lavin does not have a precious stone ball that gifts him the responses to the world’s most squeezing questions. Instead, he imparts his obligations to the exceedingly talented people in his organization. Through assignment, Lavin can consider various factors while performing insignificant research. These empower him to settle on educated choices about the organization.

The vast majority presumably don’t understand that they have delighted in items from the OSI Group for quite a long time. The organization’s home office situated in Aurora, Illinois. However, that isn’t the place its effect closes. In actuality, the OSI Group has a worldwide achieve that gives nourishment and employments to nations everywhere throughout the world. Among its sustenance things, OSI centers its creation around protein things, some of which are bundled and sold for an incentive at general stores the world over. Numerous different items serve at driving chain eateries around the world. As a secretly held organization under the bearing of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, OSI presently works in 17 nations and is continually hoping to grow its range. While there are various sustenance creation organizations, a standout amongst the most settled alternatives is the OSI Group.

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Matt Badiali Offers a New Way For Investors to Grow and Protect Their Wealth

One of the goals of investors is to grow and protect their wealth. As far as how much wealth they want to grow, it depends on the individual. However, the one problem that many individuals have is that they do not know how to grow their wealth. Then even in the case that they learn how to grow their wealth, they have to learn how to protect their wealth. Fortunately, there are financial experts that have a lot of skills in growing and protecting wealth. One of these financial experts is Matt Badiali, who is the chief resource investment expert of Banyan Hill. Read the Q&A session with Matt on Frontline Profits Live.

When looking for ways to grow and protect their wealth, investors have to look through tons of different information in order to find one that works for them. Then there are the people who make promises that are too huge. They claim that they have the magic bullet for success. However, many people find out that they are not as effective as they are made out to be. Matt Badiali is aware of what investors go through. This is one of the reasons that he is doing everything he can to make sure that the investors have the right type of information.


Another good thing about Matt Badiali is that he does not have a huge ego about his experience. This is one of the most important aspects of his position. He is always open to new ideas because he wants people to find ways to profit that work for them. Matt Badiali has no desire to get in the way of anyone who finds a newer and more effective way to succeed at investing. One of the reasons that he can be trusted is that he has provided advice to many different people throughout the globe on different methods of earning. Read more at PRNewswire about Matt Badiali.

OSI Group; From Chicago to international

OSI Group’s journey of success is almost a century old. It is currently one of the biggest company with approximately twenty thousand workforces in different countries and sisty five facilities. Its rise to glory is an indication of significant segments of the American economic history.

OSI Group humble beginning dates back to the twentieth when a migrant from Germany moved to Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky started a meat shop in 1909 on the western flank of Chicago Ork Park to sell to his community. The trade thrived, and when the first world war was over, it became a wholesale covering other suburbs such as Maywood. Kolschowsky renamed it as Otto and Sons, and it progressed to being a significant part of the Chicago community for many years.

The business witnesses another transformation following the emergence of the first McDonald’s restaurant by Ray Kroc. In 1955, he formed an treaty with the sons of Otto of suppling beef to his fast food outlet. As the Roy business expanded, the Otto sons assumed the vital role as the supplier of the developing McDonald’s eateries.

the process of OSI Group formation begun when Otto and Sons took to the international company. The main aim of Kroc’s franchising archetypal was to avail steady product to its franchises as well as the clienteles, the primary product being the hamburgers. Therefore, Otto and Sons faced the pressure to supply affordable, consumer driven and reliable products that would be transported to distant diners of McDonald.

The association of the two companies flourished to a point where Otto and Sons secured a spot of foremost purveyors when McDonald’s merged its suppliers to only four. In 1973 Otto and Sons constructed an art of state facility that used technologically enhanced machinery for the freezing of patties. The facility was partly dedicated to the McDonald’s while the other was left to function locally under the brand name of Glenmark. The change leads to Otto and Sons becoming a two-track corporation.

Later in 1975, OSI industries were born. The title resembled the transformation the company had gone through for seventy-five years from a mere family establishment to a company that used technologically enabled machines and functioning on manufacturing capacity.

OSI further acquired additional ventures in Mexico, Poland, Austria among other and also introduced bacon and poultry products to some of its plants. The company has continued to grow and expand to Europ winning some award like the 2016 Global of Honour.

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Sheldon Lavin and The Fantastic Leadership He Has For OSI Group’s Growth

There are too many business leaders today that offer the world with wonderful solutions that make our lives better, but there are also business leaders that have caused a lot of damage to us and to the environment we’re in. Fortunately, Sheldon Lavin is one CEO of OSI Group that has only been producing the quality, effective and fantastic business solutions that the world so much needs. With problems in companies that are inveterate and hard to root out, it helps to have leaders like Sheldon Lavin to provide the needed changes that a company like OSI Group needs.

The Brief History of Ms. Lavin’s Education

There are many factors in the leadership of Mr. Lavin that coalesce together to offer the kind of leadership that he has for the success of OSI Group. The education of Mr. Lavin is also stuff for the books because not only was he able to finish an accounting degree, but he was also able to do studies in finance. However, this formal training is nothing to the fact that he has already built an outstanding reputation in building OSI Group. Otherwise, he won’t be the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC for nothing.

The high profile reputation that Mr. Lavin has also built for the OSI International Foods Ltd. also means that the company right now has built some of the greatest networks in the industry today. We could also say here that what shaped the skills of Mr. Lavin is the fact that he’s been in the business since 1970, and so he has built and honed his instinct to a level that can address concerns in the quickest possible time without or at least only with the most minimal errors.

The Awards and Green Innovations

This kind of involvement in the field of business for Sheldon Lavin has also brought OSI Group onto the international scene and given rise to an increase in job generation rate all over the world. There wouldn’t be as many jobs today for everyone if it weren’t for the involvement of Sheldon Lavin and his OSI Group career. This is the reason why it’s no surprise that OSI Group is growing and innovating in ways that had never been done before. We even read in the French Tribune about OSI Group’s dedication for green innovations and to make green improvements in its processes to help alleviate the challenges in the environment sector.

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Paul Mampilly’s Crypto Crash!

Is the Crypto Crash imminent? Paul Mampilly, an investor and financial genius, sure thinks so. Paul warns that the cryptocurrency bubble is on the verge of bursting. As a winner to the Templeton Foundation investment competition, Paul Mampilly knows what he’s talking about when he says its only a matter of time before there’s no value in the investments of cryptocurrency.

Tess, a friend to Paul Mampilly, had technology stocks up more than 1,000 percent in 1999, but this was another year for technology stocks to crash. When a bunch of other companies, like Qualcomm Inc., were all over 1,000 percent. Paul Mampilly gives reason to why this was a great example of the stock market was just going crazy. Paul Mampilly sold all his stocks in 1999, when everyone else was buying up and watching the stocks go up. But he knew he made the right decision in 2000 to 2001 when he didn’t lose any money. As for Tess however, greed took her into a zero balance in her account. Follow Paul Mampilly on

Every major cryptocurrency investor from the begining of the year is now wealthy. Mampilly insists that Bitcoin, one of the first cryptocurrencies, created in 2008 and now worth over $19,000, is going to crash. With no central authority managing cryptocurrencies show signs of a burst according to Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly says the best warning sign is when enormous interest in an asset drives this price into a frenzy of sudden growth. It’s usually unsustainable, which is especially true when dealing with something inanimate as cryptocurrencies. Visit to know more.

Critics say Paul Mampilly’s warnings of a crash are because of his jealousy for not investing when he had the chance. Saying that no one can truly predict the stock market. As for Tess, she may be clear witness to his ability to see a bubble bursting. Paul Mampilly doesn’t add emotion to his investments, which is the main reason for investors letting a crash happen. People get excited over things priceless and drive them to being worthless.

Paul Mapilly’s believes that cryptocurrencies underlying structure and technology is promising, that they can make real estate transactions easier and remove outrageous fees when trading stock. As a popular guest to many networks and founder of Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly enjoys helping investors and is truly looking out for their welfare. So there won’t have to be any more people like Tess.


Businessman Ara Chackerian’s Utiliization of Forest Thinning in Nicaragua

There must always be balance between the environment, sustainability, and practicality. Everyone in the world needs toilet paper and most use other paper products. At the same time, we also need to spend time in nature and unplug from the electronic wonders of the world which we currently use daily. Likewise, local wildlife also needs to survive and live happy lives which are not totally destroyed from over-deforestation. The practice of crop rotation with tree harvesting, and the consideration of many agencies in businesses at once is a practice which is slowly starting to become more common. One example of such business which is utilizing and considering all aspects of the world cohesively is Limonapa Teak. Limonapa is headed by Ara Chackerian, who is formally the chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics (Diagnostic Imaging services for the health industry), chairman of PipelineRx, and VP at PSS/World Medical (distributor of medical parts).


Having been in the business world, Ara Chackerian understands the need to strike a balance. Limonapa has created jobs for local Nicaraguans and has boosted supply for the teak wood industry worldwide. Teak wood is the most highly prized type of wood in boat & yacht creation for durability and beauty.


According to Patch, the other main party necessary in striking a balance with deforestation and logging in wildlife is actually ourselves. As humans, we need to spend time in nature and get away from some of the stress involved with city life; the Japanese in fact call this the art of shinrin-yoku, or “Forest bathing”. It is highly advised by the Japanese government that everyone spend time relaxing in nature to find peace more easily.




Finally, from the perspective of the wildlife themselves, some particular species actually need trees that are grouped closer together in order to survive. The Kirtland’s Warbler species of birds in Michigan needs trees that are grouped together in pairs of two. We as humans on the other hand sometimes prefer more aesthetically beautiful parks and trees which are spaced out a little more. But in the state of Michigan, they have implemented selective “forest thinning” and rotation, while looking after the Kirtland’s Warbler. The result has been a net surplus of 21 million dollars per year added to the Michigan state budget.



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Welcome Waiakea Water, The World’s Purest Volcanic Water

When we think about our overall health, we typically think about the foods we eat, our overall weight and fitness goals, how much water we consumer, what vitamins we take, and much more. One thing that we typically don’t think about, but science is proving to be one element that ties our entire health together, is the alkaline level that our body typically sits at. The alkaline level affects every aspect of our body, right down to the health of our individual cells. Typically, our bodies work best at a pH level of around 7.4 on a scale of between 1 and 10. Many of the bottles of water currently available on the shelves of our grocery stores

Waiakea Water has launched an incredible new volcanic water that may literally be the best bottled water that we have ever seen, both as far as how it provides you with health and as far as its zero-impact on the environment. The water is pure in the purest form to ever exist. Firstly, it comes from a wholly sustainable source. Waiakea Water comes from just one active volcano in Hawaii, and that volcano replenishes its own water source daily, meaning that the water source is wholly sustainable. As the ice caps on top of the volcano melts it naturally washes down over 14,000 feet of pure, untouched volcanic rock. As the water moves down, it absorbs all the rich, mineral nutrients that the volcanic rock provides.

In addition to absorbing nutrients such as magnesium and calcium, the water becomes naturally alkaline as it flows over the volcanic rock, which is another thing Waiakea Water offers that no other waters can. Waiakea Water was recently highlighted by Premier Gazette for its potential to not only hydrate the body, but to actually give it the perfect pH level. As mentioned above, the body’s ideal pH level is 7.4. Because the natural, volcanic water has a pH level of 8.8, drinking Waiakea Water will naturally draw your pH level to the perfect alkalinity. Most waters on the shelves today barely have a pH level of 5.