Social Media: Very Important Aspect Of Success Handled With White Shark Media

The most important way to succeed is to be creative. People need to be able to expand their reach. This means going to as many sources of traffic as possible in order to bring traffic to their site. One of the best ways to do this is with the use of social media. Social media is one of the largest sources of traffic. Therefore, it is easy for people to find their target audience. Then they can engage their audience so that they will build their brand. It does take a little time to gain success with that approach.


This amount of time can be cut down with White Shark Media. They handle AdWords marketing. This takes some of the pressure off of the marketer as he continues to engage the community. For one thing, bringing success to a business is a full time job. There is a lot of information coming at people. Therefore, it is important for people to do everything possible to remain relevant to the individual. For one thing, it takes a really short amount of time for one to forget about a company. This is why it is important to continue to present something to the audience.


White Shark Media is not only able to present ads to the customers but also able to bring a unique message to the customers. Of course, it depends on the promotions that are in effect. The businesses that run a lot of promotions are going to have an easier time remaining relevant. The important factor is in how well they are able to provide the customers what they really want. White Shark Media is also willing to provide advice to companies on the direction they can go. After all, marketing has to be true to what the business is offering.

Stay Lazy Thanks to Wengie

Wengie always ensures that her diverse audience is taken care of when it comes to the tasks of their daily lives. Whether a person considers themselves fairly active or even pretty lazy, YouTube’s eccentric sweetheart makes certain that their days will be a breeze with her clever life hacks,:


Grabbing a Mug to Combat Hunger


Certain days give way to laziness and that is quite alright, except when you are too lazy and hungry to actually cook a meal. Sure, thoughts of ordering a greasy pizza come to mind, but then you remember that keeping fit is important, so you allow yourself to feel temporarily hopeless and, of course, ravenously hungry. The beauty blogger and diet expert suggests making some nifty microwave meals right in a mug. Chop up some peppers, onions, and lentils; cover them in cheese and some sauce before microwaving the mug for a vegetable pizza you will not soon forget!


Avoiding Washing Extra Dishes While Snacking


It is always a victorious feeling when the bag of chips is in arm’s reach. Once again, though, you become mindful of healthy eating habits and understand that you should not eat the entire bag and you opt for a bowl instead. Naturally, you do not want to get up to reach that bowl, a reality that outweighs any thoughts of self-control. Wengie suggests turning your bag of chips itself into a bowl in order to snack away! You earned it, after all.


In addition to making sure that you will not need to wash any dishes after snacking, the blogger has clued her viewers in on how to turn their yogurt or pudding lids into spoons themselves.


Making Sure the Iron Becomes Extinct


Chances are, you or someone around you has access to a hair straightener. Because of this reality, ensuring that your clothes will always look professional and wrinkle free is a breeze. Simply heat up the iron and run it over any wrinkled portions of your attire for a quick fix that requires no actual clean up afterward!

Learn more about Wengie:

Discover The Amazing Benefits Of WEN Cleansing Conditioner

Thanks to celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean, we now know that we can achieve clean, manageable and healthy hair without the use of commercial shampoo and conditioner products. When Dean developed the formula for WEN Cleansing Conditioner, he changed the way that we view hair care.

Traditionally, women have depended on commercial shampoos and conditioners in order to keep hair clean and soft. The problem with these products is that they actually do more harm than good. Shampoos use harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate, the foaming agent that strips hair of its natural oils, and toxic preservatives that dry hair out tremendously. Conditioners typically contain synthetic fragrances that are loaded with chemicals that irritate the scalp and leave hair frizzy and unmanageable.

Chaz Dean, a hairstylist based in Los Angeles, set out to create a product that would clean and condition hair without the use of any of these toxic chemicals. He first tried out his WEN Cleansing Conditioner on his celebrity clientele. When they reported back to tell him how stunningly soft and silky their hair was after using it, he released the product into the hair care market.

What makes WEN Cleansing Conditioner unique is that it cleans and moisturizes hair without being a shampoo or a conditioner. Instead, the formula exclusively relies on natural, plant-based ingredients. Instead of filling his product with toxic preservatives and harsh detergents, Chaz Dean uses botanical extracts with cleansing, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. WEN Cleansing Conditioner deeply hydrates hair with vegetable glycerin, a natural moisturizer that comes from vegetables. This moisturizer also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture from the environment to keep hair soft and silky all day long.

Today, WEN Cleansing Conditioner has reached cult status. The product’s loyal fan base is proof that WEN Cleansing Conditioner lives up to the hype.

Securus shuts down GTL lies with simple challenge

Recently, Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies, offered a simple challenge to its competitor, GTL, which has been making inaccurate statements regarding the status of patents and other things over the course of the last year. The challenge was an offer to take the companies’ respective versions of video visitation and investigations technology and put them head to head, in a test to be judged by an independent third party. GTL declined the challenge. Their refusal to take part constitutes a tacit admission that their technology is inferior and that the claims they have made over the course of the last year are completely without merit.

It’s lonely at the top

Securus has been warding off pot shots from competitors and detractors over the course of the last 10 years. This, in no small part, has to do with their rise to a position of unquestioned dominance in the prison services and inmate communications industries. After introduction of their video visitation solution, the technology quickly became wildly popular with inmates and spread throughout prisons across the country like wildfire. This success has both fomented bitterness in those competitors left behind as well as painted a target on Securus’ back as the bogeyman du jour for those individuals and organizations who are opposed to any sort of non-governmental actor being involved in the administration of U.S. prisons for any reason.

But Securus has continued to demonstrate, through broad customer satisfaction and leadership in new technological rollouts, that the detractors have little to say worth heeding. Securus’ video visitation alone has added greatly to the lives of tens of thousands of inmates across the country, allowing for unprecedented levels of communication with friends and family and making a tough life situation a little more bearable. Securus, at the end of the day, believes in leading by example.



The Hardest Part Of Online Reputation Management

With all of this talk about online reputation management, a lot of people are understandably intimidated at the prospect of this. For one thing, a lot of people used to consider online reputation to be an afterthought. Also, a lot of people did really care all that much about their reputation as long as they brought in the money. However, the times have changed a lot. Going with the change is the amount of research that goes into deciding whether or not a person or a business is worth buying from. For one thing, if people see that a business is not very respectable, then they are going to shy away from the business.

One thing that is to be understood about online reputation management is that it is not as hard as one might think. There is one very hard part of online reputation management, this part is getting started. However as suggests, it is very important to get this part out of the way so that one could work on his image. It is important to make sure that one has a good image towards the public so that people will be willing to work with them.

One of the most important aspects of online reputation management is social media. This is in fact one of the main contributing factors to change. Social media has made it so people can communicate with one another for a wide variety of reasons which include business promotions. With social media, people will have a shortcut towards building their brand. As they engage the community, their profile will raise to the front page of Google. Then they will also have more sources of information to put on the front page of search engines. This will help them fight off any bad news that is released.


What You Should Know about Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani serves as the CEO and the Founder of DAMAC Group. Hussain was born in 1956 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Hussain Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington where he acquired his undergraduate degree in Economics. Hussain started The DAMAC Group in 1992 to serve as a specialist catering company. The firm has its headquarters in Dubai and has offices in North Africa, The Middle East, Far East, Subcontinent, and the CIS States. The enterprise was valued at more than $4 billion by September 2014. It has registered tremendous growth under Hussain’s leadership.


Hussain owns about 85 percent of DAMAC Properties. His net worth is over $3.5 billion according to Forbes. Sajwani has been recognized among the richest people in the world. Hussain worked at GASCO where he served as a Contracts Manager before starting his company. GASCO is a subsidiary of ADNOC. He established his firm known as Draieh Management Services Co (DAMAC) LLC in 1982. This company was later known as DAMAC Group.


Mr. Hussain started an investment company known as DICO Invest in 1992. The company currently has investment portfolios of securities for several companies all over the world. Sajwani is also the founder of Al Jazeira Services Co SAOG. This company has been listed with a capitalization of more than $125 million on the Muscat Securities Market. Hussain and Donald Trump are great friends. Hussain has been a business partner with Donald Trump. They have made great developments in the real estate market. Hussain’s family and Donald’s family are very close. The two families spend their new year’s eve together.


Hussain Sajwani is also associated with other ventures such as the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Co SAOG which he started in 1998. It is the first and only tile manufacturer in the country. Hussain is a Board member at Majan University College in Muscat, The United States and Emirates Takaful Company, Abu Dhabi, and JUNO Online in New York. Hussain has earned a reputation as a successful businessman both in the real estate and investment industries. Sajwani attributes his success to hard work and commitment.

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EOS Lip Balm And Its Many Flavors

EOS lip balm has many different flavors that used will quite enjoy, and they must ensure they have taken a look at all the flavors that may interest. Each flavor has its own unique color and smell, and owners of the product will feel their lips become quite soft as a result. This article explains how the EOS lip balm flavors that are included in each package help the young and old car for their lips.

#1: Honey

Honey is one of the most-soothing flavors anyone may use, and it will remind them of the softness that comes from the taste of honey. They may use the honey lip balm any time they like, and they will find it quite a lot of fun to smell because it has the natural flavor of honey on every swipe.

#2: Passion Fruit

Passion Fruit is one of the best flavors to use when someone wishes to smell something unique, and they will find it quite a lot of fun to share with others. Those who are interested in a new flavor will show it to others who may fall in love with the flavor when they smell it.

#3: Wildberry

Wildberry is a great flavor for anyone who wishes to have a combination of flavors that will all sit together well. The flavors are fun because they are all about the same, and the user will smell each of the berry flavors in the lip balm when they open the package. It is much easier to use than other flavors the customer may find too strong.

Everyone who wishes to take care of their lips will find the product they need when they are using EOS lip balm. They will smell a lovely odor, and the bright packaging will be fun to behold. EOS lip balms are available online via or

Learn how EOS dominated the industry, read this Fast Company article.

Alexandre Gama Sets the Standard for Creative Advertising

Alexandre Gama is a well known Brazilian entrepreneur who founded one of Brazil’s leading advertising agencies known as Neogama. Mr. Gama obtained his degree in advertising and communications after attending one of the most respected educational institutions in Brazil. His career in advertising began more than 30 years ago with a local agency where he worked as a copywriter and creative consultant. Alexandre Gama eventually moved on to where he became the creative director at a company called DM9, during which time he also received an award for being the best copywriter in Brazil.

During the many years of his career, Alexandre Gama received several more awards and notable recognition for his outstanding work as a young professional in Brazil. In 1999 Mr. Gama founded Neogama, which won an award in just their first year for their outstanding work in advertising. In 2002 Alexandre Gama’s advertising company was named agency of the year by a leading Brazilian newspaper. As an individual who believes strongly in companies with a creative edge, Mr. Gama supports many creative driven projects from companies such as Violab and the Brazilian Museum of Art. He is also a Briggs Automotive Company shareholder and a member of the Global Creative Board.

Wen Hair Products; In Search of Perfection

If you are looking for a brand that will enhance the health of your hair, the Wen hair products on are the best solution. The products have been designed with modern technology and ingredients that will not only repair your damaged hair but also promote the growth of healthy hair.

What makes the products unique? Well, the ingredients that have been used and also the brand name. What are the products that you can choose?

– The WEN cleansing conditioner; you will be surprised, but this is a 5 in 1 type of hair product. When you buy this cleanser you will be getting; a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in conditioner and a deep conditioner all in the price of one. Unlike most hair cleansing products, this conditioner does not contain sulfates. That means that it does not lather. However, it will cleanse your hair of any impurities without removing your natural hair oil.

– The Wen Nourishing Mousse; if you are looking to add volume to your hair, this is the product that you need to buy. It is lightweight and does not leave any flaky substances in your hair. The ingredients that have been used will leave your hair soft, shiny and voluminous. This will help to prevent your hair from frizzing if it is air-dried.

– Wen Anti-frizz crème; harsh weather is one of the causes of hair frizz. However, with WEN product, you will be able to prevent all that. Your hair will also be able to withstand the heat of the dryer. It comes with mores sheen which will make your hair shiny.

– WEN are moist intensive treatment; it will help to add moisture to your hair and leave a soft touch to it.

About Chaz Dean

He is the man behind these great products on He has managed to build a strong clientele in Los Angeles. His clients include the famous celebrities in the show business. His dream of owning a hair studio was born actualized while working at Bel Air. When he got promoted to the managerial position, Chaz was able to buy the salon and turned it into a hair studio for his clients.

Due to the profession of his clients, Chaz hair studio at is in a secluded location. This is so that he can provide privacy for his clients as they escape the paparazzi. He has managed to create a peaceful and intimate environment.

Bruce Levenson Business Ideas


Owning and operating a business is a lot of hard work. There are a lot of people who are trying to figure out a way to take their ideas to a new level. Over the last couple of years, many people have decided to start investing in large companies. When Bruce Levenson sold his first business, he wanted to branch out into a new industry. He decided to buy an NBA team, and that is a decision that he has not regretted for a long time. Over the long term, buying a team like that is not easy to do. However, he had the capital and the finances that he needed in order to take things to the next level in this area.

Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is someone who has had a lot of success in this area. Over time, he helped to turn the Atlanta Hawks from one of the worst teams in the NFL to one that had some respect. With all of the changes that have happened in the NBA over the past couple of years, he is now working to figure out how to take his life to a new level.

New Plans

With the lawsuit that he is currently in, Bruce Levenson is now trying to figure out a way to invest in a new business. A lot of people today are excited about the new ideas that he has for a number of reasons. Although he is no longer the owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he still has a lot of great business ideas that can help you get to the next level for a variety of reasons. If you want to learn how to run a business, Bruce Levenson is the person to learn from.

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