OSI Group; From Chicago to international

OSI Group’s journey of success is almost a century old. It is currently one of the biggest company with approximately twenty thousand workforces in different countries and sisty five facilities. Its rise to glory is an indication of significant segments of the American economic history.

OSI Group humble beginning dates back to the twentieth when a migrant from Germany moved to Chicago, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky started a meat shop in 1909 on the western flank of Chicago Ork Park to sell to his community. The trade thrived, and when the first world war was over, it became a wholesale covering other suburbs such as Maywood. Kolschowsky renamed it as Otto and Sons, and it progressed to being a significant part of the Chicago community for many years.

The business witnesses another transformation following the emergence of the first McDonald’s restaurant by Ray Kroc. In 1955, he formed an treaty with the sons of Otto of suppling beef to his fast food outlet. As the Roy business expanded, the Otto sons assumed the vital role as the supplier of the developing McDonald’s eateries.

the process of OSI Group formation begun when Otto and Sons took to the international company. The main aim of Kroc’s franchising archetypal was to avail steady product to its franchises as well as the clienteles, the primary product being the hamburgers. Therefore, Otto and Sons faced the pressure to supply affordable, consumer driven and reliable products that would be transported to distant diners of McDonald.

The association of the two companies flourished to a point where Otto and Sons secured a spot of foremost purveyors when McDonald’s merged its suppliers to only four. In 1973 Otto and Sons constructed an art of state facility that used technologically enhanced machinery for the freezing of patties. The facility was partly dedicated to the McDonald’s while the other was left to function locally under the brand name of Glenmark. The change leads to Otto and Sons becoming a two-track corporation.

Later in 1975, OSI industries were born. The title resembled the transformation the company had gone through for seventy-five years from a mere family establishment to a company that used technologically enabled machines and functioning on manufacturing capacity.

OSI further acquired additional ventures in Mexico, Poland, Austria among other and also introduced bacon and poultry products to some of its plants. The company has continued to grow and expand to Europ winning some award like the 2016 Global of Honour.

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Sheldon Lavin and The Fantastic Leadership He Has For OSI Group’s Growth

There are too many business leaders today that offer the world with wonderful solutions that make our lives better, but there are also business leaders that have caused a lot of damage to us and to the environment we’re in. Fortunately, Sheldon Lavin is one CEO of OSI Group that has only been producing the quality, effective and fantastic business solutions that the world so much needs. With problems in companies that are inveterate and hard to root out, it helps to have leaders like Sheldon Lavin to provide the needed changes that a company like OSI Group needs.

The Brief History of Ms. Lavin’s Education

There are many factors in the leadership of Mr. Lavin that coalesce together to offer the kind of leadership that he has for the success of OSI Group. The education of Mr. Lavin is also stuff for the books because not only was he able to finish an accounting degree, but he was also able to do studies in finance. However, this formal training is nothing to the fact that he has already built an outstanding reputation in building OSI Group. Otherwise, he won’t be the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, LLC for nothing.

The high profile reputation that Mr. Lavin has also built for the OSI International Foods Ltd. also means that the company right now has built some of the greatest networks in the industry today. We could also say here that what shaped the skills of Mr. Lavin is the fact that he’s been in the business since 1970, and so he has built and honed his instinct to a level that can address concerns in the quickest possible time without or at least only with the most minimal errors.

The Awards and Green Innovations

This kind of involvement in the field of business for Sheldon Lavin has also brought OSI Group onto the international scene and given rise to an increase in job generation rate all over the world. There wouldn’t be as many jobs today for everyone if it weren’t for the involvement of Sheldon Lavin and his OSI Group career. This is the reason why it’s no surprise that OSI Group is growing and innovating in ways that had never been done before. We even read in the French Tribune about OSI Group’s dedication for green innovations and to make green improvements in its processes to help alleviate the challenges in the environment sector.

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Paul Mampilly’s Crypto Crash!

Is the Crypto Crash imminent? Paul Mampilly, an investor and financial genius, sure thinks so. Paul warns that the cryptocurrency bubble is on the verge of bursting. As a winner to the Templeton Foundation investment competition, Paul Mampilly knows what he’s talking about when he says its only a matter of time before there’s no value in the investments of cryptocurrency.

Tess, a friend to Paul Mampilly, had technology stocks up more than 1,000 percent in 1999, but this was another year for technology stocks to crash. When a bunch of other companies, like Qualcomm Inc., were all over 1,000 percent. Paul Mampilly gives reason to why this was a great example of the stock market was just going crazy. Paul Mampilly sold all his stocks in 1999, when everyone else was buying up and watching the stocks go up. But he knew he made the right decision in 2000 to 2001 when he didn’t lose any money. As for Tess however, greed took her into a zero balance in her account. Follow Paul Mampilly on Stocktwits.com.

Every major cryptocurrency investor from the begining of the year is now wealthy. Mampilly insists that Bitcoin, one of the first cryptocurrencies, created in 2008 and now worth over $19,000, is going to crash. With no central authority managing cryptocurrencies show signs of a burst according to Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly says the best warning sign is when enormous interest in an asset drives this price into a frenzy of sudden growth. It’s usually unsustainable, which is especially true when dealing with something inanimate as cryptocurrencies. Visit stockgumshoe.com to know more.

Critics say Paul Mampilly’s warnings of a crash are because of his jealousy for not investing when he had the chance. Saying that no one can truly predict the stock market. As for Tess, she may be clear witness to his ability to see a bubble bursting. Paul Mampilly doesn’t add emotion to his investments, which is the main reason for investors letting a crash happen. People get excited over things priceless and drive them to being worthless.

Paul Mapilly’s believes that cryptocurrencies underlying structure and technology is promising, that they can make real estate transactions easier and remove outrageous fees when trading stock. As a popular guest to many networks and founder of Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly enjoys helping investors and is truly looking out for their welfare. So there won’t have to be any more people like Tess.

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Businessman Ara Chackerian’s Utiliization of Forest Thinning in Nicaragua

There must always be balance between the environment, sustainability, and practicality. Everyone in the world needs toilet paper and most use other paper products. At the same time, we also need to spend time in nature and unplug from the electronic wonders of the world which we currently use daily. Likewise, local wildlife also needs to survive and live happy lives which are not totally destroyed from over-deforestation. The practice of crop rotation with tree harvesting, and the consideration of many agencies in businesses at once is a practice which is slowly starting to become more common. One example of such business which is utilizing and considering all aspects of the world cohesively is Limonapa Teak. Limonapa is headed by Ara Chackerian, who is formally the chief executive officer of BMC Diagnostics (Diagnostic Imaging services for the health industry), chairman of PipelineRx, and VP at PSS/World Medical (distributor of medical parts).


Having been in the business world, Ara Chackerian understands the need to strike a balance. Limonapa has created jobs for local Nicaraguans and has boosted supply for the teak wood industry worldwide. Teak wood is the most highly prized type of wood in boat & yacht creation for durability and beauty.


According to Patch, the other main party necessary in striking a balance with deforestation and logging in wildlife is actually ourselves. As humans, we need to spend time in nature and get away from some of the stress involved with city life; the Japanese in fact call this the art of shinrin-yoku, or “Forest bathing”. It is highly advised by the Japanese government that everyone spend time relaxing in nature to find peace more easily.




Finally, from the perspective of the wildlife themselves, some particular species actually need trees that are grouped closer together in order to survive. The Kirtland’s Warbler species of birds in Michigan needs trees that are grouped together in pairs of two. We as humans on the other hand sometimes prefer more aesthetically beautiful parks and trees which are spaced out a little more. But in the state of Michigan, they have implemented selective “forest thinning” and rotation, while looking after the Kirtland’s Warbler. The result has been a net surplus of 21 million dollars per year added to the Michigan state budget.



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Welcome Waiakea Water, The World’s Purest Volcanic Water

When we think about our overall health, we typically think about the foods we eat, our overall weight and fitness goals, how much water we consumer, what vitamins we take, and much more. One thing that we typically don’t think about, but science is proving to be one element that ties our entire health together, is the alkaline level that our body typically sits at. The alkaline level affects every aspect of our body, right down to the health of our individual cells. Typically, our bodies work best at a pH level of around 7.4 on a scale of between 1 and 10. Many of the bottles of water currently available on the shelves of our grocery stores

Waiakea Water has launched an incredible new volcanic water that may literally be the best bottled water that we have ever seen, both as far as how it provides you with health and as far as its zero-impact on the environment. The water is pure in the purest form to ever exist. Firstly, it comes from a wholly sustainable source. Waiakea Water comes from just one active volcano in Hawaii, and that volcano replenishes its own water source daily, meaning that the water source is wholly sustainable. As the ice caps on top of the volcano melts it naturally washes down over 14,000 feet of pure, untouched volcanic rock. As the water moves down, it absorbs all the rich, mineral nutrients that the volcanic rock provides.

In addition to absorbing nutrients such as magnesium and calcium, the water becomes naturally alkaline as it flows over the volcanic rock, which is another thing Waiakea Water offers that no other waters can. Waiakea Water was recently highlighted by Premier Gazette for its potential to not only hydrate the body, but to actually give it the perfect pH level. As mentioned above, the body’s ideal pH level is 7.4. Because the natural, volcanic water has a pH level of 8.8, drinking Waiakea Water will naturally draw your pH level to the perfect alkalinity. Most waters on the shelves today barely have a pH level of 5.


“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a Unique Metaphor for the U.S.

Sean Penn has always had outspoken political views, and this march he released a book called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”. Sitting down for interviews with Trevor Noah, of the daily show, and Vogue Magazine, Penn describes his book which he calls a strange metaphor for the current state of American affairs. Penn tells Noah that the book talks about the “dark nature of humans” and their fascination with fascism. He mentions that he feels that democracy can easily fall into fascism and he worries that is currently happening in the United States. The book talks about Bob Honey, an angry American, who in his free time murders older citizens with a mallet. He believes that these people stand in the way of progress.

Though Trevor Noah believes this book is hard to describe due to its satirical look and absurd plot, there appear to be societal takes that Penn is looking to investigate. During the book’s first chapter, Bob witnesses the presidential election of 2016, and even writes an angry letter to the President, telling him that he is truly unfit for public office. Bob Honey Who Just do Stuff has received mixed reviews but Penn’s interview clarify his intentions to write the book. Penn says that Bob is created to describe the feeling some Americans have, that they are compelled to serve their country but lack direction and cause in doing so. This could describe why Bob goes on mallet wielding sprees for the sake of “progress.”

Aside from just discussing the book, Penn gives both Vogue and Noah a background on where his views came from. He talks about his anger towards Trump, when the president said harsh words towards Haiti and other third world countries. He also discusses his friendship with Hugo Chavez, discussing American’s role in the world, and his contempt of democracy being enforced elsewhere. Penn even brings up the war on drugs, and the death toll it has caused. He feels that his interview with El Chapo was important in learning more about it. From these interviews, it seems clear that Penn stepped away from film, to discuss his anger with the U.S., and Bob was a perfect symbol of it.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Plays A Crucial Role In Electing The New President Of Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was recently appointed to take over the stewardship of Bradesco bank as the chairman of the board of directors. The position was formerly occupied by Mr. Lazaro de Brandao who worked for Bradesco Bank for 75 years. Mr. Lazaro surprised many people when he announced his resignation from the top role in the bank. Even after penning his resignation, Lazaro de Brandao will continue to oversee the operations of Bradesco’s holdings. Mr. Lazaro’s departure opened a new position in the bank which had to be filled. The process of recruiting the new president of the bank was expected to take some time since there was a great lineup of equally talented candidates.

According to Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the new chairman of the board, the structuring of Bradesco bank is complex. It, therefore, requires the executive to perform thorough vetting before they can pass the name of any candidate to take to the office. Bradesco’s main aim is to ensure that they pick the best candidate that will propel Bradesco bank into a bright future.

The timing of the resignation
Mr. Lazaro’s resignation came at a time when the bank was turning 75 years, and competition had stiffened. His announcement was a surprise, but the plans were already underway on how to take Bradesco to the next level. There were also lots of speculations on who could be the next President of the bank. Seven candidates that include executive vice presidents expressed their interest in succeeding Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the President of Bradesco.

Among the interested candidates include Mauricio Minas who actively took part in the acquisition and assimilation of HSBC bank into Bradesco. He is a key pillar in revolutionizing technology and restructuring Bradesco’s digital bank known as NEXT.

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Some more six vice presidents were eyeing to take over from Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Domingos Figueiredo who currently serves as the vice president of the treasury was among them. Another equally qualified candidate was Alexandre da Silva who serves as the Director of Investor relations. Other candidates include Marcelo de Araugo who serves in the investment banking department and Andre Rodrigues who serves in the Human Resource department. Finally, Octavio de Lazari who served as the President of Bradesco Seguros carried the day by beating the other candidates on several aspects.

All the nominated seven candidates have immense experience working in Bradesco bank. Some of them have served in the bank for over four decades. They have therefore played a crucial role in the bank’s current success. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi played an important role in the election of the current CEO of the bank. The whole process was challenging but transparent.

It was challenging for two main reasons. Firstly, the lineup for the president position included equally talented individuals who hold prominent positions in the bank. Secondly, the structuring of Bradesco bank is quite complex, and it was, therefore, challenging choosing between candidates who work in different departments. Bradesco bank has been the largest bank in Brazil for many years. It took the lead for many years until Banco Itau, and Unibanco merged in 2009 and became the largest lender in Latin America.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: https://oglobo.globo.com/economia/bradesco-anuncia-novo-presidente-octavio-de-lazari-junior-vai-substituir-luiz-carlos-trabuco-cappi-22365414#ixzz56wDld69g

Alexandre Gama: Entrepreneur

Alexandre Gama happens to be a Brazilian entrepreneur as well as being a creative professional who operates mostly within the communications and advertising portion of the industry. You will see that he is the CEO and the CCO of the Neogama company. The company is one of the top 20 agencies in advertising within Brazil.

Born in the 1958 year, Alexandre Gama was one of the first Brazilian people to have lead a global network of agencies as the WCCO of the BBH. He certainly is someone who has done a lot with his life, and it is easy to see why so many have come to rely on his expertise and knowledge within the field.

Learn more about Alexandre Gama: http://www.vitaminauff.com.br/gigantes-da-publicidade-alexandre-gama/

Paul Mampilly: Helping the Public with their Finances

Paul Mampilly is an article and newsletter writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, and he has been with the company for years, earning him the title as a senior editor. He is also a businessman and an investor, and he has been sharing Paul Mampilly’s techniques on how to dominate the market. One of his newsletters, named as “Profits Unlimited,” has been widely read around the world. Currently, over 90,000 people are subscribed to his newsletter, and the number keeps on increasing as his newsletter is reaching more businesspeople. Profits Unlimited was released around two years ago, and Paul Mampilly is proud to say that one of the reasons why it keeps on earning new subscribers is because of the quality write-ups that he is putting inside the newsletter. He also stated that the articles inside the newsletter are inspiring the public to do business and to invest in the stock market, and they are learning so much from it that is why the newsletter is still acquiring new patrons. Profits Unlimited is said to be the reason why there is a rising number of Americans who wanted to invest their money to earn a profit in the long run.

Paul Mampilly has an excellent record in the field of finances. He is using these excellent records to sell himself to the public, and because of the positive reputation that he built through the years, many people have trusted him, and they are asking him for help regarding investment portfolios. This is the same strategy that he is applying to get more people into buying his newsletter. Back when he was still working on Wall Street, he managed to transform an investment entrusted to him, turning it from a multi-million investment to a multi-billion investment. His ability to manage hedge funds effectively has garnered the attention of investors who wanted his service. He even made it possible for those who have trusted in his service to earn during the financial crisis from 2008-2009. Paul Mampilly is also investing his own money when he opens up a hedge fund, and through the years, his profit went as high as 6,000% of the money he invested.

However, Paul Mampilly realized that he is starting to get exhausted making the rich people richer. He decided to quit his job at Wall Street to focus on working with the public. It was the reason why he entered the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, creating several newsletters that would help the public with their financial needs.

For details: medium.com/@jasonhope

Lime Crime the Unicorn of the Cosmetic Industry

In, “Lime Crime’s Doe Deere on being fearless and leading a vegan friendly brand”, Jacqueline Killkita presents how the e-commerce cosmetic brand revolutionized and, continues to innovate the industry by daring to be different. Lime Crime was created with the intent of self expression and the brand encourages the customers to join in the movement.

Ingenuity was in the air in 2008, when Doe Deere decided to craft her own cosmetics to accentuate her Halloween costume. The bold palettes and bright lip colors of Lime Crime filled a much needed gap in the cosmetic arena. Marketing a cosmetic company only on the internet was unheard of ten years ago. Naysayers did not believe in Doe Deere’s vision but she believed that Lime Crime would thrive, and she was right and “they” were wrong. Lime Crime revolutionized the cosmetic industry with the introduction of lip color swatches, which are now a mainstay. And additionally, Lime Crime’s social media presence has garnered a massive following of cult proportions.

In the early days of Lime Crime, Doe Deere was a one woman show. Nowadays, everything at Lime Crime is a collective effort from formulating products to naming the products. Every makeup palette and lip color is carefully and intentionally chosen to create a cohesive look.

Firstly, social media is implemented by Lime Crime as a platform for customers to comment on existing or new products. And secondly social networking is utilized by Lime Crime to raise awareness of future product launches. Lime Crime incorporates the desires of the customers without sacrificing the vision of the company. Even the unicorn that graces the packaging of Lime Crime products is symbolic. Not only of the purity of the product inside the packaging, Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free brand; the unicorn also embodies the fearlessness of being eclectic and bold in self expression.

Self expression does not have to be limited. The use of bold makeup colors is a form of expression and coloring your hair with Lime Crime’s new line of unicorn hair colors will speak volumes too. Be brazen and send a message, just like Lime Crime did at the dawn of its existence: you are not afraid to stand out among the crowd instead of blending in. Unicorns don’t blend in. You don’t have to go all or nothing with self expression. Do it at your own pace!

First, you could start by dyeing the tips of your hair with Lime Crime’s bunny color. And after you are comfortable with the brightly colored tips of your hair, you could progress to brushing a little bit of the beam eyeshadow on your lids from the new Venus III color palette; that was released this week. Over time you will become more confident with bold makeup and hair color. You will love how wearing Lime Crime makeup makes you feel bold and empowered and you will be calling all to get their unicorn on! Learn more: https://www.stylist.co.uk/beauty/lime-crime-makeup-doe-deere-feelunique-pop-up-beauty/203236