Bruce Levenson Owned The Atlanta Hawks And Served At Many Foundations

Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks a little over a year ago to Tony Ressler after owning the team for about 11 years. On the way out, he appears to have hit a snag with AIG, the team’s former insurance company. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Levenson along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment had opted to buyout then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract as he would not be part of the new ownership, and under the insurance policy at the time AHBE and Levenson were entitled to file a claim for losss incurred by such an event. AIG however, does not acknowledge AHBE and Levenson’s rights to do so, and as a result have not honored this claim. Levenson and AHBE are planning to sue AIG for not honoring the claim, and for any damages relating to court costs.


Time Magazine lists Bruce Levenson has been a major business figure for nearly 40 years, primarily known for co-founding Unified Communications Group (UCG). He started this company out of his home where it began with his journal, Oil Express, a source of information for oil industry news. Soon he built the company portfolio to many other publications including technology journals, healthcare news, and even information about mortgage and real estate. UCG is also the owner of GasBuddy, a gas price mobile app that’s come in handy for many truck drivers.

Levenson also sat on the boards of several charity groups including Hoop Dreams and the I Have a Dream Foundation. He also wanted people to learn about the importance of the Holocaust, so he started the “Bringing the Lessons Home” foundation to teach young people about it and even give them an opportunity to become tour guides at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. He also is the key founder of the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. Read more on PR Newswire.


Thor Halvorssen’s Fight For Change

In the western world, most people take democracy and human rights for granted. The reality of countries where these things are not present is something that rarely crosses our minds. This is where great minds like Thor Halvorssen come into play. Born in Venezuela, Halvorssen has become a man of international renown thanks to his goal of advocating for human rights across the world. He has done this by investigating corrupt governments and corporations across the world with the intent of shedding light on their dark deeds. This isn’t any ordinary muckraking you might see in a run-of-the-mill documentary. Halvorssen has risked incarceration and death to make the world a better place. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

As president of the Human Rights Foundation, Halvorssen has expanded his influence beyond exposing the atrocities of South American dictatorships and affect international politics. The impact he has had and the risks his work at the Human Rights Foundation poses for authoritarian regimes across the world has made him a subject of violence frequently.

An example of the dangers Halvorssen faces when he tries to advance his cause was exposed when he took a trip to Vietnam to interview Thich Quang Do, the patriarch of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. At this time the Church was banned by the Vietnamese government prompting Halvorssen to visit the country to conduct an interview with Thich Quang Do. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | Facebook

Shortly after that interview wrapped up Halvorssen was arrested by Vietnamese authorities and imprisoned until he convinced the authorities that he was in fact simply seeking to become a Buddhist. Such an experience would cause many to abandoned the important work Halvorssen is doing, but Halvorssen himself simply shrugs off he danger.

Halvorssen comes from a long line of politically active leaders. His parents were involved in exposing the Venezuelan government’s corruption and faced serious consequences for their efforts. After seeing his father imprisoned and mother shot, Halvorssen has made it his life’s work to stop the human rights violations and brutality that led to his own personal tragedy. With his long record of advancing human rights, Thor Halvorssen seems to be right on track to meeting his goal.

An Inside Look At Bruce Levenson’s Career

There are many people out there who want to be successful and wealthy, starting up their own companies and working towards their business endeavors. What most people find out is that it is very difficult to achieve, especially as the industry continues to fill up. To succeed, an individual must have a clear goal and the drive necessary to do whatever it takes. Bruce Levenson is one such individual who got started this very same way, as he spent a lot of time figuring out how he wanted to start his business career. Bruce made many high profile associates and networked to raise his standing and take himself to the next level, and found a great deal of success over the years.

During the course of his business efforts, Bruce Levenson managed to sell off his business and make hundreds of millions of dollars in profit, which he used to move on towards his next business pursuit. For him, this was in the form of a professional sports team, known as the Atlanta hawks, an NBA team that, at the time, had a bad standing in the league. After building up his knowledge and figuring out how to go about his goal of buying and improving the team through a lot of advice, Bruce purchased the team. With many different investments ideas, Bruce managed to achieve his goal, and took the team to a high level during his time as owner.

Bruce Levenson still has plans for the future, especially in the area of philanthropy. According to Time Magazine, he has used a lot of his time and success to invest in many worth while causes, putting money back into the community and city of Atlanta as well as donating to charities and organizations dedicated to helping people around the world. Whatever Bruce is doing, he shows dedication and passion, while also looking out for the needs of others.


How Malini Saba Strived to Develop her Investments and the Philanthropic Undertakings.

People who have moved to the United States from different parts of the world have various stories on how their relocation assisted them in being successful. One of the most successful immigrants is Malini Saba who is known for her success in business. Her hometown is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and she came from an average income family. Malini moved to Australia where she stayed for a short while and at the age of 19, she emigrated to the United States. She only had $200 to support her daily needs and was in the company of her husband who was going to study at the Standford University. The couple rented an apartment a few miles from the school. Saba could not attend the same institution with her husband, and therefore, she got another school where she studied business and majored in investment and finance.


She later started looking for professionals who have been in the sector for a while to assist her in gaining special expertise that she could add to what she had learned from college. Malini Saba used to crash parties that had investment bankers to ask them for guidance on different aspects of the sector. She acquired sufficient information that she used to kick off her ventures in business, and she used her savings as capital for the businesses.


A couple of years later, Malini Saba’s investments have grown into big businesses despite using a unique approach when starting them. Her hard work and effort in acquiring sufficient knowledge in finance have assisted her to found her investment firm, Saban. The company currently operates in various regions of the world, and it has invested in a wide array of assets. The major businesses of the enterprise are real estates that are mainly based in India and Australia, technology investments in the United States, and gas and oil in China. Saba chairs her company, Saban, and she has ensured that all her enterprises are successful. Besides her firm’s investments, she has personally capitalized in various companies, and they include PayPal, Netscreen Technologies, and Sycamore Networks.


Malini Saba is also well recognized for participating in various philanthropic undertakings. She is the proprietor of the Stree: Global Investments in Women, which is a non-profit institution that started in 2001. The organization has been empowering women who are financially unstable to create better lives for themselves. She is a benefactor to various programs such as the construction of a hospital where she donated $1 million and also gave a $10 million pledge to people who are affected by tsunamis in India and Sri.


The Successful Career of Raj Fernando

Raj Fernando started off his career as a volunteer at Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Later, Raj he shifted to Chicago Board of Trade. By serving over a decade in the board, Raj had attained adequate knowledge to start his trading company. He had worked in various positions on the board, so he had all the information that was relevant when starting a trading company. He began Chopper Trading Company. Here, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company and contributed the rapid growth of the company in sales and number of the employee.

Raj had a secret for productivity. With it, his company grew bigger and performed very well in the market. While hiring people to work in his company, he used a different approach and ensured that both parties the employee and the employer would benefit and be happy for the period that worked together.

As the CEO of Chopper, Trading Raj understood that the nature of his business was tiresome and stressful. He had to come with a way of ensuring employees are not bored or fend off their job. He had a room set aside for the employees to relax and relieve the stress by playing their favorite games. This helped to enhance performance and quality of the services they offered. Raj also provided his employees with cards they can use in popular hangout joints and these encouraged employees to hang out together and cultivate teamwork. The company’s performance was great, but he sold it to DRW Trading Group.

After the sale of Chopper Trading company, Raj went ahead and started Scouthead. Scouthead is a company that focuses on improving the growth of professionals and corporates by helping them enhance productivity. Raj serves as the CEO and the chairman of the company.

Raj graduated from Beloit College with a Bachelor Degree in Economics and History and attended the University College of London for further studies. He has been involved in various philanthropic activities in Chicago and in another part of United States. He is a member of Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He once served in the International Security Advisory a board that used to advise Hillary Clinton while she was the secretary of state.

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Atlanta Hawks agree to vendor team to Grant Hill Group

Bruce Levenson is the Partner and Co-Founder at United Communications Group (UGC). Mr. Levenson also owns Atlanta Spirit, LLC. In 1977, together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz, he co-founded UGC. Before founding UGC, Mr. Bruce Levenson worked as an author for Observer Publishing and Washington Star. He has also led TechTarget, Inc. since February 10, 2015. Mr. Levenson has served as a director of the company. He has also served as Board member of Electronic and Newsletter Publishers Association. Mr. Levenson has led the Washington-based “I Have a Dream Foundation” involved in numerous philanthropic activities ( He has an Arts Bachelor’s degree from Washington University coupled with a JD from American University.

The ownership group of Atlanta Hawks is working to finish the sale to a group chaired by Antony Ressler. Antony is an investment fund manager and billionaire equity. This process was led to the ESPN Sports by two people familiar with the process. They requested obscurity because they were not allowed to speak in public until the completion of the sale.

The Ressler’s group, which included former NBA players Jesse Itzler and Grant Hill, Marquis Jet co-founder, will buy the Hawks from Michael Gearon Jr., Bruce Levenson, and other investors for $850 million. Itzler’s wife, Sara Blakely, and Rice partner Rick Schnall & Spanx founder and BTIG co-founder Mr. Steven Starker are members of the reseller group. It is expected that the NBA group will approve the sale to them.

On Wednesday evening, the Hawks announced the agreement to the deal. “We are thrilled and honored for the choice to grant us the power to steward the Hawks,” Ressler said. “We respect NBA’s choice and, therefore, can utter no more than we are excited by the Hawk’s success and support them in their playoffs.” Irwin Raij, Foley & Lardner sports attorney, who facilitated the sale, said that the price was the strongest in the market.

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Magnises Is A Cool Friend For Upper Crust Millennials Living In Big Cities

The Millennials are a group or generation that is made up of people born during a 22-year period. That period is from 1981 to 1997. The Baby Boomers lived through the Kennedy assassination and the Millennials lived through 9/11. Those events played an important role in how the people in those generations grew up. Key events like those unforgettable events bring respective generation together in order to make sense of those issues. Personalities on tend to repeat in every generation cycle. There are four main personality types: idealists, reactive, adaptive and civic. Millennials are characterized as the civic personality type. The civic personality type is considered achievers and heroes. The Baby Boomers are the idealist or the individualists. The GenX generation is considered the reactive type so they are the nomads and the rogues. The silent generation is the adaptive type, and they are considered the artists and the conformists.

Millennials value accomplishment above everything else, and they have an empowering attitude. They value society over individual interests, and they are very team oriented on Millennials seem to mimic the GI Generation because of their hero attitude, sense of empowerment, and team approach to life. Billy McFarland, a college dropout from Short Hills, New Jersey, study the characteristics of his Millennial counterparts. He decided that an exclusive members only club that had all the earmarks of a social networking site would attract Millennials living in the big American cities. McFarland was able to get more than $4 million in venture capital to start Magnises. Magnises is a modern day social, members only club that offers products, services and virtual assistance to elite Millennials that have money, but limited time to spend it.

Magnises is the cool friend who knows about the latest hot clubs, make introductions, and recommend activities. Magnises offers Millennials a turnkey solution to functional software for professional and social life in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Magnises charges a $250 a year membership fee, but the company makes money by providing an interface between the 19 to 35-year-old crowd, and the big brands that want their business. Companies like Tesla, Johnny Walker, Ilegal Mezcal and other big names have jumped on the Magnises bandwagon and have hosted branded events for members.

McFarland knows how to tap into the Millennial market because he is a Millennial. The 24-year-old McFarland is a modern day entrepreneur that values accomplishments and knows what he wants. McFarland wants to expand Magnises to London, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. He wants the Magnises black card to represent what the American Express black card represents. Magnises is an exclusive social techno club that offers its members perks that are reserved for the upper crust. Private tables at the top restaurants in New York. Hotel suites in Dream Hotels for $79 a night, and concert seats that are reserved for the privilege all come with the $250 black card membership fee.

Finding the best of the best in big cities can be a challenge, but being a member of the social scene at Magnises makes life a little more fun and a lot easier, according to the 12,000 members of Magnises.

Sleep Apnea Disorder Research And Solutions Gets Help From Dr. Avi Weisfogel

In the last few years, the harmful effects of sleep apnea have become clearer to medical professionals around the world. New research suggests that there is a correlation between sleep apnea and other serious conditions like stroke, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. The surfacing of these severe conditions has brought about renewed study and a new sense of urgency to find treatment for sleep apnea disorder. About 90% of the people who suffer from this disorder remain undiagnosed. This is a timely issue, and it requires increased attention and Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his team at Dental Sleep Masters is hoping to shine a light on this condition. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is leading the course to find treatment for this disorder and also helps to diagnose and treat those with sleep apnea.


Dental Sleep Masters have come up with a new model for primary and secondary care physicians, and it also includes certified sleep physicians and the sleep labs that they operate. This model is helping represent the bigger picture, and it results in better and improved care for patients while increasing opportunities in the medical community. It is hoped that the treatment of this disorder will increase in the coming years because more breakthroughs will emerge. Alternative treatments are becoming user-friendly and smaller in size, and this will encourage more patients to seek treatment for sleep apnea.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the leader of this research for advanced sleep apnea treatment, and he is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. He has an extensive background in the treatment for sleep disorders, and he is working to advance the industry by finding a cure for sleep apnea disorder. He established his first dental practice in 1999, and he has been managing it for 15 years. Dr. Avi has earned several accolades from the community which includes designation as the Dentist for some years.


It was at this time that he began exploring the sleeping disorders and how physicians and dentists can help patients who are suffering from sleep disorders. This was the reason why he established Dental Sleep masters to help dentists treat dental related sleep disorders. To do this, the doctors had to get inside the sleep world through the use of oral appliances to treat sleep disorders. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has a BA in psychology and biology from Rutgers University and a DDS from New York University College of Dentistry. He has an in-depth knowledge of sleep apnea, and he uses this knowledge to help dentists identify patients and help them get treatment.

The Midas Legacy Is For Those That Want More

One thing people discuss a lot about is health and the importance of it. If someone is healthy, they can live a worry-free life, as they have their health. However, in some instances, that is not enough. They need more than their health as they need to love their life. The good news, first and foremost, is The Midas Legacy, a research services company that focuses on wealth management advisory, helps people with their health. A lot of health related issues are directly related to someone’s job. They spend a great deal amount of time there, after all, so if someone is spending time at a place they perhaps they don’t particularly like or get anything out of, it can take a toll on their physical and mental health.

Mental health is something that still has a stigma attached to it and it really shouldn’t in today’s day and age. People have lost their lives to mental health issues. A lot of people don’t truly comprehend mental health issues, so they don’t take them seriously, which is truly a shame, as people really struggle with it and it takes a lot out of them. Their health can improve greatly by becoming an entrepreneur and doing things on their own terms.

They don’t have to live their life by a clock. They can even work from home and spend time with loved ones and live a life that brings them great joy and washes away all of the sadness. The Midas Legacy helps entrepreneurs, as it is a big change. Change is a good thing, there is no question about it, but it can also be very stressful on people. However, The Midas Legacy helps their clients through each step of the process. They get them set up with employees, payroll, and everything in between. They make it a smooth transaction.

After all, these things cost money, and if someone really wants to do it, they need to know how to do it the right way. If not, it can be a dangerous thing and something that puts them in debt. That is not what The Midas Legacy wants. They want this to be a great thing and it will be a great thing thanks to the Midas Legacy. They have people that have been there, done that, and they can provide expert tips, advice, and wisdom for the entrepreneurs out there. It is great to dream big and see those dreams come true.

Connect with the Midas Legacy on their Twitter or CrunchBase.

Blogger’s Hot Mess Hair Goes Hollywood After Using WEN By Chaz Cleansing Conditioner

If you’re cursed with limp, lackluster hair that just lies there flat, then you know how darn frustrating it is. If you’re like many of us, you buy tons of different shampoos, conditioners and treatments to force your mane to behave. Often times, you are unsuccessful.

Bustle blogger Emily McClure knows the struggle, because she has frizzy, thin, fine hair. So, she decided to try the famous and original no lather shampoo, Wen by Chaz in the FIG formula.

Emily dreamed of Hollywood hair, the kind that shines like crazy and has amazing movement. She planned on using WEN for seven days and reporting her results to Bustle readers.

WEN by Chaz is the unique, no lather shampoo system that has been designed to work for every hair type on the planet. Celebrity stylist Chaz Dean created the brand with healthy, plant-based ingredients that offered fullness, manageability and gloss. His special cleansing conditioners are 5-in-1 formulas that take the place of a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, de-tangler, and leave-in conditioner.

Chaz Dean got rid of the nasty chemicals and sulfates that weaken the hair and damage it. Most hair care products are full of chemicals, and most people are unaware of the problem. Chaz Dean’s formulas are rich, nourishing and fantastic, even without a lather.

Emily fell in love with WEN as she massaged and cleansed her hair in the shower. Her texture become smooth and soft, and her strands swelled in volume. After she blow-dried and used a curling iron, Emily had a WEN by Chaz crowning glory. She snapped a selfie that shows the world how amazing her mane looks. Even her close gal pals took notice, wondering what her hair secret was.

WEN by Chaz is the alternative and a super way to healthy hair. The product can be purchased online through Sephora, Amazon or Guthy-Renker and comes with a fast delivery. Follow Wen: