Doe Deere is a fashion blogger first and the CEO of a makeup empire second. She has worked with many different fashion companies and has learned the ins and outs of fashion rules. Many of these rules were put in place to make people look better, but she knows that it is important to love the way you look, no matter what fashion rules you are supposed to be following. Doe Deere works to influence the people who follow her by allowing them to feel best about themselves instead of feeling best about fashion rules that may not even help them.

If you have chosen to color your hair a bold color, you may be concerned about what colors you can wear. Doe Deere thinks that you can wear any color that you like, no matter what your hair looks like. While many people may gravitate more toward black, you shouldn’t have to worry about doing that. You can choose the colors that you want to wear and there should be no concern of whether your hair clashes with your outfit or not. It can be difficult for you to find colors that match, but it should be easy to find ones that you love.

Choosing your outfit based on what you are doing is so out. Doe Deere thinks that occasion specific dressing is ridiculous and that you should not have to conform to a standard of dressing just because you are doing something a little different than what you normally do. You can wear whatever you want to wherever you want when you throw out the fashion rules like Doe Deere has done. There are many options that open up and become available to you when you stop focusing on where you are going and more on what you love to wear.

It can be difficult to find a makeup you love without worrying about how it matches with your skin. You can choose colors that you love, but they may not fit the standard of makeup that was set by fashion rules. One of the biggest things that is seen is makeup is not having a bold lip and a bold eye. As a makeup entrepreneur, Doe Deere hopes to change the rules of makeup. She knows that she looks great with a bold lip and a bold eye and has worked to make herself a model for others who also want to wear a bold lip and a bold eye.

With a makeup empire as big as Deere’s, she has been able to influence many people. Her makeup line, Lime Crime, has not only grown because of her excellent business skills, but because of the opportunity that it gives all of its customers. It is easy to choose from your favorite colors when you shop Lime Crime. There are things that will suit your needs and were created by Doe Deere to show people that they don’t always have to follow all of the rules of fashion.