Newly Raised Money Helping FreedomPop

FreedomPop is expanding the services it provides customers not only in the United States but around the world. Creating a worldwide network for inexpensive connections is not cheap to do. While FreedomPop does not build or maintain its own towers, it still needs to negotiate terms with service providers in other countries that do. In order to create an inexpensive service, FreedomPop realized it needed to buy contact services with these international networks to ensure quality coverage at low prices for its customers. This is why the latest $50 million the company raised has proven to be so important.

For anyone who has ever traveled internationally with their mobile phone, they know just how expensive using the device overseas can be. The sky-high roaming fees are charged by the larger carriers. Why is this exactly? When a mobile phone connects to a different network, the external network charges per minute. This bill is sent to the carrier the mobile phone is connected to. The major carriers see this as a way to drastically increase prices, so while the international company might charge one fee, the national carrier might increase this by 10 times. FreedomPop doesn’t want this to happen, so it is doing whatever it can to work with these international companies in order to reduce the cost.

Currently, FreedomPop has been able to work out arrangements through 25 different companies around the world. There are some companies in the United States that do provide roaming, but often times speeds are drastically ramped down. FreedomPop wants to make sure a customer receives the very best access wherever they go. This $50 million has helped crate these inroads to the different companies around the world. Customers looking to opt into the international services only need to pay $49 with $10 for a SIM card.

Wikipedia Being Backed By Science?

The question arose recently, asking the relevance of how much responsibility falls to educators and scientists to give validity to Wikipedia information. An interesting point when you consider that 8,000 people a second visit the site every day. This question gave birth to the now dubbed, ‘clever program.’ This is comprised of university students and professors who create and edit Wikipedia pages in place of term papers. It demonstrates their knowledge on the subject given. The idea has a simple brilliance in the way that the students lean crucial writing and critical thinking while adding credible data to the online encyclopedia.

The separate group know as the Wiki Education Foundation has been leading the program for roughly 3 years now. With over 35,000 articles having been worked on and 78 million views, it is staggering to think of the numbers. They are also looking into the correlation between the lack of female Wiki writers and editors on the site and the lack of information abut them. The gender bias may stem from the staff primarily being white males. Everyone seems to be on the same page of diversity being the order of the day. It will add some need perspective to the site as a whole. The program is also focusing on the reliability of the edits that are on the Wiki site and just how accurate they are. Another aspect to consider here is how the scientific bias of one scientist over another due to theoretical disparity. It has to be neutral or it will not work.

Clearly, there is a lot of fine tuning ahead. But, that is the nature of progress. The topic is important enough to land a spot at the White House during the science conference circuit this year. The whole story can be found here. On that note, making a Wikipedia page that is defined and compelling can be a challenging task. If you want a clean and accurate portrayal of your own Wiki page, consider the professionals at Get Your Wiki. The Wiki experts for hire at Get Your Wiki have the knowledge and the staff to take the pressure off of you, while you focus on the rest of your career moves. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Yeonmi Park and Her Harrowing Defection Journey From North Korea


As we go about our daily lives, sometimes it is easy to take things for granted. If we live in America, England, or another developed country within the world, we usually go about our daily lives without too much of a struggle. We have fully stocked supermarkets, clean streets, and an orderly society. We usually do not have to worry too much about the bare necessities. In a communist country such as North Korea, however, many of the things that we take for granted are things that they are desperate for.

Take the story of Yeonmi Park, for example. She says that for most of her life she did not know what the word “freedom” meant. She simply had no concept of it.

“To me,” Yeonmi said, “the best thing to have was enough food.

After much discussion back and forth, Yeonmi Park and her family made a very hard decision: they decided to defect from the communist hellhole of North Korea. They made their first timid steps into the great unknown on March 31, 2007. At just the ripe old age of 13, Yeonmi and her mother crossed the frozen Yalu River in the dead of night and reached China. Even after escaping from the country, they weren’t sure what to do next.

Most of her story she tells in, and the story is not for the faint of heart. North Korea was led to Kim Jong Il, who was nicknamed the “Dear Leader” and his presence and likeness were literally everywhere.

For Yeonmi Park, it was a world where everything was commanded to serve him. The walls, trees, and the vermin scurrying around her dingy childhood apartment bedroom were all called to call his name and express their devotion to him.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when her father was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp for smuggling metal to help feed his family. Although it has been a long time coming, Yeonmi Park is now in the United States and she is in her early 20’s. She says that even though North Korea might desire to silence her, the truth of the matter is her home country is a dark and dreary place and she is glad to have it behind her.



Natural Premium Dog Food is Changing the way people think

Many people are taking the plunge and investing in premium dog food for their furry family members. The industry in natural, premium ingredients has significantly increased in the last few years, leading to a billion dollar industry with many people, as well as animals, preferring the best quality ingredients available. They’re basing their pet’s diet on the natural foods that wolves eat, which are their ancestors. Many of the ingredients used are premium choices like chicken, beef and salmon. Ingredients that are suitable for humans to eat, but of course are geared toward the dog food industry. Many companies offer completely organic dog food that don’t have all of the extra fillers that are used in the cheaper brands. The fillers don’t have the quality ingredients that your animal needs, just “filler” ingredients that make your dog feel full, but don’t offer the benefits of longevity and the essential vitamins required for the health of your pet.

Purina Beneful is one of those dog food brands that offers the best vitamins, minerals and overall nutrients for your pet. Not only Beneful offer different selections geared towards what your pet is requiring at their certain point in life, but you can rest in knowing that they are eating something healthy for them. If you’re pet is older and has joint problems, Beneful have a selection aimed or them. If you have a pet that is a puppy or needs a leaner diet, they offer a selection for them.

Not only do Beneful offer quality enhanced ingredients, that are natural and easy to digest, their dog food goes through a rigorous testing process to ensure that each bag of dog food is packaged perfect for the natural health of your pet. They take pride in knowing that they’re helping your pet live longer and live a happier, healthier life.

More people are investing in the health of their pets because they notice that certain types of healthy dog foods change the way their animal feels. Pets that have allergies can also benefit from a more natural dog food that is grain free.



Beneful Products Are Premium & Made With High Quality Ingredients

The best part of having animals is knowing that you are doing the right thing for them by providing them with quality diets and good exercise. I like to take my dog for a walk every day, and I give him a lot of attention, so he knows that he is loved. I also go out of my way to do as much research on what dogs are supposed to eat. It isn’t just about price when it comes to dog food. You want to make sure you are getting them what they need to keep their energy level high. I found this article on the Daily Herald the other day, and I want to share it with you because it really has some great information about what premium dog food companies go through to make their dog food the best on the shelves at the pet stores.
Always Buy Premium Dog Foods
I’ll never buy anything except Beneful premium dog food because it is made by Purina, and I know that Purina is a premium brand that I can trust. Beneful prints their ingredients in plain sight, right there on the bag for everyone to read, so you know exactly what they are putting in their products. I like to get my dog Beneful Chopped Blends. I scoop that on top of the Beneful Dry Dog Food Original that we have been feeding our dog. The Chopped Blends is made with real chicken and tomatoes. The dry dog food is also made with real chicken, so you know that they taste good together. If you want to do the right thing for your dog, then you need to take the time to find the right food for him or her. You should look into Beneful Chopped Blends because it is premium brand that is made with high quality ingredients. You know it is good for dogs, and it comes in 20 different flavors. Take a few home to your dog, and give your dog a treat. Here’s that article that I mentioned earlier in this post: