Securus Technologies and Their Positive Technological Impact on the Criminal Justice Industry

Securus Technologies is a leading provider when it comes to criminal justice technology solutions for public, investigation, corrections, and monitoring. I just discovered that has announced that it has recently released a technology called THREADS 3.1. It is the most advanced, fully-integrated “Big Data” analytical tool on the U.S. corrections market today, says a Linked In IT expert.
This new technology updates the user interface to the latest technologies that are web-based. At the same time, the most powerful analysis is preserved. The redesign and update make THREADS simpler to use for users like me and enhances the system’s performance.

The new release updates as reported by PR Newswire is the software platform from Silverlight up to HTML 5. This upgrade also allows for direct integration among other products from Securus. This means that I am able to use my current Securus products alongside THREADS 3.1.

The THREADS 3.1 technology also includes many other crucial features that I find useful, such as listening to SCP calls within THREADS, using real-time guided analysis, reporting that is context-sensitive, and mapping and printing that allows for customization. Additionally, existing customers, including myself, get the free upgrade of the device software.

Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas. The company [] serves more than 3,450 law enforcement and corrections agencies and more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. The company is committed to serving and connecting inmates and other law enforcement personnel. They provide emergency response, incident management, information management, and other various types of products that make the world a safer place to live.



The President of Status Lab’s Idea on Decreasing Employee Turn-Over

Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of Status Labs, is an expert at digital crisis. Fisher works with high-profile clients, including CEOs of fortune 500 companies, helping them “erase” and repair their online presence. His company, Status Labs, works mostly on a referral basis. Status Labs mainly works with social media presence and fixing that first search page on google. The company has offices in Austin, New York and São Paolo.


Fisher graduated Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics. Before Status Labs, Fisher was a political consultant for Storefront Political Media and a copywriter for Angora Publishing.


Fisher believes in good business, and one way to increase overall profit is to decrease employee turn-over. An entry level employee alone costs about fifty percent of their annual salary to find a new employee, according to Fisher’s article for Forbes. Fisher gives multiple ideas on how to decrease employee turnover in his article. The first is to create incentives. Any incentive can work, including technology, paid trips, and extra vacation days. According to Huffington Post, Fisher’s second piece of advice is to acknowledge achievements by sending out a company wide email congratulating that special employee. Also acknowledging their birthdays increases an employee’s willingness to stay. Keeping employees in the loop by sending out a company newsletter also helps decrease turn-over. A key ingredient to decreasing employee turn-over is giving raises. If an employee works at the company for ten years with no raise, they are more than likely to quit for another job that offers them more money. Creating a friendly environment also helps employees, even going as far as creating a pet-friendly environment! Darius Fisher uses this tactic at one of the Status Labs offices, allowing employees to bring well-mannered dogs to work. The main question to ask is what makes your employees happy? This can be achieved in various ways from sending out a survey to making personal inquiries. Knowing what makes your employees happy is the key to decreasing those dreaded employee turn-overs.

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Brian Bonar Recognized with Prestigious Award

The prestigious Executive of the year award was recently given to Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar. This is an honor of the highest level that is given by Cambridge Who’s Who®. The award was given in the finance category and is special because they only honor two male and female members each year. The honorees are selected based on their academic achievements, leadership talents and of course accomplishments in their respective professions. The selection committee was reportedly blown away by the accomplishments of Bonar and who can blame them. He is definitely a deserving candidate. Read more: Brian Bonar –

Brian Bonar has been working in the financial sector for the past 30 years accumulating valuable experience to assist his companies in becoming extremely successful. That is what made him a great candidate to oversee operations at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He has been there for over ten years and has been responsible for choosing the benefits and aftermarket products of employee and employer benefit packages.

This is an intricate and complicated job, but Brian Bonar has entered it with a consistency and determination that impressed the committee at Cambridge Who’s Who®. Bonar’s company is able to supply their clients with a very diversified group of programs to benefit employees and increase business efficiency at the same time. It can be difficult acting as a marketing liaison for employee benefits, management insurance, and promotional services to business management, among other duties.

Bonar has a few other irons in the fire as well serving as Chairman and CEO of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. and President of Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc. There is not a moment that passes that Bonar is not contributing to or helping to construct a new business venture. He is well educated with a Ph.D. in business and is affiliated with the American Finance Association, a major publication in the field of financial theory. Read more: Board of Directors – Dalrada Financial

Delrada Financial Corporation is the main vehicle for the financial activities of Brian Bonar. Located in San Diego, California, they are dedicated to assisting their clients with securing the financing they require to run their business. Simultaneously, they are helping to protect all of this new capital as well. They manage risk exposure and operate with a refreshing air of transparency that is a reflection of Bonar himself. They are also well versed in keeping a separation between your business and you. They are protecting your personal wealth from any unforeseen business crisis.

Brian Bonar is probably long overdue for this kind of recognition and it will bode well for his many financial interests in the next year. His financial prowess has helped countless businesses set a solid foundation for the future and become award winners in their own field respectively.

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Getting Results With White Shark Media

One of the leading digital marketing agencies these day’s is a company called White Shark Media. This company is set up to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses. They are currently one of the fastest growing digital agencies in North America. They offer affordable search marketing campaigns while providing a great customer experience. White Shark Media has been able to help many companies across North America grow their bottom line. Utilizing the online marketing tactics provided by White Shark Media has helped to make this possible.

White Shark Media Complaints is able to track their clients efforts at marketing themselves. They do this by using different kinds of programs such as Google Analytics Integration. The business is completely open and accountable to their clients. This all has lead to many satisfied customers. One testimonial from a couple of customers state things like their business has grown since becoming involved with White Shark Media. Another states that they will be using the media company for the life of their company. According to these people White Shark Media gets results.
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White Shark Media Profile and Client Reviews

A person called Cameron M, from a furniture store in California writes that over the past year he has had an excellent business relationship with the media company. He was having some trouble keeping track of what was working for the company and what wasn’t. White Shark Media Review helped to find a better strategy for him to take in operating the business and it was very helpful. He strongly recommends the media company.

Another testimonial from a person named Kevin J states he is in the catering service business and writes that he is happy with his experience with the company. He is getting more business than he used to. White Shark Media Review has made him more aware to AdWords and he is feeling more comfortable with it.

A person in the medical service field named Anthony B is also happy with his decision to use White Shark Media. He says that his chiropractor business has been greatly helped by using the services of the company over the past several years. He has many new patients as a result. He was working with another media company before and getting less results. For spending the same amount of money, his business results have improved as a result of working with White Shark Media. So why don’t you try the media company? What do you have to loose?

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings The Best Practice In America To Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been known as one of the best plastic surgeons in America for many years, and she has come back to Texas to open a new chapter of her plastic surgery career. She is on the cutting edge of all the technology in the industry, and she is helping women get the best results for their new bodies.

She has been doing designer surgeries for a while that are going to help women look their best, and these designer surgeries are going to find certain parts of a woman’s body that need to be changed. The women who come into her office are going to ask Dr. Jennifer if they will be able to change any part of themselves with a surgery that has a fast recovery time, but there is more than a woman can do when she wants to change her body.

Women who are thinking of making changes to their bodies are going to need to come in to ask Dr. Jennifer has she can help them find their inner diva. These women are going to be able to ask Dr. Jennifer for anything, and she will give them a lot of options that will all help them look great. A lot of these options are not actually surgeries, and women need to be sure that they ask about everything that could be done. Some things are not as invasive, but women still get the results they want. Women can ask for anything they need, and they are going to have some control over how they look.

Everyone who wants to have a better body needs to make sure that they come into Austin to see Dr. Jennifer for care. She will be able to help them learn what can be done to change the way they look, and she will point women in the right direction. She has a battery of surgeries and other procedures that she can do for all her patients, and she wants to make sure that every woman feels like she made the right choice for her body and her mind.

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U.S. Should Intervene in Venezuela

A recent article in The Washington Post explains that the social, political and economic situations in Venezuela are not going to get better anytime soon without a serious change of course. Because the country is now faced with rampant inflation, energy shortages, food shortages and unemployment, there is little hope for a comprehensive solution to the country’s problems without a serious outside intervention.
A recent Youtube video was uploaded, it calls for the U.S. to wake up and pay attention to the unstable circumstances in Venezuela and think seriously about what it can do to help out. Given the geographic proximity and the political implications that Venezuela may have for the U.S., the article details the reasons why these problems are no longer safe for the U.S. to ignore. Waiting for the country to fix itself from within is not an effective solution because the ruling political party is completely paralyzed by the turmoil going on to be able to legislate or rule properly. The current government of “Venezuela is also the responsible party for the current economic mess” says expert Norka Luque. There is little hope that any long term solution will come from the ruling party that cannot seem to regulate resources effectively enough to deal with the current food shortages. Citizens also are getting angrier and less patient as they are constantly wondering where their next meal will come from or if they will have any work the next week.

Doe Deere Brightens the Marketplace with Lime Crime


Lime Crime was started in 2008 by Doe Deere. She wanted makeup to match her colorful outfits, but couldn’t find it on the market, so she decided to make her brand of makeup. All her products are made with no cruelty to animals and as of 2012 they are all as vegan products. Lime Crime makes eye, nail and lip products and sells them at affordable prices. They make makeup fun again.

Lime Crime has a few dupes on the market that fit into any budget. They include Velvetines In Jinx, which is similar to the Kourt Klip shade. It is more of a burgundy-magenta shade. Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte lipstick is a Reddish Red sort of like Mary Jo K’s lipstick. These are just a couple of examples of what you can find in Lime Crime’s line of cosmetics. You can find more items on Dolls Kill. Take a look at Doe Deere’s personal fashion blog at

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Her style of management is to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement. She is an avid supporter of women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs. She frequently speaks at public events like PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She encourages fellow entrepreneurs to contact her for advice through Instagram. Her best advice to entrepreneurs is to learn to trust your gut.

Her days are filled with meetings with her Creative Director, President and VP or COO. This helps keep everybody on the same page. In the afternoon she works on new products. Since she is rarely sitting down at her desk, Doe Deere answers emails on her iPhone. She says that part of her overall success has come from treating her employees, vendors and partners with love and respect.

Doe Deere feels that selling cosmetics online is one of the most exciting new trends in the industry. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to focus strongly on selling online. As a marketing push they pioneered “on-lip” lipstick swatch, which shows the color on the lips. It has helped make one of the best interactive cosmetic shopping experiences available today.

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