Born in Russia and brought up in New York, Doe Deere is a dynamic and innovative entrepreneur. She is the principal founder and owner of Lime Crime and currently acts as its CEO. As a sewer, she was eager to find bright makeup which would perfectly match with the clothes she made. After realizing how difficult the task was, she went ahead and started her company, Lime Crime launched in the year 2008. She is on the view that makeup not only hides imperfections but should be seen as a way of self-expression and freedom. According to Doe, beauty is not just natural.

In 2008 she introduced her brand of colorful, magical and health friendly cosmetics. Additionally, the Lime Crime came to reality. The company was welcomed warmly by customers worldwide. Its name originated from Doe’s favorite color.

From a humble beginning, Doe has subsequently succeeded by putting a lot of effort in her dreams. As a result, she passionately offers a lot of support to other women who own businesses or wish to be entrepreneurs. As a mentor, she advises other female entrepreneurs through her Instagram. Often, she uses public events as a platform to address how they should realize their potential and achieve their goals.

Doe’s typical day

Apparently, she is a very busy person and rarely spends time at her desk. Her day kicks off with a short meeting with her Creative Director where they go over projects and plan. She also meets with the company’s president and VP and most likely followed by another session with the COO. She spends the rest of the day at the laboratory formulating new products with the help of a chemist or directing visuals.

Biggest Achievement

After working tirelessly for months in the lab together with a chemist, Doe introduced a new brand of lipstick in the market which stays on, transfer-proof and does not crumble. It is also vegan, implying that animal-derived ingredients are not present. Having their products approved and certified by the strictest certifier was also a massive accomplishment.

Doe believes that being prosperous also depends on the way you relate to others. She believes that being respectful to your employees, suppliers and partners is necessary for success. According to her dictatorship, old fashioned does not earn a leader due respect. She holds that success is about making others feel appreciated and happy.