Selecting Wines from UK Vintners

UK Vintners provide excellent advice in wine acquisition. It is holiday time. UK Vintners offers superior bottles of wine for the holiday table.

UK Vintners are dedicated to acquiring and selling the world’s finest luxury wines. Such excellent wines can be displayed on a celebratory dinner table. These wines are appreciated by clients for the pure pleasure of drinking wines paired with excellent food. This experience is shared with a client’s friends or business acquaints. As a host, imagine looking at the dinner table arrayed with exciting and illustrious wines such as Lafte Rothchild or Dom Perignon 2002.

Clients come to UK Vintners for information and guidance in building a private cellar. Such private cellars include investment grade wines and champagnes. It takes a well-educated palate and an extensive education on wines and champagnes to build an investment based cellar. UK Vintner’s employees provide personalized services to clients. This personalize service informs clients as to the best values in online wine purchases.

In terms of an investment, wine traders would buy wines before the wine had been bottled. Wine negotiators would sell wine before it had been bottled at high prices with the unproven expectation that the wine would be of exceptional high quality. In a dramatic change in selling wine, Chateau Latour will only sell its wines bottled. The wine has been bottled and tasted many times, and the wine has demonstrated proven value. Chateau Latour has the goal of killing speculation on unproven wines by selling wines that have been tasted again and again to assure proven value.

A most interesting fact is that China is altering the Bordeaux wine market. The market for Bordeaux is exploding in China. There is a new class of Chinese wealthy who are developing a taste for Bordeaux. The Chinese market has come alive with a demand for Bordeaux, which is increase the price of Bordeaux. Wine connoisseurs from mainland China and Hong Kong are traveling to the Bordeaux region of France. The Chinese is a new market for Bordeaux wines.

As an investment, Bordeaux continues to provide good deals for speculators. According to UK Vintners Bordeaux wine investment reached its pinnacle in 2011, and continues to grow. Its growth is at a slower pace approximately 7.4 percent since December 2012 on average. Some very savoy wine investors have seen a 20 percent growth in investment over the same period of time.

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EOS Lip Balms fast success

For years, EOS lip balm stayed silent about their quick success. Randomly, little sphere shaped, pastel colored lip balms were filling the shelves of Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Then, everyone was raving about these unique lip balms.

For years, lip balm was the typical small, cylindrical tubes with the same original cherry and mint flavors. EOS wanted something different, so they made unique lip balms with unique flavors such as honeydew and grapefruit. These super cute spheres were seen everywhere, and were selling like crazy. Then, celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Christina Aguilera were seen pulling these pastel colored spheres out of their makeup bags.

The EOS lip balms sell over a million units per week. According to, they are also now a $250 million company and growing. They are also expected to sell even more in 2020 because of the high demand in natural and organic products, and that is exactly what EOS is!

The EOS team wanted to make something that stood out and succeeded. Now, other lip company’s are copying the sphere shaped lip balms. But EOS is not stopping there. They also have a hand soap and shaving cream and have other plans for the future. Visit the company’s website at


Investing Made Easy With US Money Reserve.

It seems that in the world today more and more people are looking for something solid to invest in. Many people seem to have ideas and will say things like telling you to invest in gold or silver. The problem most people seem to have is getting started. Lucky for all of us there is U.S. Money Reserve. There are three solid investments that are hailed as recession proof. That means that these assets are going to be good in any state of the economy. They are silver, gold and platinum. Owning precious metals are a great way to safeguard your wealth even during a period where the economy is in a downturn.


It is no secret that paper money and paper currencies collapse and often become worthless. When a government falls apart, so does it’s money system. No one is saying this is going to happen with any system, however, history has shown us time and time again that it does happen. Gold will always remain in finite amounts. No one will be able to print more of it, once it is gone, it is gone. This means that it is a great investment and will remain so. Now, the real question is, how do you make some of this gold your very own? That is where U.S. Money Reserve comes into the picture.


U.S. Money Reserve has experts who specialize in buying and selling gold, silver and platinum coins direct to the public. This means that anyone can buy a coin set and start collecting these coins. They can be shipped to your home or office and will look amazing. It makes investing in these metals easy to do and fun too. There is nothing like the feeling you feel when you get your new coin and know that you own it. It’s like a child getting a new toy.


U.S. Money Reserve is making it easy for anyone to move their assets into United States issued gold or another metal like silver or platinum. You simply call the company and order or go to their website and place your order. You make your payment and the coins are shipped to you at your home or office. What could be easier?


 The company has been in business and built up a solid reputation in the industry. With the help of U.S. Money Reserve you can not start to stockpile your own gold like the Central banks are doing. Russia, China, Iraq and many more of the world powers are stacking up the US gold and you can too, thanks to U.S. Money Reserve.

Bruce Levenson Owned The Atlanta Hawks And Served At Many Foundations

Bruce Levenson sold the Atlanta Hawks a little over a year ago to Tony Ressler after owning the team for about 11 years. On the way out, he appears to have hit a snag with AIG, the team’s former insurance company. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Levenson along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment had opted to buyout then General Manager Danny Ferry’s contract as he would not be part of the new ownership, and under the insurance policy at the time AHBE and Levenson were entitled to file a claim for losss incurred by such an event. AIG however, does not acknowledge AHBE and Levenson’s rights to do so, and as a result have not honored this claim. Levenson and AHBE are planning to sue AIG for not honoring the claim, and for any damages relating to court costs.


Time Magazine lists Bruce Levenson has been a major business figure for nearly 40 years, primarily known for co-founding Unified Communications Group (UCG). He started this company out of his home where it began with his journal, Oil Express, a source of information for oil industry news. Soon he built the company portfolio to many other publications including technology journals, healthcare news, and even information about mortgage and real estate. UCG is also the owner of GasBuddy, a gas price mobile app that’s come in handy for many truck drivers.

Levenson also sat on the boards of several charity groups including Hoop Dreams and the I Have a Dream Foundation. He also wanted people to learn about the importance of the Holocaust, so he started the “Bringing the Lessons Home” foundation to teach young people about it and even give them an opportunity to become tour guides at the Holocaust Memorial Museum. He also is the key founder of the University of Maryland’s Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership. Read more on PR Newswire.