EOS Raspberry Pomegranate is a Smooth, Tasty Treat for Your Lips


Not many people get to taste pomegranates on a regular basis, but the EOS pomegranate raspberry lip balm is a close second and much less messy than the fruit.

When EOS lip balms first hit the shelves, they were wildly popular. The round capsules that hold the lip balm are aesthetically pleasing with their popping colours. There’s no need to spin a wheel to refill the balm, so there’s no mess when closing the cap.

EOS stands for “evolution of smooth,” and that is exactly what these lip balms do. The raspberry lip balm feels like silk on your lips.

I chose the raspberry pomegranate flavor because I rarely get to treat myself to a pomegranate. I could taste the flavor right away, but it wasn’t overpowering like some flavored lip balms. There was no tint, either, so I didn’t have to worry about the colour of my lips, shop and collect EOS products here on amazon.com.

One of the best things about the raspberry pomegranate lip balm by EOS is that there’s no waxy or bitter taste to it. It also keeps the flavor and fragrance for a long time, so I don’t need to constantly reapply it. By the end of the day, it left my lips feeling smooth and moisturized.

EOS has many other flavors of lip balm, but I will definitely go back for another raspberry pomegranate, find out here for more.

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EOS Revolutionizes The Lip Balm Market

EOS lip balms come in a variety of enticing flavors that are sure to appeal to everyone. The original and most popular EOS line is the Organic EOS Lip Balm. They are perfect for anyone looking to restore moisture to their lips. The balms immediately give the appearance of softer, fuller lips and also work to soften and moisturize the fragile skin of the lip over time. Get more information here on blogwebpedia.com. The Blueberry Acai flavor is particularly popular thanks to its delicious taste, faint smell, and soothing feel on the lips. This flavor is all natural so it is good for someone with sensitive skin or a person that is conscious of what ingredients that they put on their body. This product is 95% organic and the healthy blueberry and acai flavoring will rejuvenate your lips and make you feel more refreshed and awake after the application. The balm is also paraben and petroltatum free. The vitamin E rich lip balm will soothe and fix your cracked dry, lips thanks to its antioxidant-rich formula. The sheet butter and jojoba oil ingredients keeps the lips looking and feeling moisturized for longer. View youtube.com and learn more about the product.

EOS, otherwise known as Evolution of Smooth, revolutionized the lip balm market with its release all those years ago. It is the second best-selling lip balm in the entire country which is remarkable considering how young the company is. Since the global lip care market is growing at an exponential rate, it seems that EOS is only going to climb upward in the future. They made a lip balm specifically for women or anyone who incorporated lip care into their beauty regime. This was the first time a lip balm was seen as something less clinical and something more beauty driven. So EOS set out to fix that and create a fun lip balm that was both highly moisturizing, convenient, and easy to use.

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EOS Brings Forth Lips That One Could be Proud Of

It is common for people to have their lips in conditions that make them ashamed. For one thing, when lips dry up, they crack and bleed. Sometimes, it leaves marks which has people feeling rather ashamed and insecure. Also, dry lips are just uncomfortable. They start peeling and can even cause people to irritate them. This is why it is important for people to have lip balm. With lip balm, one will be able to take care of his lips and avoid certain issues that come with dry lips. The only thing is that people have to make sure that they have a good product, view it now.

Fortunately, one can get lip balm from EOS. This brand makes sure that the lip balm they have to offer is effective. They use ingredients that are different from the other brands of lip balm, additional resources, fr.wikipedia.org. They use jojoba oil and Shea butter in order to bring forth a more natural and effective product. Another strength to EOS is that they take the time to give people variety when it comes to the products. Where other companies provide every lip balm in just a tiny cylinder that is easy to lose or forget, EOS makes sure to bring forth different shapes.

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One of the best things about the different shapes of products that EOS offers is that they are rather easy to apply. They take a lot less time to apply to the lips. Also, these products are made with nutrients that rejuvenate the lips. Also, there are a multitude of flavors that people could use. These flavors are highly enjoyable. There is no reason that people would want to avoid using EOS lip balm. These products put all of the other lip balm to shame. Therefore, people who use this product will experience better looking and feeling lips that they can be proud of.

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Get Immediate Moisture With EOS Lip Balm Products

Choose an EOS lip balm brand that gives you choices and helps you decide that you can have immediate moisture when and where you need it. Enjoy a cute pastel package that is easy to store in your purse and comes in an easy to use container. You can take it out of your storage spot including your pocket and have immediate gloss whenever you need it. Best of all, EOS lip balm products protect your lips from extreme temperatures, minor abrasions, and UV rays. Get back the confidence you once had with hydrated lips that bring back your natural luster. Latest news here on frenchtribune.com.

Evolution of Smooth is a very popular brand that provides rich flavors and scents like sorbet, almond milk, and lemon drop. Their products come infused with the fast acting healing agents of jojoba oil and body butter extracts. Find their products on the beauty care aisle of your favorite retailer like Walgreens and Costco. You have the benefits of all natural ingredients that are safe for all skin types like vitamin C and E. Don’t be fooled by competitor products that leave a greasy film on your lips and fail to provide maximum coverage. EOS lip balm products are well known for their protective ingredients. Go here now.

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Get amazing lips that will take you back to your natural luster. Avoid the need of uncomfortable cosmetic treatments or pricey lip therapy products. EOS lip balm products are hypoallergenic and LEAP Bunny approved. Enjoy Evolution of Smooth products on their exclusive website and take part in promotional offers that will allow free shipping deals. Soft lips are easy to have when you start using the benefits of EOS lip balm products. Get back your luster and build your confidence around other people and the overall look of your appearance with smooth softer lips with EOS.

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Beloved Choices in EOS Lip Balm Flavors

EOS (Evolution of Smooth) is a widely known brand that specializes in a vast range of beauty products. If you’re shopping for skincare that can help you achieve the smooth and radiant complexion of your dreams, EOS can help you. If you’re looking for lip care products that can help you get the kissable and healthy pucker you’ve always coveted, EOS can help you, too. EOS has a large selection of high-quality lip balms available to shoppers, go here.

EOS gives shoppers access to four different lip balm categories. These categories are “Shimmer Smooth Spheres,” “Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres,” “Organic Smooth Sticks” and “Organic Smooth Spheres.” People who want their lips to look like a million dollars can rely on these products with full confidence. Fun flavor choices that are available include vanilla bean, pomegranate raspberry, honeysuckle honeydew, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, passion fruit, sweet mint, blueberry acai, blackberry nectar, coconut milk and vanilla mint. You can shop here on ebay.com. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of revitalizing and juicy fruit flavors. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of delightful flavors that are reminiscent of dessert, either. EOS can provide you with numerous great choices in fantastic lip balm tastes. Pampering, nourishing and moisturizing your lips can do more than just keep you looking good. It can also enhance your mood greatly. Who doesn’t appreciate lasting and appealing lip balm flavor?

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Blueberry Acai is a beloved Smooth Sphere Lip Balm flavor that has many devoted followers. This lip balm enchants users with its classic blueberry taste. It’s a natural product that’s packed full with beneficial antioxidants as well. It’s devoid of petrolatum and parabens. Ingredients in this lip balm include jojoba oil, calming shea butter, vitamin E and beyond. People who are serious about optimal lip health and wonderful flavors often can’t say no to EOS’ impressive lip care selection. Check EOS products here on walmart.ca for more

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EOS-Savior for Your Lips

EOS lip balms are perfect for those dry lips. They not only will nourish your lips, but will also delight the senses. EOS lip balms come in many different options, including Organic Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Shimmer Smooth Spheres, and Organic Smooth Sticks, for the traditionalist.


The Organic Smooth Spheres come in Passion Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, Blueberry Acai, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Summer Fruit, and Honeysuckle Honeydew. The Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres come in Vanilla Mint, Blackberry Nectar, and Coconut Milk. The Shimmer Smooth Spheres are available in Sheer Pink and Pearl and will add a hint of sparkle to your lips. The Organic Smooth Sticks come in Sweet Mint, Vanilla Bean, and Pomegranate Raspberry. View now.


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EOS, which stands for the Evolution of Smooth, makes their lip balms from natural and organic ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil,. They are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved and paraben and petroleum free. Read more on frenchtribune.com.


The Organic Smooth Spheres are 95% organic and 100 % natural, go here. They are will give your lips long-lasting moisture and smoothes on clear. The Visibly Soft EOS lip balms are enriched with natural oils that have conditioning properties and will nourish your lips for softer and more healthy looking lips. The EOS Shimmer lip balms will give your lips a touch of a pink hue and shimmer while keeping your lips beautiful. The EOS organic Smooth Sticks are 95% organic, 100% natural, and packed with antioxidents. They provide your lips with long lasting moisture and are phthalate-free, paraben-free, and gluten-free. More products here on douglas.de.


Whatever flavor you choose, it will be a hard decision. There are so many flavors to choose from and you’ll want to try them all. They are compact enough to throw into your purse and you can keep one at home and at work or school.


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