EOS lip balms come in a variety of enticing flavors that are sure to appeal to everyone. The original and most popular EOS line is the Organic EOS Lip Balm. They are perfect for anyone looking to restore moisture to their lips. The balms immediately give the appearance of softer, fuller lips and also work to soften and moisturize the fragile skin of the lip over time. Get more information here on blogwebpedia.com. The Blueberry Acai flavor is particularly popular thanks to its delicious taste, faint smell, and soothing feel on the lips. This flavor is all natural so it is good for someone with sensitive skin or a person that is conscious of what ingredients that they put on their body. This product is 95% organic and the healthy blueberry and acai flavoring will rejuvenate your lips and make you feel more refreshed and awake after the application. The balm is also paraben and petroltatum free. The vitamin E rich lip balm will soothe and fix your cracked dry, lips thanks to its antioxidant-rich formula. The sheet butter and jojoba oil ingredients keeps the lips looking and feeling moisturized for longer. View youtube.com and learn more about the product.

EOS, otherwise known as Evolution of Smooth, revolutionized the lip balm market with its release all those years ago. It is the second best-selling lip balm in the entire country which is remarkable considering how young the company is. Since the global lip care market is growing at an exponential rate, it seems that EOS is only going to climb upward in the future. They made a lip balm specifically for women or anyone who incorporated lip care into their beauty regime. This was the first time a lip balm was seen as something less clinical and something more beauty driven. So EOS set out to fix that and create a fun lip balm that was both highly moisturizing, convenient, and easy to use.

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