Brazilian Lawyers Fight For The Rights

The thorough study and practice of law within beautiful Brazil is no laughing matter as it involves many rigorous hours of training, study, evaluation, reevaluation, testing and far more. Brazilian lawyers truly dedicated to helping the best citizens to move forward while fully maintaining a good business standing with all other professionals involved. Brazilian lawyers fight for the rights of their clients as well as for their current justice system – with its many rigorous demands and procedures.

Practicing Brazilian law is not like practicing U.S. law as it requires far more stringent followings and more dedicated application as a whole. The same eight years of study do apply, though, after one has graduated, one may do far more within Brazil’s law markets, which are just as large as the U.S.’s but include a more international base all around. People come to and from Brazil to practice, study and even receive law consultations and advice as well as countless other invaluable resources offered solely from within.

Since Brazil’s a federal republic that includes 26 states and is known as Brasília within its federal district, numerous organizations and jurisdictions have thus joined it to form the Brazilian Bar Association, empowered by its federal laws in regulating the legal profession for all in Brazil. Law number 8906 regulates Brazil’s practice of law and has been in effect since July 4, 1994. It now stands within the Brazilian Bar Association’s Code of Ethics and Discipline and offers states and federal districts their respective attorneys with the permission of licensing attorneys.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is one of the best in Brazil’s law practice firms. Ricardo Tosto fight for the rights of those who cannot fight all around and is known as one of Brazil’s great entrepreneurs in law as well as one of its top outstanding strategists.

Ricardo Tosto stands among the largest practices in Brazil and has defended companies and personas through countless cases that have already gained national recognition. Ricardo Tosto has advocated for some of Brazil’s largest multinational groups, like politicians from countless ideological legal shades and governments.

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Walmart and Beneful- Pet Food Superheroes

Few things are more important to pet owners than the quality of their companions meals. Hundreds of products flood the market each year, claiming to be the greatest, healthiest option for any pet. Often, this turns out to be completely false, leaving pet owners with overpriced, unhealthy bags of food completely unfit for their faithful companions! Beneful time and time again proves to be an exception to the rule, offering a huge variety foods for a spectrum of pets at an incredulously low price. And as it happens, that small amount can be even less should the savvy pet owner knows that the best place to buy is at Walmart.

Walmart is the premier destination for Beneful foods. As with many of the store’s other products, discounts and rollbacks can frequently be offered. Using these, an eagle-eyed shopper can get exceptional deals at regular rates. That isn’t to say that Beneful foods aren’t affordable without these discounts. A 39.9 lb bag of Beneful Originals, for example, is priced at $33.98- less than a dollar per pound! Purina Beneful Originals with Real Salmon, a premium option, is only $26.98. An eight pack of Beneful Wet Beef Stew is available for only $17.20. To make a great dealer even better, Walmart offers substantial coupons on a wide variety of Beneful products. Standard percentage discounts aren’t all that’s on offer; deals like buying three, getting one free are also available for products like wet food. When all of these factors are combined, Walmart becomes the obvious choice for anyone looking to purchase Beneful products for their pet.

When it comes to our pets, there isn’t any room for compromise. Fortunately, Beneful Walmart ensures that healthy, delicious food is always available at a fair price for any pet. When paired with the astounding deals available at Walmart, no other option can even compare.

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Bob Reina: He Will Fight For You

When people hear the word “fighting,” something negative might come to mind, but that is not always the case when it comes to life. Fighting can actually be a good thing, believe it or not. When it comes to fighting for happiness and fighting for the things that you care about, it is something that is very special and very important. For a lot of people, fighting needs to be done in order to get things accomplished. That is why people need to fight for their life and fight for what matters. Lucky for them, they have Bob Reina in their corner. He is going to fight for them, each and every step of the way to make sure their dreams come true. Learn more:


In today’s society, a lot of people have the dream of working from home. There are a few reasons for it, but the number one thing is time spent with family. When someone has a family and kids, they miss out on a lot of things in life. They miss out on what is important such as the softball game of their child, birthdays, and other important life events. They want to be there and they want to be present for this. They do not want to miss out on it and they do not want to let it pass them by because there is no do over. With using Talk Fusion, they can work from home with video emails and video chats. Learn more:


This way, all of their work is done and they can kick back, relax, and enjoy all of the hard work they have put into something. That is the greatest feeling. They are still working and they are working hard, but they are working on their time. This is what Bob Reina has done for them. It is why he is such an honorable and kind person to others out there. This is in addition to his record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. Learn more:


Bob Reina is fighting for the good things in life. That is the good kind of fighting and they need others to join the good fight.


Mindstrong Health Receives $14 Million From Jim Tananbaum’s Foresite Capital And Other Companies

Mindstrong Health has successfully completed a Series-A funding. The biotech company was able to raise $14 million. The money was sourced from a conglomerate of healthcare investors made up of four companies, which are Foresite Capital, Optum Ventures, ARCH Ventures Partners, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund.

The biotech company’s chief executive officer, Paul Dagum, said that he was pleased with the outcome of the process. He noted that the success of the firm is attributed to the investors’ confidence in the company. According to Dagum, Mindstrong Health zeroes in on revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. Through the fund, the corporation will enhance their process, thus shifting from the currently-used subjective measurements to objective measurements. This shift will ensure the accuracy of the data obtained from patients and the success of treatment processes.

The platform, which was developed by Mindstrong Health, will use technology to deliver objective measurements. The platform uses a smartphone to track the biomarkers of an individual based on his typing and scrolling pattern on a smartphone’s special software. The software seeks to provide objective data on one’s processing speed, memory, and function. Paul Dagum, who also founded the company, developed this innovative idea.

Jim Tananbaum was quoted on a press release praising the biotech firm for its innovativeness and staff quality. He said that the company’s technology is a game changer and will revolutionize how medical professionals care for cognitive health-disorder patients. It will also help others to understand the challenges that these professionals face. Jim is both the CEO and managing director of Foresite Capital.

About Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a shrewd entrepreneur, investor, and executive leader. Under his visionary leadership, Foresite Capital has become an authority in the industry. Jim has vast experience in artificial intelligence, clinical pharmacology, genetic epidemiology, computing in mathematics, and algorithms.

He is affiliated with the success of different companies, including Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Amira Pharmaceuticals, and Amerigroup. Jim sits on the board of Tarsa Therapeutics. The investor holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MD from Harvard Medical School, and BS from Yale University. His sound educational background has played a pivotal role in helping him to succeed as an investor, corporate leader, and entrepreneur.


David McDonald Leads OSI To Success

David McDonald attended Iowa State University and received an Animal Science degree. After working at OSI Group as their Project Manager, he was promoted to the President and Chief Executive Officer. This followed his impressive work experience and the leadership he showed during his time as the Project Manager.

Mr. McDonald also serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and is an active member at the OSI Group Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. McDonald works with the OSI International Goods division in Australia as their Director. Mr. McDonald was employed at Marfrig for a number of years as their Independent Director until they were acquired by OSI. He knows this company like the back of his hand.

OSI Group continues to expand and build on its global presence. They do this by understanding that their business cannot function under one set of rules, but rather has to be delegated into smaller plans that are specifically tailored to different locations. This is due to different taste preferences and the sensitivities of working in different areas of the world. OSI is able to manage this by building small delegation teams that are located in all of their international facilities. The people that work on these teams are very experienced in their field and understand the cultures that they are working with. This allows OSI to provide a personalized service to all of their clients.

Mr. David McDonald OSI Group believes that OSI is very fortunate in their positioning in the global network. This is thanks to the expansive size the business is run on, yet are able to manage that with the small and localize management teams.

OSI Group’s main office is located in Aurora and they specialize in producing foods that are high in protein, like meat . Mr. David McDonald is working on expanding their presence in China due to the great success that they have had there in the past. They have been in business with China for over 20 years and continue to grow and expand with that nation. OSI Group currently has plans for further expansion in the form of seven new plants and facilities.

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The Inspiring Story of Nick Vertucci and His Rise Up From the Bottom

Nick Vertucci is someone who knows the meaning of hard times. As a matter of fact, he has found himself falling on hard times more than once in his life. Early on in his adult life, he was living out of his van. He has eventually started his own business selling parts for computers on One thing that he has enjoyed about being his own business owner is that he has a lot of freedom. He also did not have to worry about losing his job. However, he would experience his next hardship in the dot com bubble burst of 2000.

The dot com crash has sent him on a downward spiral of lack of income and increasing debt on Fortunately, he had a good friend that has told him about an opportunity that has turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to him. Nick Vertucci has decided to check out this opportunity which was a three-day real estate training seminar which would change his life. It was during the seminar that Nick Vertucci has decided that he is going to get into training for real estate. One thing that Nick will admit is that success didn’t come overnight. As a matter of fact, it has taken him more than a decade to get all of the training and information he needs to be successful.

Nick Vertucci has developed a good system that has helped him succeed. He believes this system could help others succeed. This is one of the reasons that Vertucci has set up his own Real Estate Academy. He tells his story on the website that he has set up. His story not only inspires, but also shows that he is very trustworthy and sympathetic to people of all walks of life. Given that he has seen all conditions of life, he is better able to empathize with struggling people.

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This is What You Should Know About French Wines According to UKV PLC

Every wine lover should be aware a few basics of different types of wines. French wines are some of the most sought after in the world. France has some of the oldest wineries in the world that are known for producing top quality wine. The art of wine production and labeling France can be complex to understand especially for a novice. That is why it is important to learn a few basics before you settle on a particular wine.

To begin with, all novices should first familiarize with the French appellation system. Most of the French wines are labeled according to the region of origin. The place of origin will feature as part of the government controlled classification scheme for wines that distinguishes grape varieties and various wine making practices for the appellation. The designation d’oroginal controlee is considered as the finest quality of classification.

The classification system utilizes the concept of terroir which gives the idea that wines produced in different regions have varying qualities. This notion refers to how aspects such as altitude, soil, and topography give wine a particular attribute. Most of the French Sommelier will argue that the region where the wine is produced is as important as the type of the grape used in the production. Whereas France provides some of the renowned brands of wines, novices should take note of a few regions, to begin with.


This is a region known for the production of both white and red wines. Burgundy red wines are the finest with dark, earthy notes. Pinot Noir varieties are used for the production of red wine while Chardonnay grapes produce the Burgundy white wines.


The region has a reputation for producing medium body red wines that are blended from different grapes.


Champagne is produced in the Northeastern part of France. The Champagne is a high altitude region with a cold climate where most of the legendary winemakers use a traditional double-fermentation process to make their wines.


Loire region has 87 appellations that are located along the Loire River in the North Eastern part of France. Winemakers close to the ocean are known for producing Muscadet. Winemakers in the upper Loire specialize in Sauvignon and Chenin Blanc.


UKV PLC is firm that specializes in the buying and selling of high-quality wines in the world. The company offers excellent services to clients who want t buy finest wines from top winemakers in France, Italy, and Spain.

The firm deals with champagnes and Vintage UKV PLC wines such as Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Chateau Lafite, and Latour. One of the major benefits of working with UKV PLC is that you get the opportunity to invest in luxury grade fine UKV PLC and champagne.

Vincent Parascandola’s Inspiring Career

Vincent Parascandola also known as Vinnie is a renowned financial advisor with extensive experience in the field. He currently works with Axa Advisors, LLC. The organization works with High Net Worth Individuals and as well as other types of investors. Mr. Vincent operates out of New York. Axa Advisors has more than 5,400 registered representatives in the region. Vinnie has gained an experience of 17 years registering industry securities and is subject to FINRA and SEC oversight. As the Senior Executive Vice President of the company, Vincent is responsible for recruiting, management development, sales, productivity, retention, and development of both experienced and new financial professionals.

Mr. Parascandola has gained over twenty-five years experience in his profession. The experience he has gained enables him to come up with innovative ways of satisfying his clients and improving the operations of his company. Vincent started his career in 1987 in Prudential as an agent. His skills and how he handled his work led people to nickname him ‘National Rookie of the Year.’ In 1990, Vinnie joined MONY Life Insurance Company. At MONY, he held several regional and local field management positions. He later joined AXA Advisors in 2004 after demonstrating his trustworthy, reliable, and outstanding performance in all positions he previously held.

Before taking the role o a divisional president, Vincent Parascandola served as the president of The Advantage Group. The Advantage Group was created to attract highly qualified financial professionals. He also worked as a co-manager of the organization’s branch that was located in New York. In the New York Metro Branch, he led an estimated number of 400 financial professionals. He distinctly demonstrated his incredible leadership skills at the company by ensuring that everything ran accordingly and that the company experienced significant growth from the branch.

Throughout his career, Mr. Parascandola has gained recognition for his leadership abilities from other managers in different regions. Vincent has earned several management awards. One of the awards is the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. He is invited by most organizations as a speaker. Mr. Parascandola has spoken at several industry conferences and companies. He has given talks to LIMRA’ distribution conferences and LAMP Meeting among others.

EOS Lip Balm Flavors, Great for Anyone

Lip Balms come in some different flavors and brands, but they don’t all have the selection that EOS does. You may be wondering what lines they have for lip balms and why they would be a good fit for you, refer also


Organic Smooth

This line is the basic line for EOS lip balms. They have a few fun flavors you can choose from and are going to be the ones you most likely see in a store for sale. The biggest seller for this line is the Strawberry Sorbet. This flavor has the taste of strawberries and and hint of sorbet to really bring out the sweet flavor in it. This flavor is more like eating candy than a lip balm.

Another great flavor in this line is the Passion Fruit. The smell is amazing with this one and the taste is even better. There are several more in this line you may want to look at, but these two are the favorites.

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Visibly Soft

This line is the one that anyone with sensitive skin will want to look into. It has the Shea Butter in the lip balm to help keep the lips feeling better. While they all have some Shea Butter in them, this one has the most. The most popular flavor in this line is the Vanilla Mint. This one has a small amount of sweet with some mint to help your lips feel clean and soft. Best reference for EOS,

Blueberry Nectar is another great flavor you can find in this line. This flavor is more of a berry sweet flavor, but still has the same healing factors as the Vanilla Mint. You will notice how great it makes your lips feel when you use it.

There are several lines in EOS Lip Balms, but these are the two you will probably find in your stores. You should try a few and see what ones are best for your lips. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS Lip Balm today!


Discover a New Phase of Life for Your Lip’s Health


Through the Evolution of Smooth’s 100% natural and 95% organic product ingredients, you will gain a new lease on life when it comes to maintaining a set of full and healthy looking lips! Applying healthy products to your lips daily will promote a feeling of better health and lessen any discomfort you might feel from dried out and split lips in the dry summer or winter months. Whether the weather is hot or cold, many people have skin that is ultra sensitive to the elements, so having something that you can easily pop out and apply to ward away these uncomfortable symptoms is such a life saver. Get more details here on

If you are going on a long camping trip in the mountains this summer or are looking forward to spending a few lengthy hours by the lake or on the beach, it’s likely that you have your skin covered when it comes to protecting it from the sun. It’s not uncommon for people to forget that their lips are part of their skin too! While you are baking your bod in the sun, hoping to get that added shade or two of warm color to your skin, you might just be damaging your lips with too much direct exposure and no protection there.

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Unless you plan on applying sunscreen to your lips, which is not recommended, then investing in a lip balm packed with SPF is just the solution to your problem. EOS offers two summer appropriate flavors with SPF 15. This would be Lemon Twist and Fresh Grapefruit, go to check these flavors. Both flavors are popular in the summer for their zesty appeal and the sun protection does not change the enjoyment of their flavor one bit! The SPF in these offer enough power for Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB protection, so tan to your heart’s content knowing you got your lips covered!

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