Back To School: The Plan

For many parents, back to school is a great time of the year. Kids are soon to be back on a schedule, learning and growing and parents don’t have to worry about entertaining them. But for some, back to school means new clothes, new school supplies, packing lunches and many other aspects requiring money. In a recent article, it discusses some key factors to keep in mind when stressing about the financial part of back to school.

First things first- Yes, you will have to buy school supplies. Establishing a budget on what you are going to spend on supplies and clothes for the beginning of the year is key to keep the stress from appearing. When it comes to packing a lunch, buying a bento box can help to portion out healthy meals. Be sure to start a new routine with your children so that they are getting the proper amount of sleep. Get organized by attending orientations with your children and preparing for any extracurricular activities that might take place throughout the year.

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Norman Pattiz launches a novel PodCastone 360-Degree Videos and other Features

The new technology implemented by broadcasting industries nationwide helps in boosting the content used in targeting the audience. Radio and television stations are therefore able to present an improved content to their listeners hence upholding their base of fans. The audiences are appreciating the adoption of new technology since it is convenient and easy to use.

Poadcastone among many other broadcasting companies has recently introduced a popular mobile software deliberately to enable viewers to enjoy the networks audio station in different ways. This is one way of advancing the program services provided to their listeners while making everything more fun and enjoyable. Also, PodcastOne launched software offers an exciting feature that helps in capturing a 360-degree video position of the broadcasted shows. The software application adds approximately 360-degree video recordings and range of collaborative social roles. Besides, the software help the users communicate with their hosts and listeners effortlessly while also engaging more with one another across the world.

Podcastone Company provides three apps to enable users to download the new application. The applications provided includes Apple’s app, Google play store and more so it’s excellent website. Downloading the app is free hence users can watch multiple shows and any other exclusive materials at a zero charge. Also, the features offer listeners with an opportunity to discuss any other program they have watched or heard before while showcasing some differences between them. Other than that, the app is a platform whereby individuals have an opportunity to access interesting photos and articles that cannot be obtained from any other website. Among other features, the application helps the broadcasters respond review questions while sending confidential messages to their fans ( The app also has a way of rewarding their users through points whereby when they attain maximum points; they are allowed to upgrade to some features or transfer them to their friends with a similar app.

PodcastOne and Mandt VR companies agreed on a partnership to enable them to come up with improved videos in both 360-degrees and virtual reality. In fact, they have already made more than a thousand videos. Mandt VR and PostcastOne add a new thing to the collection every week to uphold the standards of the podcasts. The substantial library allows the viewers and listeners appreciate podcasts in an immersive manner.

Norman Pattiz is known to be the pioneer and the person behind the victory of PodcastOne Company. He is also the founder Westwood One Company meant to supply entertainment, talk, new events as well as sports to traditional radio stations across the world. Pattiz is recognized as the pioneer of broadcasting industry who has also succeeded in chairing the Broadcasting Board of Governors twice. Learn more:


Richard Mishaan Design: Transforming Spaces One at a Time

Richard Mishaan is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design firm that is known for its luxurious designs. The firm usually works with homeowners to create beautiful and peaceful spaces for them. in the recent years, however, Richard Mishaan Design started taking on projects in the hotel industry.

More About Richard Mishaan

Many people know Mishaan as an architect and interior designer. What they do not also know is that he loves fashion. His cultural background is also a factor which has influenced some of his designs. Born and raised in Colombia, he studied architecture at the University of Colombia. He later went on to earn his BA degree at the New York University.

Richard Mishaan is a transformative and spirited designer who loves to blend furniture and art. He also believes in the power of patterns and lighting in transforming places. It is no wonder that he has his own lighting as well as furniture shop. With every design Richard Mishaan Design does, there is an imprint left behind. The firm has completed hotel projects in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Florida and New York.

According to Richard Mishaan, designing spaces is as easy as finding unique items that can go well in the same space. The quality of the items, for example, art pieces, should be carefully considered. Sometimes quality overrides quantity. With Richard Mishaan Design, he has managed to fulfill the dreams of many interior design lovers.

Richard Mishaan as an Author

Apart from owning Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan is also an author. He has published two interior design books with the Monacelli Press. The books are intended to give his perspective of design and architecture to the world, and to inspire people to adopt some of the design in there.

Clay Seigall aims to treat cancer patients

Clay Siegall, Chief Executive Officer of Seattle Genetics, manages his official blog where he posts on matters on different topics. On 6th September 2017, he covered a wide range of areas on his website, as outlined below. He stated that Odell Beckham Jr. had resumed practice after being away for 16 days. Ezekiel Elliot is locked and focused on preparing for the Week 1, as stated by Jason Garrett. Younghoe Koo hopes to assist in the forging of the NFL path for the South Korean players. ESPN incorporation states of their expertise selection of the star performers from Week 1, and the highest values for the lineups on DFS.

Other posts are on what you should be aware of concerning Ezekiel Elliot’s current situation and what could follow. The reviews by NFL do not show any evidence of Tom Brady experiencing concussions. ESPN reports on Texans having been forced to depend on unverified tackle starters in the absence of Duane Brown. As covered by NPR, the lessons that Hurricane Harvey has left behind are on Power, Sorrow, Money, and Climate. As a result of the Hurricane Irma threat, Dolphins have been transferred to Week 11. These are just some of the posts among much more.

In 1998, Clay Seigall co-founded Seattle Genetics and is currently serving as the CEO, President and Board Chairman of the company. He founded the corporation from a well-built foundation of research, scientific innovation, and practices on the development of different types of drugs. His passion also drove him to help ailing patients. He has led and directed the company well enough as it has developed anti-body drug conjugates, and also secured the FDA 2011 endorsement of ADCETRIS, the company’s first ADC product. ADCETRIS has become a brand recognized worldwide, already accepted in over 65 nations.

At Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall’s main responsibility is to improve on the techniques that are currently in use to treat cancer patients. He directs his company into collaborations with other innovators and leaders dealing with the development of drugs. These collaborations have resulted in the extension of advanced technology in the company, allowing it to better their methodologies of treatment.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Holds The Merit for Bradesco’s Transition To Modern Times

It is quite difficult to identify a business executive that is as influential in the Brazilian economy as a Chief Executive Officer of a financial institution with the sheer size as Bradesco. Trabuco has achieved multiple accomplishments, which include unbelievably large credit operations, and even a number of the largest financial projects, which are still in progress in Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s position as CEO, practically guarantees that his opinions will be followed and taken after by the majority of the key business and political leaders in Brazil. Due to this, what Trabuco says usually makes it to the headlines of important newspapers and influential magazine covers. Bradesco has never kept it a secret that it has systematically taken advantage of Trabuco’s extraordinary influence since Luiz Carlos Trabuco made it to the position of CEO at Bradesco. As a leader of the second largest Brazilian private, which is closely trailing the largest private bank, Itaú-Unibanco, Trabuco, who has reached his 60’s, shows signs that he will not be stepping away from the economy.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was clearly chosen to replace Márcio Cypriano, who led Bradesco as the group’s third president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the fourth president at Bradesco since it was founded in 1943. Some even consider Trabuco to have been the third chosen president after Amador Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder, and first president since Aguiar was not chosen to be president as he was the founder. Trabuco is not a stranger to Bradesco’s corporate culture. He held different positions at Bradesco for 4 decades before he was chosen to be president. Trabuco worked his way up the corporate and hierarchical ladder and after he turned 47, he was chosen to become vice-president of Bradesco., Trabuco was involved in managing the private retirement funds and marketing area before he became the vice-president. When he was commanding the Insurance branch of the company – Bradesco Seguros, it was where the results made Luiz Carlos Trabuco attract the bank’s attention. His impressive results took Bradesco’s market share from 23% to 25%, and additionally, the percentage of Bradesco Seguros in Bradesco’s financial results went from 26% to 35% during Trabuco’s period.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is from Marilia, São Paulo, just like Amado Aguiar, Bradesco’s founder. Trabuco is married and is the father of three children. Trabuco earned a Philosophy degree from USP (Universidade de São Paulo). Trabuco is considered to be quite discrete and to not display wealth in order to make himself easy to approach. People who know Trabuco recognize his sense of humor as mainly his large outgoing smile. Trabuco is not your stereotypical banker. Traditionally, bankers hold degrees such as Accounting, Business Administration, Economy, or Engineering. Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned a degree in Philosophy as well as a degree in Social Psychology from the School of Sociology and Politics of São Paulo (Escola de Sociologia e Política de São Paulo).

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was able to make Bradesco become a modernized bank. This change started to take place in the mid-80’s at the time when Trabuco was at the head of the marketing area. Trabuco was successful in changing the bank’s relationship with the media, which was very smooth prior to his leadership of the marketing department.

The standard that Amador Aguiar established for Bradesco was completely reshaped by Luiz Carlos Trabuco. Aguiar felt that Bradesco was supposed to offer the exact same services to every client. Trabuco was successful in changing this and segmenting Bradesco, which was a strategy that Bradesco’s main competitors had already done at the time. Bradesco currently offers overdraft protection to its clients and even offers Bradesco Prime agencies to high-income clients.


How Roberto Santiago has developed Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping Mall beat the expectations of many people in Joao Pessoa when it was opened in 1989. The locals of the area had not imagined that they would have the busiest shopping center in Paraiba state on their door steps. Manaira Shopping is owned by Roberto Santiago, who is one of the region’s most successful business men. The business center has been established on a piece of land that covers approximately 92,500 square meters, and its parking space can accommodate about 3,180 vehicles. Many residents of Joao Pessoa love shopping in the mall, and therefore, it receives millions of visitors annually.


Manaira Shopping is a safe place since it is under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. All shoppers are also screened at the gate before they are allowed to enter. The mall also attracts the locals and tourists because of the wide array of the entertainment facilities that it owns. The shopping center’s primary trade mark has been the fun and relaxation that it provides to its customers. It features an electronic amusement park, a bowling area, a gaming zone, and a movie theater. The movie theater has various halls that have been 3D technology and have been arranged in different ways. Customers can have snacks and drinks when watching movies. The building’s aisles are always very clean, and it also has elevators and rails to help disabled people.


The shopping center houses several businesses. They include banks, a food court, a learning institution, and over 200 retail stores. Leading mobile phone brands such as Apple and Samsung have established shops at the facility. All the stalls at Manaira Shopping offer incredible deals to the clients. They sell products such as home supplies, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, jewelry, and many others. The mall’s food court houses a broad array of restaurants that allow the shoppers to enjoy any food that they would like to have. The cuisines at the eateries range from six-course gourmet meals to fast foods such as burgers. The mall’s rooftop has an outstanding concert hall that is called the Domus Hall. It was established in 2009 and has been used for hosting several events.


Roberto Santiago has gained significant wealth since he started venturing into business. He currently has another business center that is known as Mangeria Shopping. His first source of income was a small restaurant that he had established in Santa Rosa. The entrepreneur then founded a cartonnage company before investing in the real estate sector. Santiago’s businesses have generated millions of dollars, and he has been mentoring young people who wish to be successful. He was a motocross and kart champion during his hay days and won several medals and trophies.


Omar Yunes and Forward Thinking

Sometimes the best businesses are the ones people least expect it. When you speak of Japanese food, Mexico isn’t the first country that comes to mind. However, Japanese food is becoming more and more popular in Mexico as the various franchises gain importance in the culinary and the business world. Sushi Itto had humble beginnings, but it grew quickly and now is on a different level than ever before. The CEO of this growing empire is Omar Yunes, and he knows better than anyone what to do to grow a business.

Sushi Itto is recognized as the best franchise in the world, but this recognition did not come easy. The company first had to compete in Mexico and win the regional competition. Afterwards, it competed against other franchises in the world. Omar Yunes as the CEO of this company worked hard to put down real roots as a franchisee and honor his boss as well as his colleagues. He introduced a system which allows employees to measure success. It also allows them to have a good way of training new staff. Clear guidelines make it easier for the managers responsible for staff training and Omar Yunes can be personally proud of this step.

Although he is now a CEO of a growing empire, Omar Yunes knows how important it is to work hard and communicate with your staff. He wanted to establish high food standards and guarantee each guest the best customer experience possible. His business now is a home for 13 restaurants in the franchise which doesn’t have many franchise restaurants outside Japan in general. That is a great accomplishment in itself.

His family taught Omar Yunes how important in the business world is hard work. There is only so much talent, and the rest is hard work. People relate to hard workers like Omar Yunes who have made it in the world. Young people who are on the way in the market world look at guys like him as a motivation and a clear proof that they can make it. Sushi Itto is not showing any signs of stopping the growth even if the times got tougher.

A Bright Future for the Wine Retailer Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a business that uses network marketing as well as wine tasting parties and events as a channel to sell award-winning wine.

The president of the Traveling Vineyard company is Mr. Rick Libby. He had had many years of previous experience at a number positions in leadership. For about thirty years, Mr. Rick Libby has been leading successful businesses such as Marriott, Student Advantage, Cendant Corporation, Move Central, and so on. About sixteen years ago, Mr. Rick Libby developed a strong interest in the business wine retail. He came up with a concept during a past position of his. Mr. Rick Libby was working for a wine retail company which offered catalogs to sell the wine. Mr. Rick Libby was given the task to come up with a new strategy in order to boost sales. Thatis how he developed the idea to use live demonstration as a way to sell more wine.

In 2010, Mr. Rick Libby made a life changing purchase when he bought the company of Traveling Vineyard. Over the years, Mr. Rick Libby grew the business to have over 5 000 indented marketers who are called wine guides. The Traveling Vineyard does more than retail and providing wine tasting. The Traveling Vineyard also puts out technology and concepts every year. The company recently put out a mobile app called Awesomm. The app is for the e guides of the Traveling Vineyard. It allows them to process the orders and take care of other tasks as well. Another software that the traveling Vineyard created for wine guides is called Sommology. The wine guides can use the software to pair up wine and food that go along great together, and that way they can also arrange excellent wine tastings.

For Mr. Rick Libby it is important to have a daily work schedule that accommodates both short term and long term goals as well as set aside a couple of hours to communicate with the people working at the company as well as the wine guides. Mr. Rick Libby devotes half of his work day to immediate tasks and the rest of the work day is dedicated to communication as well as working towards strategic goals.

Mr. Rick Libby firmly believes in the bright future of his business. The company had a shaky start back in the 1980s as Mr. Rick Libby did not have enough funding to maintain stability until profits started rolling in. In the United States of America, wine retailers had reported that sales had increased by about 5 percent last year in 2016. Despite the fact that some beverages have become a lot less popular, wine is going up. That gives wine retailers such as Mr. Rick Libby a lot of hope for the future of Traveling Vineyard.

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Goettl Merges With Two Air Conditioning Companies

The continuous growth of Goettl enters a new stage. This is because the company merged with Las Vegas Air and Paradise Air. This new strategy seeks to expand the corporation’s capabilities considering that it has resulted in the addition of 20 experienced employees to Goettl Air Conditioning. The merger will also increase the number of service trucks by 15 vehicles.

Goettl’s seeks to penetrate the vast Las Vegas market and secure a larger share of the same. Through the merger, the company will be able to enjoy the services of technicians who will serve the broad market base. This is because Las Vegas Air has been serving the residential market while Paradise Air zeroes in on multi-family and rental home market.

Speaking after the successful merger, Ken Goodrich said that this move would ensure that Goettl grows a larger footprint in the Southwest. The owner of Goettl Air Conditioning believes that this move would help in satisfying the utility of the company’s clients.

Goettl has been expanding fast, especially after returning to the Las Vegas Valley. Goodrich is focusing on accelerating the company’s rate of growth such that it achieves its objective of doubling its size in 2016. He is also planning to add at least 30 new employees to the firm. This information was originally published on Glassdoor’s website as explained in the following link

Goodrich believes that the recent mergers are good for the industry. As the companies come together, they benefit from each other’s strength and establish themselves as a stronger force. The merger will also improve the quality of the services that the companies offer. It will also ensure that Goettl becomes a household name in the Las Vegas Valley.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is an HVAC company. It is based in the Las Vegas Valley. The company was founded in 1939 and has operated in the region for several decades. After the turn of the century, Goettl moved out of the valley due to hard economic times. It has since returned to the area. This is after Ken Goodrich purchased the company.

In the last one year, the company has made tremendous steps towards establishing its operations in the Southwest. In the recent years, Goettl has enhanced its operational efficiency by merging and acquiring other companies. The company acquired Moore Air Conditioning. Goettl has also contributed to different charity works in the area as a way of giving back to the community.