Sometimes the best businesses are the ones people least expect it. When you speak of Japanese food, Mexico isn’t the first country that comes to mind. However, Japanese food is becoming more and more popular in Mexico as the various franchises gain importance in the culinary and the business world. Sushi Itto had humble beginnings, but it grew quickly and now is on a different level than ever before. The CEO of this growing empire is Omar Yunes, and he knows better than anyone what to do to grow a business.

Sushi Itto is recognized as the best franchise in the world, but this recognition did not come easy. The company first had to compete in Mexico and win the regional competition. Afterwards, it competed against other franchises in the world. Omar Yunes as the CEO of this company worked hard to put down real roots as a franchisee and honor his boss as well as his colleagues. He introduced a system which allows employees to measure success. It also allows them to have a good way of training new staff. Clear guidelines make it easier for the managers responsible for staff training and Omar Yunes can be personally proud of this step.

Although he is now a CEO of a growing empire, Omar Yunes knows how important it is to work hard and communicate with your staff. He wanted to establish high food standards and guarantee each guest the best customer experience possible. His business now is a home for 13 restaurants in the franchise which doesn’t have many franchise restaurants outside Japan in general. That is a great accomplishment in itself.

His family taught Omar Yunes how important in the business world is hard work. There is only so much talent, and the rest is hard work. People relate to hard workers like Omar Yunes who have made it in the world. Young people who are on the way in the market world look at guys like him as a motivation and a clear proof that they can make it. Sushi Itto is not showing any signs of stopping the growth even if the times got tougher.