Richard Mishaan is the founder of Richard Mishaan Design, an interior design firm that is known for its luxurious designs. The firm usually works with homeowners to create beautiful and peaceful spaces for them. in the recent years, however, Richard Mishaan Design started taking on projects in the hotel industry.

More About Richard Mishaan

Many people know Mishaan as an architect and interior designer. What they do not also know is that he loves fashion. His cultural background is also a factor which has influenced some of his designs. Born and raised in Colombia, he studied architecture at the University of Colombia. He later went on to earn his BA degree at the New York University.

Richard Mishaan is a transformative and spirited designer who loves to blend furniture and art. He also believes in the power of patterns and lighting in transforming places. It is no wonder that he has his own lighting as well as furniture shop. With every design Richard Mishaan Design does, there is an imprint left behind. The firm has completed hotel projects in Colombia, Dominican Republic, Florida and New York.

According to Richard Mishaan, designing spaces is as easy as finding unique items that can go well in the same space. The quality of the items, for example, art pieces, should be carefully considered. Sometimes quality overrides quantity. With Richard Mishaan Design, he has managed to fulfill the dreams of many interior design lovers.

Richard Mishaan as an Author

Apart from owning Richard Mishaan Design, Mishaan is also an author. He has published two interior design books with the Monacelli Press. The books are intended to give his perspective of design and architecture to the world, and to inspire people to adopt some of the design in there.