Together, CTCA with WebMD is Bringing Cancer Education to Internet Users

Recently, CTCA with WebMD started bringing cancer education to more Internet users. This valuable learning tool is paving the way for future technologies in healthcare educational options. Many healthcare students, and even well established practitioners, utilize healthcare information readily available on the Internet today. Since the Internet is not confined to one spot, massive amounts of healthcare materials, educational topics and more can be transmitted instantly to reach billions of people in many locations all around the globe. Cancer Treatment Centers of America has jumped into this stream to take advantage of the many benefits that computerized technology can bring.

Most healthcare providers only trust specific healthcare online sites that have the backing of the medical community. WebMD is one such site, and now they are sharing information from a prominent cancer care organization known as Cancer Treatment Centers of America. As more patients are better informed about their healthcare choices, medical providers have understood that they need to provide creative ways to ensure that these information seeking patients have a credible online site to go to. WebMD only provides information on healthcare from trusted top healthcare experts. As with CTCA, WebMD can broaden the expanse of a healthcare provider’s educational goals and reach.

New technological developments have made it much easier for anyone with a small amount of computer knowledge to access the wide world of Internet information. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is fully aware of the vast potential that computer sites can give to cancer care patients. In addition, these patients often have very concerned family and friends desiring to help in any way. This form of cancer education is an informal way to pass on many cancer details and related care options currently available. Internet users can access this information through CTCA and WebMD.

Todd Lubar Is A Visionary Who Makes His Living In The Real Estate Industry

George H. Bucher, much like Todd Lubar, saw into the future and envisioned a world full of useful technology and smart homes that utilize a lot of it. While not everything that Bucher envisioned has come to pass, quite a bit of it has in different forms. From door sensors that ring a doorbell as someone approaches to remote controlled temperature possibilities, lots of innovations have come to pass in the homes of this age, but not even Bucher could have foreseen homes that talk back to you or voice activated digital assistants.

According to Patch, handicapped individuals are benefiting greatly from the use of different technologies, such as smart house gadgets and other inventions that allow some quadriplegics to live in their home by themselves. From self-opening and closing doors to window shades that open with teeth, the innovations of our current day and age are changing the lives of many. While many people had no idea this was coming, men like George Bucher and Todd Lubar have been trying to tell us all along.

Todd Lubar is the President of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. and is also the Sr. Vice President of Legendary Investments. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in speech communication from Syracuse University and has used what he learned to advance his career in many different ways. He brings to the table more than 2 decades of experience in the real estate industry and for many years has been singled out as one of the top 25 mortgage originators in the United States. He also has experience in the entertainment industry and mortgage banking and has a strong desire to improve his community and help people out however he can. Check out to know more.

Todd Lubar began his career in real estate in 1995, and he shortly after realized that the industry would be where he worked for the rest of his life. He started out by working with Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he learned plenty about real estate and made many different connections. By 2002, he decided to go out on his own, completely, and started up Legendary Properties, LLC. By 2003, he went even further and put together Charter Funding, which allowed him to expand his own business much more. Today, Todd has grown an empire, and he loves to spend time with his 2 children in Orange County, California.

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Neurocore is the Innovative Technique for Depression

In America, at least 1 in 5 adults experiences some form of annual depression. Depression comes in many different forms and for varying reasons. Depression does not discriminate because of age. Children aged 8 to15 can suffer from some form of mental disorder. Granted, depression in some adults and children can last for a short period of time or in more severe cases, a lifetime. Here are 8 interesting facts that will have you looking at depression a little differently.

A ‘major depression’ is associated with an event that you’ve experienced like gaining weight, a general malaise where you have no interest in doing anything. This depression could form from feeling guilty, feeling tired, not getting enough sleep or more severe in this category are thoughts of suicide. A depression that is ‘persistent’ means that it lasts for years. Your appetite wanes, hardly sleep, feeling tired every day, you develop low self-esteem, concentration is difficult, or you feel hopeless. Read more about Neurocore at

Actually, the ‘bipolar disorder’ is a type of depression where you experience the highest highs and the lowest lows. More people experience ‘SAD’ (seasonal affective disorder) depression that occurs due to seasonal changes. Changes within the brain affect people, especially due to less sunlight. The more dangerous side of depression is called ‘psychotic.’ This type of depression is accompanied by hallucinations, paranoia, and delusional episodes.

Associated more in women, ‘postpartum’ and ‘premenstrual’ depression episodes are related to hormone changes that once was thought to be all in a woman’s mind, but is now backed by scientific evidence. Lastly, there are depression issues that are unique unto itself. However, depression is a real medical condition that is treatable.

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The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has developed innovative techniques to address each type of depression malady. A neuro-diagnostic system retrains the brain in how it is to perform during depression episodes. People of all ages are helped with neurofeedback and biofeedback.

Neurocore was founded in 2004. Neurocore technology helps to teach patients how to breathe deeply while also charting each patients’ brain activity. Today, there are seven Brain Performance Centers throughout lower Michigan and two Centers in southern Florida.


Rocketship Education Give Kids and Parents Power to Excel

Picking the right school for your kids is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do to help ensure that they have a good start on a great future. For those who want to give their kids, the best start possible charter schools are a wonderful midway option between traditional public schools and private academies. One such public charter school network, Rocketship Education takes the idea of a charter school to a whole new level by combining it with concepts that normally are found in co-op environments.

Rocketship Education doesn’t just get parents involved with their kid’s education in terms of homework assignments and PTA meetings. At Rocketship, they even get the parents involved in operational decisions such as budgets, programs, and even the hiring of the teachers. Their philosophy is that when parents are more involved in their children’s schooling at every level of the process the educational product will be much better and the child will learn more, learn faster, and learn deeper than anywhere else. The concept is based on a holistic philosophy that learning takes place not just at the school, but also at home, and out in the world, every minute of every day,

Rocketship Education runs a growing number of schools across the country and is considered one of the most successful educational startups ever. The school focuses not only on the fundamentals, but also on advanced teaching techniques that prepare students for furthering their education for the rest of their learning career. More than a prep school, Rocketship considers their system to be a learning incubator where students don’t just learn information that is presented, but learn also how to learn for themselves on their own.

One of the most unique things about Rocketship is the fact that so many people you never thought would be involved in the idea of educational reform are getting on board to help develop the system as it spreads to new cities. One of those individuals is internationally renowned tennis star Andre Agassi, who recently helped to develop the newest location, Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington, D.C. This is not the first time the athlete has been involved in the development of one of the Rocketship locations and will no doubt not be his last. The redevelopment of the educational system as it has been for decades into a new more effective method of educating the future of society is a very strong motivator in the 47-year-old tennis pro. He is proud of the fact that Rocketship is currently on its 69th school and is growing faster every year.

With the new type of mentality that Rocketship has brought to the primary educational sector, it can be certain that the future is going to be a much better place for children of all backgrounds, locations, and economic brackets. A good education is a stepping stone toward a great future, and Rocketship education is laying the foundations for a generation of innovators and thinkers that will be unstoppable.

Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing conversion rate optimization (CTR) is a common goal for most businesses today, regardless of the size of your company and brand. While past marketing techniques involve comparing campaign data manually to increase CTR, using sentient AI is a modern solution that offers a myriad of advantages against competition in any industry.

Why is CTR Valuable?

Conversion rate optimization is necessary to track in order to determine the best methods of communication with potential customers and current subscribers. Both email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns provide detailed insight into how customers preferred to be contacted and which type of marketing works best to appeal to them individually. The more data you are able to collect with each campaign, the easier it becomes to create targeted campaigns in the future with higher conversions and success rates.

How Sentient AI Increases Conversion Rate Optimization

Sentient AI is extremely valuable when looking to increase your overall conversion rates (whether you are doing so with an email or social media campaign). Sentient AI works to determine the best keywords, headings, and calls to action (CTA) that work for those who are receiving or viewing your campaigns. Without having to dig through metrics and data manually, save time while focusing on remarketing campaigns using the data you have originally compiled using sentient AI. The more data you are able to collect and organize automatically, the easier it is to make changes, edits, and tweaks to current and future marketing campaigns. Optimizing campaigns to appeal to specific audiences is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate optimization in shorter periods of time.

Sentient AI is also ideal to quickly review compiled data from different sets and campaigns you have run. Compare and contrast daily, weekly, or monthly campaigns you have launched and the feedback or interaction you receive in return. Having the ability to quickly glance at what is working for your company and what is falling flat allows you to guide your team in the right direction for even more success in your next campaign.

While sentient AI is just beginning to roll out for business usage, it is often deemed invaluable for companies of any size. Utilizing sentient AI properly is truly a way to optimize your methods of tracking and interpreting data, allowing you to create interesting and engaging marketing campaigns to increase your overall conversion rate and sales. View Sentient’s profile at