Highland Capital Is A Leading Investment Advisory Firm

Are you on the lookout for a good investment advisory firm or professional? Every day, a large number of people go online looking for reliable ways to manage their money. Many people want to invest in opportunities that yield huge returns and are ready to pay for professional advice and guidance.

Although there are many companies and professionals out there that offer assistance or advice on investments and related issues, it is extremely important to find a firm that has a good track record. With a good team on your side, you can rest assured that your money will be handled properly. Visit hcp.com to know more.

Highland Capital is a reputable advisory firm and has been around for a long time. Highland Capital provides financial planning, investment advisory and money management solutions to a variety of clients. If you want to start investing, or if you want to manage your finances, it’s extremely important to seek expert guidance. That’s where Highland Capital comes in – to help you make the right decision about your financial future.

Learning to set financial or investment goals is one of the most important steps you can take if you want to improve your financial future. As a new investor, it is imperative to enlist the services of a renowned investment advisory firm. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Highland Capital has been providing outstanding advisory service to clients for many years and is well recognized in the industry. This reliable company has a great team that caters to their clients and can help you select the right opportunity for your situation.

When you contact the professionals at Highland Capital for a consultation they will review your financial standing and work closely with you to develop a suitable plan to invest your money. They will teach you how to track your progress and when to start building a portfolio of assets.

Whether you want to invest for retirement or to build wealth, reliable professionals will help you keep track of where you’re heading to as it pertains to your journey to financial freedom.

Professional assistance can help you save a tremendous amount of money, plan and make wise investments. Reputable investment and financial management professionals have great expertise and are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. If you are serious about earning consistent returns on your investments, you need to get in touch with Highland Capital right away.

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The Reason Why the LGBTQ Community is Not Afraid to Embrace Talkspace

The LGBTQ community has always felt discrimination against them in different areas, but it seems that they are also not been provided with proper therapy sessions to help them deal with stress. There have been instances where an individual was made to talk about whether or not they are actually gay or lesbian rather than focusing on the main issue. The growing number of problems because of this has forced people in LGBTQ community from seeking online therapy and Talkspace is the one that has help offer this support. According to the company, there has also been a rise in the number of people signing up for their services since the day Donald Trump was elected as the President.

To join Talkspace, one has to sign up through their app by providing some basic information. The best part about the app is that there is no need to fill out a lengthy questionnaire and all one has to do is start speaking to their therapists without any delay. The users can either use their instant messaging services or talk to the therapist through video chat. Their therapy sessions start at just $32 per week, and the best part is that people without insurance can also avail their services. Since its launch, the company has provided its services to more than 50,000 people and use their services on a regular basis. Talkspace creator believes that psychotherapy should be available to everyone irrespective of their background.

LGBTQ people are fed of waiting for traditional therapists to change their mindset against them and are seeking alternative therapies such as through Talkspace that allow them to speak their mind without being judged. They are also enjoying the fact that they do not have to travel to meet the therapists that enable them to save their time and money.

Futurist, Philanthropist & Innovator: Dr. Mark Mckenna

The medical industry is one of the most rewarding and demanding industries in society today. The business world is one of the most profitable and stressful industries on earth. If you could choose between the two, which industry would you rather work in? Well, this question is a bit rhetorical, but Dr. Mark McKenna has been able to successfully navigate both industries to the highest degree. This guy is well-respected in both fields of work, but his passion is to simply help the people of his community and beyond. The guy is a personification of the word philanthropist. It would be extremely hard trying to find another individual that is as has progressive as him and this is why.

Dr. Mark McKenna has passion and ambition. This medical doctor is licensed in medicine as well as licensed in surgery. Though he has resided in a number of locations, he was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. After he finished medical training and graduation from Tulane University Medical School, he would jump in the game by working with his father in the medical field. Life was good for Dr. Mark McKenna, but it was about to get even better. Dr. Mark McKenna decided to work in a second field of choice. This remarkable man founded his very own real estate development firm and named it McKenna Venture Investments. As time passed, Mckenna would go on to launch many more successful businesses like ShapeMed.

ShapeMed was one of the top non-surgical aesthetic practices in the Atlanta metropolitan area. It provided a wide range of solutions such as Botox, weight-loss management systems, Juvederm treatments, FDA-approved medicines and hormone- replacement therapy. The practice was established in 2008, and it is a team of highly-trained nutritionists and physicians. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what this man has brought to the table, but who knows what this loving father and husband has in store in the future.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco, President Of Bradesco

Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco?
Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career began in April 1969 at Banco Bradesco. In 1984, he was elected as an officer and in 1999, he became vice-president. He became the president of Grupo Bradesco in March 2003 and remained in the position up to March 2009. He proceeded to become the CEO of Banco Bradesco in March 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a degree of philosophy from Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras de Sao Paulo. His other academic qualifications include a graduate degree in social philosophy from Fundacao Escola de Sociologia e Politica de Sao Paulo.

Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the chief executive officer of Bradesco Organization’s related companies. He is also the vice chair of Banco Bradesco S.A, an elected resident of the council of representatives and executive board of the National Confederation of Financial Institutions, a member of the strategic committee at Vale S.A, and a board member of FEBRABAN.

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What Next for Bradesco Bank
Bradesco Bank is one the biggest privately owned banks that offers its banking and financial services in Brazil. Bradesco bank’s headquarters are in the Brazilian city of Osasco in the country’s Metropolitan area of Sao Paulo. The bank has more than 5,314 branches, about 4,834 Service branches, and 38,430 ‘Bradesco Expresso’ units. The bank is in partnership with many businesses that use their financial services including supermarkets, department stores, drugstores, and several retail chains. The bank also has about 34,854 ‘Bradesco Dia&Noite’ ATMs and about 12,975 ATMs of the Banco24Horas that are third part ATM provided by a third party. In terms of total assets, the bank is ranked third largest in Brazil.

The Bradesco bank considers itself a bank of the future. It continues to focus on technology and innovation to drive its future growth. For instance, the bank is a pioneer in the use of an ATM biometric reading system, the ‘Seguranca Bradesco na Palma da Mao’. This technology has the ability to ensure bank customers are identified easily through the vascular patterns on their hands, and it serves as a complementary password for all its 5,549 Banco24Horas ATMs and the 31,474 Bradesco ATMs.

The bank’s financial services include insurance services, pension plans, internet banking, credit cards services, annuities, and saving bonds. Customers of the bank also have access to leasing services and commercial loans. Banco Bradesco seeks to expand globally and it currently has branches in New York and Grand Cayman.

Who is in running for the presidency of the bank?
As the bank plans to get a new president, there are many people who are in the race to win the presidency of the Bank. Some of the notable names aspiring to take over as the bank’s president are:

i. Mauricio Machado de Minas
• He is 58 years old and joined the bank in 2009 after formerly working with an IT Company called CPM Braxis SA. He is currently in charge of the bank’s IT department.

ii. Andre Rodriguez Cano
• The current head of human resource department and is aged 59. He has worked for the bank since 1977 and was only promoted recently to the higher management roles of the bank.

iii. Josue Augusto Pancini
• Has worked for the bank since 1975 and is currently in charge of the bank’s branch network and its high-income segment.

iv. Alexandre da Silva Gluher
• At 57, he is currently the bank’s chief risk officer and has worked for the bank since 1976. He was at the forefront alongside Domingos F. Abreu in acquiring HSBC Holdings Plc. unit in Brazil for about $5.2 Billion.

v. Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• He is a 52-year-old employee who joined the bank in 2003 and is currently in charge of corporate and investment banking, the bank’s card operations, and the Bradesco BBI.

vi. Domingod Figueiredo Abreu
• The 58-year-old is currently in charge of the bank’s treasury and lending departments and has been an employee of the bank since 1981.

vii. Octavio de Lazari
• The 54-year-old was appointed to the position of the lead lender’s unit and controls about a third of the institution’s results.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5306443/bradesco-anuncia-octavio-lazari-no-lugar-de-luiz-carlos-trabuco

Dr. Clay Siegall Embraces the Challenge of Treating Cancer

At age 19 Clay Siegall’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Over the next five years, he watched cancer slowly take his father’s life. In a recent interview, Siegall reflected on this experience and said: “It made me acutely aware of the limited tools available to oncologists at the time.”

Early Years in Research

Dr. Siegall went on to earn a Ph.D. in genetics from George Washington University. He was with the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health from 1988-1991. In 1991 he moved to Bristol-Myers Squibb. He spent seven years working in its Pharmaceutical Research Department. He credits those years for some of his success when he says, “I could not have had a better experience to prepare me.”

Seattle Genetics and Success of Adcetris

Today Dr. Siegall is President, CEO, and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics, a company he co-founded in 1998. Seattle Genetics specializes in developing anti-body drug coagulates (ADC). ADC’s attach to the outside of cancer cells and deliver a toxin to the cell that kills them. Typically, it can do so without damaging healthy cells as sometimes happens with radiation and chemotherapy. One ADC developed by the company is Adcetris, which has become its flagship product. Adcetris is used to treat classical Hodgkin’s Lymphoma that’s at risk of a relapse or progression. Adcetris was approved by the FDA in 2011 and by the European Medicine Agency in 2012. In 2017 Adcetris was approved for use in patients with T-Cell Lymphoma.

Doing Better Every Day

Seattle Genetics now conducts business in 65 countries and Dr. Siegall holds 15 patents. Dr. Siegall continues to lead his company in research and development of cancer treatment therapies. It’s a long way from the young man who watched his father die. Dr. Clay Siegall, however, continues to embrace the challenge with vigor: “My goal in the world is to treat cancer patients and do better than what we’re doing today with targeted drugs, and I love that I wake up every day and I’m excited about it. I’m not just saying that. It’s what I do. I’ve been doing it for30 years.”

Facts About Talk Fusion and Its Background



Today, there are many different types of technologies that people use for a wide range of purposes. Some of which involve how people communicate with one another in various innovative ways. Because some communication vehicles are much more well known than others, people tend to pay more attention to the new ones that come in within a bang. Therefore, whatever the case or situation, you should become familiar with some of the latest technologies in email. Because email is a platform of communication that has been used since the inception of the Internet, it is not uncommon for new and seasoned companies alike to look into a diversity of ways to use it. This is one of the basic reasons why companies like Talk Fusion has decided to capitalize on what email offers to those who use it today.


Aside from knowing this, you should also know what to expect with these added enhancements along with some essential information about Talk Fusion’s company background. One of the first things that you should know about this company’s background is that it can be described as a network marketing sales organization that conducts different kinds of business activities. Since the year 2004, one of their main goals and objectives is to promote other kinds of business. This company also makes money in a couple of ways including the following.


– Sells Products to Consumers who need them

– As a MLM, the primary role of these businesses is to recruit others to join into using the latest technologies offered.

With this information being released to those who are interested, the types of technologies that they are marketing today includes a next level of generation of products incorporated into emails communication system. The most recently known have been provided for you below.

– Video conferencing

– Video newsletters

– Video Chats

– Online Meetings

– Blogging


All of which and more are being featured as a part of what this company is currently offering. However, before people are getting started with this kind of marketing opportunity, it is essential to understand that there are some pros and cons.





Provides a Positive social media presence

Offers an affiliate program for those who want to join the ranks

brand name clients involved in the promotions



Price is often Costly


With so many different innovations in communications today, many people may find it difficult to determine which ones may be best for them. Therefore, it is essential that every individual or organizations should understand the needs and requirements for the next generation of communication including video conferencing and email combined. Learn more:  https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/


Helping Typhoon Victims One Home at a Time

Super Typhoon Yolanda devastated parts of the Philippines in 2013, leaving many families broken and homeless in its path. This led to the partnership of an unlikely pair that had a common vision – to positively help others – and rebuild some of these lives. Entrepreneur Greg Secker and boxing champion Nonito Donaire worked as part of The Greg Secker Foundation to build 100 new homes in the city of Lloilo. Donaire was also driven to inspire former athletes to take up causes that make a difference. Although he was a world champion in the ring, he wanted to prove that he can be a champion for others outside of it. Secker’s foundation was set up three years before the typhoon, just in time to provide assistance.

Greg Secker was a self-made success early in life. He joined Thomas Cook Financial Services fresh out of college and was tasked with developing trading systems. In a short time he developed the Virtual Trading Desk system, a product that earned him the British Telecom Award. Right after he turned 25, he moved on to Mellon Financial as a vice president. There he sharpened his stock trading skills and became a millionaire. He retired from Mellon just a few years later and set up a homemade Forex trading floor in his living room. There he spent the next several years accumulating additional financial success and sharing this knowledge by training many others in his methods. This led Secker to be pursued for his opinion via many speaking engagements at financial meetings and on television.

Secker’s success in the financial world led him to establish The Greg Secker Foundation. The main goal of this organization is to impact communities in a positive way – anywhere around the globe. The foundation also extends many educational opportunities in the areas of life and leadership skills. Secker’s efforts have earned him much recognition, including representation on 2017’s top list of leading philanthropists.