Who is Luiz Carlos Trabuco?
Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s career began in April 1969 at Banco Bradesco. In 1984, he was elected as an officer and in 1999, he became vice-president. He became the president of Grupo Bradesco in March 2003 and remained in the position up to March 2009. He proceeded to become the CEO of Banco Bradesco in March 2009.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has a degree of philosophy from Faculdade de Filosofia, Ciencias e Letras de Sao Paulo. His other academic qualifications include a graduate degree in social philosophy from Fundacao Escola de Sociologia e Politica de Sao Paulo.

Currently, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the chief executive officer of Bradesco Organization’s related companies. He is also the vice chair of Banco Bradesco S.A, an elected resident of the council of representatives and executive board of the National Confederation of Financial Institutions, a member of the strategic committee at Vale S.A, and a board member of FEBRABAN.

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What Next for Bradesco Bank
Bradesco Bank is one the biggest privately owned banks that offers its banking and financial services in Brazil. Bradesco bank’s headquarters are in the Brazilian city of Osasco in the country’s Metropolitan area of Sao Paulo. The bank has more than 5,314 branches, about 4,834 Service branches, and 38,430 ‘Bradesco Expresso’ units. The bank is in partnership with many businesses that use their financial services including supermarkets, department stores, drugstores, and several retail chains. The bank also has about 34,854 ‘Bradesco Dia&Noite’ ATMs and about 12,975 ATMs of the Banco24Horas that are third part ATM provided by a third party. In terms of total assets, the bank is ranked third largest in Brazil.

The Bradesco bank considers itself a bank of the future. It continues to focus on technology and innovation to drive its future growth. For instance, the bank is a pioneer in the use of an ATM biometric reading system, the ‘Seguranca Bradesco na Palma da Mao’. This technology has the ability to ensure bank customers are identified easily through the vascular patterns on their hands, and it serves as a complementary password for all its 5,549 Banco24Horas ATMs and the 31,474 Bradesco ATMs.

The bank’s financial services include insurance services, pension plans, internet banking, credit cards services, annuities, and saving bonds. Customers of the bank also have access to leasing services and commercial loans. Banco Bradesco seeks to expand globally and it currently has branches in New York and Grand Cayman.

Who is in running for the presidency of the bank?
As the bank plans to get a new president, there are many people who are in the race to win the presidency of the Bank. Some of the notable names aspiring to take over as the bank’s president are:

i. Mauricio Machado de Minas
• He is 58 years old and joined the bank in 2009 after formerly working with an IT Company called CPM Braxis SA. He is currently in charge of the bank’s IT department.

ii. Andre Rodriguez Cano
• The current head of human resource department and is aged 59. He has worked for the bank since 1977 and was only promoted recently to the higher management roles of the bank.

iii. Josue Augusto Pancini
• Has worked for the bank since 1975 and is currently in charge of the bank’s branch network and its high-income segment.

iv. Alexandre da Silva Gluher
• At 57, he is currently the bank’s chief risk officer and has worked for the bank since 1976. He was at the forefront alongside Domingos F. Abreu in acquiring HSBC Holdings Plc. unit in Brazil for about $5.2 Billion.

v. Marcelo de Araujo Noronha
• He is a 52-year-old employee who joined the bank in 2003 and is currently in charge of corporate and investment banking, the bank’s card operations, and the Bradesco BBI.

vi. Domingod Figueiredo Abreu
• The 58-year-old is currently in charge of the bank’s treasury and lending departments and has been an employee of the bank since 1981.

vii. Octavio de Lazari
• The 54-year-old was appointed to the position of the lead lender’s unit and controls about a third of the institution’s results.

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