DR David was born and raised in Persia for the first fifteen years of his life until his family had to relocate to Belgium and later London then the United States after the Iranian Revolution. While in the US, Dr. David Samadi attended the Roslyn School in New York and later enrolled in Stony Brook University where he studied biochemistry on a full government scholarship.

David got his MD from the same University and later on underwent his postgraduate urology and proctology training from the Albert Einstein Medical College and the Medical Center of Montefiore respectively. He got additional training in oncology from the Sloan Kettering Memorial Cancer Center in 2001 and later went to France for his fellowship in robotic radical prostatectomy.

Dr. Samadi began his practice at the Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia and shortly after landed a job at the Mt. Sinai Medical School as the Urology Department, vice chairperson. Eventually, he became the chief of Robotics and minimally invasive surgery in 2007. His work was quite impressive, so much that by 2012, he was reported to be New York’s highest paid doctor earning an annual 7.6 million dollars.

Dr. David Samadi, the celebrity doctor, is so for the regular appearances he has made on favorite television shows discussing his knowledge in robotics. He also owns a television network by the name Dr. Samadi TV where he discusses medical topics that go beyond his specialty. Dr. Samadi also designed a technique for prostate cancer surgery that applies the da Vinci surgical system where the surgeon uses minimally invasive methods of operation as opposed to open surgery. He named it the SMART technique.

Samadi is a member of the Association of Urologists in America as well as the Medical Association of America. Through these platforms, Samadi presents his latest research through their conferences and global symposiums. As the current Lennox Hill chief of Robotics, Samadi has dedicated his career to helping prostate cancer patients by detecting the illness early enough and coming up with the most proper diagnosis and treatment. For most victims of Prostate cancer, Dr. Samadi highly recommends surgery as opposed to medication because it is a more effective form of therapy.

Dr. David Samadi info: prostatecancer911.com/david-samadi/