Barbara Stokes is the CEO and co-founder of Green Structure Homes, a contracting company that deals with disaster relief with its headquarters in Alabama. She graduated from University of Mercer in 2001 with a major in biomedical engineering and physics. She also studied other GSH related courses that include, technical communication, manufacturing management, building/structuring/construction materials, and thermodynamics. She previously worked in both Boeing and Pisces Corporations where she gained the best knowledge on contracting with the Government. Her leadership in GSH is great with the company offering unique services towards disasters. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times. They have a wide reputation with involvement in rebuilding business structures, residential homes and government buildings. GSH partnership with FEMA, a federal management agency for emergency, benefits the victims of natural disasters. They support the mission of FEMA of not just getting people re-housed but instead putting communities back to their stable positions with adequate and safe structures that will be able to meet all their needs as fast as they can. Read this article at

When it’s time to offer relief services, GSH is involved with conventional designing, erecting and delivering structures as well as carrying out constructions onsite as needed without a laid time frame. When they are not on a relief mission, they are occupied with other projects that are still important in order to achieve infrastructure that is well-engineered, structural and construction inspections for the private and military sectors, starting with the design, then the plan and lastly installation manufacturing.

To improve the local economy, Barbara Stokes purchases from the local businesses when possible. GSH also creates both long-term and permanent jobs to the locals to stimulate their economy’s state for improvement. The communities that have most benefited include those in North Carolina, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Virginia. GHS constructs homes that are uniquely designed to withstand winds from a hurricane. The materials used to build these homes have more benefits in that they do withstand mildew, pests and mold. The homes’ interior designs are customized for each customer with materials used including marble and granite. These home have efficient energy, cost less than traditional homes, made with steel and wood that are specialized, have R19 insulation and are generally very sound and safe to the environment. Their services are sought by so many communities to put up new structures because of their reputation of top quality products to their customers.