In, “Lime Crime’s Doe Deere on being fearless and leading a vegan friendly brand”, Jacqueline Killkita presents how the e-commerce cosmetic brand revolutionized and, continues to innovate the industry by daring to be different. Lime Crime was created with the intent of self expression and the brand encourages the customers to join in the movement.

Ingenuity was in the air in 2008, when Doe Deere decided to craft her own cosmetics to accentuate her Halloween costume. The bold palettes and bright lip colors of Lime Crime filled a much needed gap in the cosmetic arena. Marketing a cosmetic company only on the internet was unheard of ten years ago. Naysayers did not believe in Doe Deere’s vision but she believed that Lime Crime would thrive, and she was right and “they” were wrong. Lime Crime revolutionized the cosmetic industry with the introduction of lip color swatches, which are now a mainstay. And additionally, Lime Crime’s social media presence has garnered a massive following of cult proportions.

In the early days of Lime Crime, Doe Deere was a one woman show. Nowadays, everything at Lime Crime is a collective effort from formulating products to naming the products. Every makeup palette and lip color is carefully and intentionally chosen to create a cohesive look.

Firstly, social media is implemented by Lime Crime as a platform for customers to comment on existing or new products. And secondly social networking is utilized by Lime Crime to raise awareness of future product launches. Lime Crime incorporates the desires of the customers without sacrificing the vision of the company. Even the unicorn that graces the packaging of Lime Crime products is symbolic. Not only of the purity of the product inside the packaging, Lime Crime is a vegan and cruelty free brand; the unicorn also embodies the fearlessness of being eclectic and bold in self expression.

Self expression does not have to be limited. The use of bold makeup colors is a form of expression and coloring your hair with Lime Crime’s new line of unicorn hair colors will speak volumes too. Be brazen and send a message, just like Lime Crime did at the dawn of its existence: you are not afraid to stand out among the crowd instead of blending in. Unicorns don’t blend in. You don’t have to go all or nothing with self expression. Do it at your own pace!

First, you could start by dyeing the tips of your hair with Lime Crime’s bunny color. And after you are comfortable with the brightly colored tips of your hair, you could progress to brushing a little bit of the beam eyeshadow on your lids from the new Venus III color palette; that was released this week. Over time you will become more confident with bold makeup and hair color. You will love how wearing Lime Crime makeup makes you feel bold and empowered and you will be calling all to get their unicorn on! Learn more: