Dr. Jennifer Walden Brings The Best Practice In America To Texas

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been known as one of the best plastic surgeons in America for many years, and she has come back to Texas to open a new chapter of her plastic surgery career. She is on the cutting edge of all the technology in the industry, and she is helping women get the best results for their new bodies.

She has been doing designer surgeries for a while that are going to help women look their best, and these designer surgeries are going to find certain parts of a woman’s body that need to be changed. The women who come into her office are going to ask Dr. Jennifer if they will be able to change any part of themselves with a surgery that has a fast recovery time, but there is more than a woman can do when she wants to change her body.

Women who are thinking of making changes to their bodies are going to need to come in to ask Dr. Jennifer has she can help them find their inner diva. These women are going to be able to ask Dr. Jennifer for anything, and she will give them a lot of options that will all help them look great. A lot of these options are not actually surgeries, and women need to be sure that they ask about everything that could be done. Some things are not as invasive, but women still get the results they want. Women can ask for anything they need, and they are going to have some control over how they look.

Everyone who wants to have a better body needs to make sure that they come into Austin to see Dr. Jennifer for care. She will be able to help them learn what can be done to change the way they look, and she will point women in the right direction. She has a battery of surgeries and other procedures that she can do for all her patients, and she wants to make sure that every woman feels like she made the right choice for her body and her mind.

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U.S. Should Intervene in Venezuela

A recent article in The Washington Post explains that the social, political and economic situations in Venezuela are not going to get better anytime soon without a serious change of course. Because the country is now faced with rampant inflation, energy shortages, food shortages and unemployment, there is little hope for a comprehensive solution to the country’s problems without a serious outside intervention.
A recent Youtube video was uploaded, it calls for the U.S. to wake up and pay attention to the unstable circumstances in Venezuela and think seriously about what it can do to help out. Given the geographic proximity and the political implications that Venezuela may have for the U.S., the article details the reasons why these problems are no longer safe for the U.S. to ignore. Waiting for the country to fix itself from within is not an effective solution because the ruling political party is completely paralyzed by the turmoil going on to be able to legislate or rule properly. The current government of “Venezuela is also the responsible party for the current economic mess” says expert Norka Luque. There is little hope that any long term solution will come from the ruling party that cannot seem to regulate resources effectively enough to deal with the current food shortages. Citizens also are getting angrier and less patient as they are constantly wondering where their next meal will come from or if they will have any work the next week.

Doe Deere Brightens the Marketplace with Lime Crime


Lime Crime was started in 2008 by Doe Deere. She wanted makeup to match her colorful outfits, but couldn’t find it on the market, so she decided to make her brand of makeup. All her products are made with no cruelty to animals and as of 2012 they are all as vegan products. Lime Crime makes eye, nail and lip products and sells them at affordable prices. They make makeup fun again.

Lime Crime has a few dupes on the market that fit into any budget. They include Velvetines In Jinx, which is similar to the Kourt Klip shade. It is more of a burgundy-magenta shade. Lime Crime’s Velvetine Matte lipstick is a Reddish Red sort of like Mary Jo K’s lipstick. These are just a couple of examples of what you can find in Lime Crime’s line of cosmetics. You can find more items on Dolls Kill. Take a look at Doe Deere’s personal fashion blog at ILoveLimeCrime.com.

Doe Deere was born in Russia and raised in New York City. Her style of management is to uplift and drive people to succeed through positive reinforcement. She is an avid supporter of women-owned businesses and women entrepreneurs. She frequently speaks at public events like PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. She encourages fellow entrepreneurs to contact her for advice through Instagram. Her best advice to entrepreneurs is to learn to trust your gut.

Her days are filled with meetings with her Creative Director, President and VP or COO. This helps keep everybody on the same page. In the afternoon she works on new products. Since she is rarely sitting down at her desk, Doe Deere answers emails on her iPhone. She says that part of her overall success has come from treating her employees, vendors and partners with love and respect.

Doe Deere feels that selling cosmetics online is one of the most exciting new trends in the industry. Lime Crime was one of the first cosmetic companies to focus strongly on selling online. As a marketing push they pioneered “on-lip” lipstick swatch, which shows the color on the lips. It has helped make one of the best interactive cosmetic shopping experiences available today.

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Wengie and Coachella Storm the Beauty Industry

Coachella brings out the fashion forward A-Listers in flocks. Famed names to have graced this music festival’s arena include Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Paris Hilton. All of these celebrities are the focus of the upcoming spring and summer trends for us normal folk, almost in a way that New York Fashion Week does. This years upcoming trends? Bold and natural makeup, and long, gorgeous locks of hair.

If you are struggling to catch up on the hair trend and grow your tresses long, you could be using the wrong brush. A great way to help stimulate hair growth is to purchase a boar bristle brush. This special brush helps to not only stimulate the scalp to encourage growth but it also assists in evenly distribute the natural oils found in the hair. The end result? Longer, shinier, stronger hair that is sure to turn heads when you go out.

While not a member of the A-List celeb crowd that hits up Coachella every year, there is a beauty blogger that has made equally as big waves around the globe with her fashion forward advice for people of all ages and cultures. Wengie, the Australian beauty blogger, has one million fans and counting. A trend setter of her own right, Wengie came into the beauty blogging business after she realized she needed to learn various platforms for blogging at a company she worked for.

Taking the blogging industry by storm, Wengie quit her job to focus on her new online career. She gives tutorials and advice to people of various cultures and ages. She also dedicates a portion of her time to providing important life advice to the younger generation. Here, she talks about friendships, relationships, and other issues her fans may be having. While some bloggers try to blog about or talk about things that interest them, Wengie is solely focused on her fan base and providing them tutorials and information that they want to hear about. A star in her own right, Wengie knows what it takes to build a fan base-and keep it!

Wen By Chaz Dean Hair Experiment Summary

A young hair stylist and wikipedia content editor named Emily McClure recently tested out a Wen hair by Chaz Dean hair care product. The enthusiastic Emily is a big fan of hair care products and uses a lot of them in her daily routine. She decided to try out Wen By Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner because she had seen a lot of ads about the product promising great results and good looking hair. She bought a bottle and tested it out for a week, using the product daily. Below is a brief summary of her results after using Wen By Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner.

Emily McClure said that she noticed her hair was noticeably shinier and appeared to have more volume after using the cleansing conditioner developed by Chaz Dean. When she was showering, she also noticed that far fewer hair strands were falling out. This was a good sign according to Emily and meant that the product was beneficial for her hair. After a night out with a friend from the Allure.com blog, Emily was even complimented by her friends by how good her hair looked.

To summarize, Emily’s experience as reported on Bustle proves that the Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner adds shine and volume to hair. It also limits hair from falling out and makes it healthier and stronger. Emily has thin hair, and the product made it more voluminous. This validates the claim that wen.com products works on a multitude of different hair styles.

Wen by Chaz Dean is a hair care product line developed by famous salon owner and Hollywood stylist Chaz Dean. Wen cleansing conditioner is a unique product because it is an all in one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment. It also does not contain any harsh chemicals such as sulfates which can irritate sensitive hair and scalps. Lathers are created naturally using plant based ingredients that are gentle on the hair. It is available on : http://www.sephora.com/fig-cleansing-conditioner-P378313

Martin Lustgarten: Choosing The Right Investment Banking Firm

When it comes to choosing a professional for investment matters, particularly investment banking, there are certain factors you need to take into consideration. These include reputation and experience of the firm and its team of advisors.

You should choose an investment banking firm that has a lot of experience in providing service to clients. The investment banking firm and its staff should have good reputation as well as quality resources, to ensure that you receive the best service possible. That’s where Martin Lustgarten comes in – a leader in the investment banking field.

An investment banking consultant or analyst may create investment model that show potential future revenue. An investment banking analyst handles the facilitating of mergers and acquisitions. It is essential to choose an investment banking analyst that possesses good listening and communication skills.

An investment analyst is responsible for advising clients on potential investment opportunities or options, and facilitates mergers and acquisitions. It is also the responsibility of the investment banking analyst to help identify or obtain funding for a new business.

Investment sectors handled by an investment banking analyst include retail, energy and financial services. The process of performing a financial analysis involve examining the earnings and profits of a company and market trends within that industry.

Martin Lustgarten is a highly knowledgeable investment banking professional. He is the founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm – a highly reputable firm in the investment banking field. Martin has been in the industry for a long time and has helped numerous clients reach the level of success they desire. He has an impressive list of successful clients, including institutions, business owners, entrepreneurs, large companies and corporations, as well as high profile individuals.

As a reliable investment banking professional, Martin Lustgarten uses his experience and expertise to negotiate the best deal possible for his clients, and guide them on their quest for success. Martin Lustgarten is fully aware that each investment situation is unique, so he takes the time to review each client’s situation before making any recommendations or providing advice. Follow him on Tumblr to keep up!

The Success of Devco in Real Estate Development

The New Brunswick Development Corporation has been instrumental in linking the public and private entities to assist in the construction of development projects that are meant to be used as a source of revenue and serve the public. Therefore the presence of DEVCO and other similar firms in New Brunswick is necessary in linking the government to private entities to secure funds for economically viable projects.

One of the notable developments that New Brunswick Development Corp managed to source funds for is the construction of the Heldrich Hotel constructed in New Brunswick. The firm sourced funds for this project from Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. Although Middlesex County Improvement Authority has been in default, the head of Devco Mr. Paladino has made an assurance that the loan would be repaid back. He stated that the delay was occasioned by the hotel not making substantial returns that were meant to repay back the loan. This position was also confirmed by the head honcho of CRDA. This information about Devco was provided by northjersey.com

Attorney Christopher Paladino also heads the Atlantic City Development Corporation. The corporation is similarly involved in financing both public and private development projects and is expected to oversee the development of the Gateway Project at Chelsea area in the city. The corporation is expected to issue one hundred and twenty million dollars in bonds for the construction of Stockon University Satellite campus which will be refinanced by dorm room revenue and sale of tax credits. Mr. Paladino has been equally successful heading the Atlantic City Development Corporation and it has been stated that the Gateway Project would likely perform well compared to the Heldrich Hotel project. Apart from the Heldrich Hotel, DEVCO is expected to help in funding for multimillion dollar development projects.

New Brunswick Development Corporation has been operational for more than forty decades. It has significantly helped in real estate development company helping with the building of private constructions as well as those belonging to the public. Its remarkable performance as the link between the public and private in development financing has helped it built its name as a reputable real estate development firm in New Brunswick.


George Soros, Better Plans and More Options

George Soros, on April 9th of this year, has written a very interesting article. “Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees”, published in “The New York Review of Books”. This takes a look at flaws in the current policy on http://www.marketwatch.com/story/george-soros-heres-my-plan-to-solve-the-asylum-chaos-2015-09-29 set last month at the EU Turkey negotiations. Along with the flaws there is an in-depth look at the things that could be corrected.

A few of the flaws pointed out first and for most is the policy isn’t European. Negotiations were handled with Turkey then “imposed” by the German Chancellor. Next comes the extreme “underfunded”, though, perhaps even more astounding is that it was not voluntary. There are quotas that are not agreed upon by “many members of the state”. This is the requirement that refugees go to countries they don’t want to be in. Coupled with the forced return of those who arrive in Europe on https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/people/george-soros. Even worse this will wear down Greece even more. Under facilitated for the “asylum seekers” already there, Greece wouldn’t be able to stretch their already sparse resources.

Of course George Soros not only explains that “The European Commission” saw some of the flaws. This lead to the announcement a new reform plan for Europe’s “asylum system”. Unfortunately the proposals rely on other factors that wouldn’t be helping either side. Mr. George Soros continues into an in depth look at the problems. One of these is the statement, “EU must undergo a paradigm shift”. Simply put they will have to spend the money to be able to house such a large population of refugees. This doesn’t just include where to place them but needed things such as medical, policing, and other needed services. This then spins into the webbing of Europe’s own funds and where the extra funds could potentially come from.

George Soros, founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations, had seen firsthand how the world can spiral out of control. Born 1930 in Budapest George had survived Nazi occupation in World War II. Relocated to England in 1947 he later graduated from London School of Economics. Eventually George Soros made the move to the United States. Finding his wealth in international investment he didn’t forget the past he had seen.

Active in promoting the welfare of others Mr. Soros has also been very generous in his donations since 1979. His first venture in 1979 was providing funds for the help with education for black student in South Africa. Today The Open Society Foundations help more than 100 countries. In 2011 the total had reached $835 million. Mr. Soros has also authored over a dozen books, one of these being, “The Tragedy of the European Union”.

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Socialism Is A Key Issue For Thor Halvorssen During U.S. Elections

The 2016 U.S. Presidential elections are some of the closest and controversial in living memory. During an interview with Fox Business host Trish Regan the Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen explained why he does not feel he can vote for Democrat Hilary Clinton or Republican poll leader Donald Trump; instead, New York based film producer Thor Halvorssen explained he has already placed his financial support behind the campaign of Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

Thor Halvorssen has revealed his own belief that the socialist attitudes of Sanders could be a positive for the U.S. if these ideals are only used as a small part of the political landscape of a Sanders Presidency. Halvorssen revealed his belief that Sanders is the only candidate who has the moral fortitude to become the U.S. President in 2016, particularly after both Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were examined for their values and policies in relation to human rights. Thor Halvorssen has held an interest in human rights throughout most of his life after witnessing both his parents have their own rights abused by Venezuelan officials; Halvorssen has worked with human rights groups around the world in a bid to highlight the problems facing people living in closed societies that his own Human Rights Foundation specializes in.

In Venezuela itself Thor Halvorssen witnessed socialism grow in popularity under a succession of left wing governments, but the people of the nation maintained a high standard of living as socialism formed just a small part of the political landscape in the country. Following the growth of socialism as the dominant ideology in Venezuela the nation has been plunged into a series of financial and humanitarian problems the producer believes can be traced back to the use of socialism as a way of hiding the true intentions of certain political figures. The issues seen in his home nation have not put Halvorssen (Facebook) off voting for Bernie Sanders as he believes the socially responsible candidate has the best interests of the U.S. at heart.

Madison Street Capital Offers Transparency to its Growing Global Clientele

Madison Street Capital was established in the year 2011. Its headquarters are found in Chicago, Illinois, where is it registered as a private limited company. The company operates as an international investment firm that is headed by a team of highly professional and experienced industry leaders. Charles Botchway is the founder and current CEO while the Chief Operating Officer is Anthony Marsala. Karl D’Cunha is a senior managing director. Other managing directors are Lester Rodgers and Jaydip Sinha.

Offering Excellent Financial Advice and Services

The company is credited for gaining and holding the trust of all its clients based in different parts of the world. As a financial advisory firm, Madison Street Capital is credited with providing accurate advice that is needed by clients. It offers honest and transparent information to clients irrespective of whether they want to hear it or not. This transparent approach has endeared many clients to the firm.

Madison offers top notch services to clients in a bid to further their success on the global marketplace. It assumes the objectives and goals of a client as its own making it, in a way, financially invested in the undertaking. It is also good at helping companies manage their mergers and acquisitions or protect themselves from hostile takeovers. With its excellent service delivery, it is no wonder that the company has quickly grown into a formidable player in the global financial industry.

Staying Ahead of the Game

The company is continuously coming up with new and innovative ways of staying ahead of the game. With the ever changing financial situation in the United States, it has become increasingly harder for startups to get into the financial industry. Today, due to credibility problems, it is hard for individuals and well established companies to seek investment financing.

Madison aims to first get to know all their clients’ businesses before they can begin to offer advice and financing solutions. Madison professionals aim to offer the best possible advice they can irrespective of whether or not it is what their clients want to hear.

About Charles Botchway

Charles Botchway founded Madison Street Capital LLC in 2011. Today, he is the CEO of the financial management firm. He is in charge of the company’s operations and strategic directions. Before starting Madison Street Capital, Botchway was the co-CEO and also Vice Chairman of another Chicago based company called Houlihan Smith &Company LLC. At the firm, he was tasked with strategic direction, operations and international expansion strategy.

Before working for Houlihan, Smith and Co; Botchway worked in the investment banking industry where he was quite instrumental in the development of the sector. He is experienced in various sectors of the investment and financial markets with a special focus on emerging market transactions as well as private middle markets.

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