When Nature and Video Collide

The Natural Wonders of Jon Urbana Videos

When looking for interesting videos that present some interesting fact or motivational scenes from nature then you should definitely view videos on Vimeo and Twitter and published by Jon Urbana. Urbana is a coach, business exec, photographer and video maker who produces interesting content that contributes to making the world a better place. Here are some of the more interesting Urbana videos out there.

People who love giraffes will find this first video irresistible.  These elegant creatures are beautiful to watch and the video, “When giraffes butt heads, here’s what happens”, provides a rare insight into the day to day life of giraffes. It is intriguing and interesting.  This is truly the wonders of nature on display in this photo on Jon Urbana’s Official Blog.

A second video that a viewer can enjoy is called, “The Stunning Mountains of Alaska”. This video brings all viewers to the majestic snow covered peaks of Alaska. The terrain is breathtaking and makes you want to visit this state as soon as you can.  The video provides several different looks of Urbana’s nature shots, rife with aerial artistry as well as panoramic views. There is something wild and untamed about the Alaskan wilderness that makes you want to get lost in it. This video provides the same kind of experience.

“Stadium Scenes”, is a different video (first seen on his Facebook timeline) that moves away from the wonders of natural settings and investigates the magic that happens when weather invades a manmade realm like a stadium. Watching the timelapse imagery of clouds and weather encroach on and engulf a modern stadium is amazing. It surely makes you realize that despite the advances of modern architecture and technology, we are still small compared to the wonders of Mother Nature. A very typical Jon Urbana perspective is portrayed here.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Finally, Jon Urbana’s video called “Moose in Alaska”, makes the list. It is always amazing to think that these majestic creatures are living in the woods a la Cryptaris experience throughout North America, and to see Urbana and his lacrosse students in their natural habitat is a rare treat. Watching this moose feed during an Alaskan summer allows the viewer to understand the sheer size and power the moose possesses.  It is a rare invitation into the natural world, maybe even as much so as Earth Temple was.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

There are many more Jon Urbana videos that provide a real connection through Urbana with the natural world. Some of the images are all around us and connect us to the natural world, and others featured on his Instagram account are of places and animals that we would never see. Taking some time to explore the world through these videos is time well spent.

Jaime Garcia Dias Forges His Career Ahead

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in Rio de Janeiro and is a very renowned author in Brazil. He is age 45 with twenty published books, five of which received awards. His parents are Arnaldo Dias, a journalist and author, and Dulce Garcia Dias, an architect. It is apparent that Mr. Dias took after his father and Arnaldo Dias embraced his son’s enthusiasm by mentoring him to be the great author Jaime is today. Jaime Garcia Dias was writing by the age of fifteen and started blogging the same year, he attended the Arnaldo school and excelled in all of his studies while also passionately reading on his own. Jorge Amado was one of Brazil’s most talented authors and happened to be one of Jaime’s favorite authors. Two of the books from Jorge Amado, The Alchemist and By The River Piedra I Sat Down And Wept, had some influence in shaping Jaime’s writing style and career. Jaime’s first book was inspired by Joao Guimaraes Rosa’s novel, The Devil to Pay in the Backlands.

During college Mr. Dias attended the University of Rio de Janeiro, after completing his studies there, in 1993, Dias joined the staff of Carioca Literature Academy working as a professor. For five years he taught aspiring teenagers who wanted to become authors. Because Mr. Dias’s teaching methods were so adequate, he became vice president of the academy in 1997 and would hold that position for ten years. Despite Jaime’s busy life in teaching, he also became a creative writer and had published ten books by the age of 30.

Jaime Garcia Dias expertise in writing was truly recognized when in 2001 one he won the White Crane Award. This award is only handed out to prolific, important and influential writers in the world of Brazilian Literature. The Carioca Literature Academy had greatly benefited from Jaime’s positive writing style. The Brazilian author had gained a strong sense of worth since teaching at the academy in 1993, his proposed new methods to study writing changed the school. Mr. Dias demonstrated to the academy that the traditional ways to teach weren’t always the best ways of expressing thoughts.  But something a lot of people don’t realize is that Dias is also a very accomplished painter.

In 2007, Jaime Garcia Dias became president of the school, which by then had a reputation for helping aspiring authors find their voice. As President, Mr. Dias would continue to build upon that help to a new level by announcing that Carioca Literature Academy would be the first school dedicated to journalistic literature. Carioca Literature Academy is currently now the largest school dedicated to Brazilian writers. By concentrating on the art of writing, Dias has improved the academy significantly and given him the opportunity to increase his writing and exposure to the rest of the world outside of Brazil.