Seeking A New Hair Care Routine? WEN By Chaz Does What Other Shampoos Cannot

It took a well-respected Hollywood stylist to challenge the status quo on washing and conditioning hair. For decades, the big suds found in shampoo lathers weren’t anything users would question, until Chaz Dean ( found a better way.

The founder of WEN launched his brand more than 20 years ago, and since that time, more than 40 million bottles have been sold. WEN is different, because it’s a no lather shampoo. Instead of adding harsh chemicals to their formulas, WEN chose an holistic approach. WEN’s unique cleansing conditioners wash and condition like ordinary shampoos and conditioners but do it with safe plant-based extracts that strengthen the hair, adding shine and body.

Bustle beauty writer Emily McClure needed a hair makeover, so she tested out WEN By Chaz for seven days, posting Twitter selfies along the way. Her medium length locks are fine, frizzy and not easy to manage. Emily selected the Mandarin Fig cleansing conditioner for added moisture and body.

Emily enjoyed using the rich, nourishing formula in the shower every morning, as it appeared to add double the volume when she rinsed it away. Her hair took on a smoother texture, super shine and touchable softness. Her close friends noticed immediately and wanted to know Emily’s new hair secret.

Her pretty hair selfies showed the magic of WEN, and Emily liked receiving tons of compliments. The only issue she had when switching to the WEN alternative was in the time factor. Emily has a very busy career and found that WEN By Chaz is an amazing brand if you have the open schedule to pamper your hair with a blow-dryer and styling tools.

WEN By Chaz isn’t for lazy people, Emily concluded and says she would get into the brand again, if her schedule eased up. To order the products, visit or


Stay Lazy Thanks to Wengie

Wengie always ensures that her diverse audience is taken care of when it comes to the tasks of their daily lives. Whether a person considers themselves fairly active or even pretty lazy, YouTube’s eccentric sweetheart makes certain that their days will be a breeze with her clever life hacks,:


Grabbing a Mug to Combat Hunger


Certain days give way to laziness and that is quite alright, except when you are too lazy and hungry to actually cook a meal. Sure, thoughts of ordering a greasy pizza come to mind, but then you remember that keeping fit is important, so you allow yourself to feel temporarily hopeless and, of course, ravenously hungry. The beauty blogger and diet expert suggests making some nifty microwave meals right in a mug. Chop up some peppers, onions, and lentils; cover them in cheese and some sauce before microwaving the mug for a vegetable pizza you will not soon forget!


Avoiding Washing Extra Dishes While Snacking


It is always a victorious feeling when the bag of chips is in arm’s reach. Once again, though, you become mindful of healthy eating habits and understand that you should not eat the entire bag and you opt for a bowl instead. Naturally, you do not want to get up to reach that bowl, a reality that outweighs any thoughts of self-control. Wengie suggests turning your bag of chips itself into a bowl in order to snack away! You earned it, after all.


In addition to making sure that you will not need to wash any dishes after snacking, the blogger has clued her viewers in on how to turn their yogurt or pudding lids into spoons themselves.


Making Sure the Iron Becomes Extinct


Chances are, you or someone around you has access to a hair straightener. Because of this reality, ensuring that your clothes will always look professional and wrinkle free is a breeze. Simply heat up the iron and run it over any wrinkled portions of your attire for a quick fix that requires no actual clean up afterward!

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