Cambridge Who’s Who Registry Honors Brian Bonar

The Cambridge honorary recognition for best executive of the year was bestowed to Dr. Brian Bonar. Dr. Bonar is Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO. The honorary recognition as the executive of the year is among the most prestigious awards for the Cambridge Registry.

The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry only names four persons in each discipline for executive of the year award. Of the four nominees, two must be women. The selection of the winner of the award is a rigorous process that is led by an internal committee. Nominees are evaluated and reviewed on the basis of their professional accomplishments, academic exploits, and their application of superior leadership attributes.

This implies that by being recognized as the executive of the year, Dr. Bonar possesses an incredible mix of attributes that make him an exceptional executive.

While the honorary award adds tremendous weight in Dr. Bonar’s leadership capabilities, it is his vast experience in the industry that makes him ideal to lead Dalrada. Dr. Bonar has been in the industry for close to 30 years. He has held different financial management positions in different companies.

According to LinkedIn, Brian Bonar’s relationship with Dalrada is almost 10 years old. His leadership abilities have helped shape the firm into a dependable liaison agent. Being Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO places Dr. Bonar in close contact with the firm’s senior employees as well as strategic clients.

Over the years, he has not only displayed exemplary management skills but has also succeeded in forging a strong team culture in the organization. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada Financial Corporation provides a diverse mix of risk management products, insurance services and tax consultations services to their clients. To maintain and expand their market base, the Dalrada management team utilizes the company’s strong organizational culture. With Dr. Bonar’s leadership attributes, Dalrada boasts of a workforce that exudes a strong teamwork spirit.

In Dalrada, Dr. Brian Bonar oversees the company’s operations that mainly involve creation and sale of varying marketing and employee programs. Dalrada provides to its clients a wide variety of financial, insurance, BPO products and services, as well as employers and employees’ benefits. The firm’s market category is mainly constituted of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), a market niche that has seen a steady growth over the years. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Dalrada Financial Corporation’s products are aimed at enabling businesses to operate efficiently. Products aimed at risk management include various insurance plans, tax strategy solutions, payroll management, and benefits. Dr. Brian Bonar has expressed his confidence in the growth of PEO sector arguing that more organizations are recognizing and contracting PEOs’ services.

Dr. Bonar also holds executive positions at Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc., Smart-Tek, and AMS Outsourcing. He previously worked for IBM, QMS, and Adaptec.