The End Citizens United’s Fight Against The Corruption

It is time to put an end to this madness. It is time for the political system to meet a general revitalization and review from legal authorities. No more space for the Citizens United system.

Right now, the Citizens United has turned the political system o the United States into a mess.

If you don’t know what the Citizens United is, it was a landmark created to allow freedom of expression to be a part of politics where citizens have a bigger interaction with their favorite candidates.

Since the infamous decision by the Supreme Court in 2010 in Citizens United v. F.E.C., the United States has been seeing over and over again magnates and rich business owners funding the campaigns of candidates. This has even happened in the Presidential election of 2016, where Hillary Clinton had the infamous billionaire and investor George Soros funding her campaign against Donald Trump with millions of dollars.

Yet, there is still hope, as Americans are aware of the problem and are coming together to ask for a change. The Political Action Committee End Citizens United has been heavily involved in financially supporting and endorsing politicians and political candidates who stand behind their message that the Citizens United landmark needs to be removed or changed.

The organization’s message is that of making people first in elections and politics. Randy Bryce, who’s running for Congress in Wisconsin, is the latest politician that this organization would support. The End Citizens United group see the race for Congress in Wisconsin as an election to watch out for, which could signal a major shift in luring people back to politics. The political figure they have picked to support has shown in some way to fight for the people and stand against corporate greed in Washington.

This Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed on March 1st, 2015 to counter the catastrophic effects of Citizens United and also to reform the financing systems in political campaigns. The group is wholly funded by grassroots donors. The mission is to end the Big Money thrown in politics by big corporates to tip the political system in their favor. The group is dedicated to supporting candidates that are committed to reform the broken system. This is the reason behind the choice for Randy Bryce in the Congressional election in Wisconsin.

The members and volunteers of the mission of End Citizens United come from various backgrounds. People from different professions: Lawyers, doctors, CEOs, and educators are all standing with unity and one voice to fix the political system and put political power where it’s meant to be – with the people, not corporations.

End Citizens United has gained a large number of following on social media, with over 34, 000 followers on Twitter only. The movement is uniting people from all spheres of life to stand for what is right.