EOS Lip Balm Flavors, Great for Anyone

Lip Balms come in some different flavors and brands, but they don’t all have the selection that EOS does. You may be wondering what lines they have for lip balms and why they would be a good fit for you, refer also frenchtribune.com.


Organic Smooth

This line is the basic line for EOS lip balms. They have a few fun flavors you can choose from and are going to be the ones you most likely see in a store for sale. The biggest seller for this line is the Strawberry Sorbet. This flavor has the taste of strawberries and and hint of sorbet to really bring out the sweet flavor in it. This flavor is more like eating candy than a lip balm.

Another great flavor in this line is the Passion Fruit. The smell is amazing with this one and the taste is even better. There are several more in this line you may want to look at, but these two are the favorites.

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Visibly Soft

This line is the one that anyone with sensitive skin will want to look into. It has the Shea Butter in the lip balm to help keep the lips feeling better. While they all have some Shea Butter in them, this one has the most. The most popular flavor in this line is the Vanilla Mint. This one has a small amount of sweet with some mint to help your lips feel clean and soft. Best reference for EOS, eos.info.

Blueberry Nectar is another great flavor you can find in this line. This flavor is more of a berry sweet flavor, but still has the same healing factors as the Vanilla Mint. You will notice how great it makes your lips feel when you use it.

There are several lines in EOS Lip Balms, but these are the two you will probably find in your stores. You should try a few and see what ones are best for your lips. What are you waiting for? Get your EOS Lip Balm today!