Sentient AI – Conversion Rate Optimization

Increasing conversion rate optimization (CTR) is a common goal for most businesses today, regardless of the size of your company and brand. While past marketing techniques involve comparing campaign data manually to increase CTR, using sentient AI is a modern solution that offers a myriad of advantages against competition in any industry.

Why is CTR Valuable?

Conversion rate optimization is necessary to track in order to determine the best methods of communication with potential customers and current subscribers. Both email marketing campaigns and social media campaigns provide detailed insight into how customers preferred to be contacted and which type of marketing works best to appeal to them individually. The more data you are able to collect with each campaign, the easier it becomes to create targeted campaigns in the future with higher conversions and success rates.

How Sentient AI Increases Conversion Rate Optimization

Sentient AI is extremely valuable when looking to increase your overall conversion rates (whether you are doing so with an email or social media campaign). Sentient AI works to determine the best keywords, headings, and calls to action (CTA) that work for those who are receiving or viewing your campaigns. Without having to dig through metrics and data manually, save time while focusing on remarketing campaigns using the data you have originally compiled using sentient AI. The more data you are able to collect and organize automatically, the easier it is to make changes, edits, and tweaks to current and future marketing campaigns. Optimizing campaigns to appeal to specific audiences is one of the best ways to improve your conversion rate optimization in shorter periods of time.

Sentient AI is also ideal to quickly review compiled data from different sets and campaigns you have run. Compare and contrast daily, weekly, or monthly campaigns you have launched and the feedback or interaction you receive in return. Having the ability to quickly glance at what is working for your company and what is falling flat allows you to guide your team in the right direction for even more success in your next campaign.

While sentient AI is just beginning to roll out for business usage, it is often deemed invaluable for companies of any size. Utilizing sentient AI properly is truly a way to optimize your methods of tracking and interpreting data, allowing you to create interesting and engaging marketing campaigns to increase your overall conversion rate and sales. View Sentient’s profile at