U.S. Should Intervene in Venezuela

A recent article in The Washington Post explains that the social, political and economic situations in Venezuela are not going to get better anytime soon without a serious change of course. Because the country is now faced with rampant inflation, energy shortages, food shortages and unemployment, there is little hope for a comprehensive solution to the country’s problems without a serious outside intervention.
A recent Youtube video was uploaded, it calls for the U.S. to wake up and pay attention to the unstable circumstances in Venezuela and think seriously about what it can do to help out. Given the geographic proximity and the political implications that Venezuela may have for the U.S., the article details the reasons why these problems are no longer safe for the U.S. to ignore. Waiting for the country to fix itself from within is not an effective solution because the ruling political party is completely paralyzed by the turmoil going on to be able to legislate or rule properly. The current government of “Venezuela is also the responsible party for the current economic mess” says expert Norka Luque. There is little hope that any long term solution will come from the ruling party that cannot seem to regulate resources effectively enough to deal with the current food shortages. Citizens also are getting angrier and less patient as they are constantly wondering where their next meal will come from or if they will have any work the next week.