David McDonald Leads OSI To Success

David McDonald attended Iowa State University and received an Animal Science degree. After working at OSI Group as their Project Manager, he was promoted to the President and Chief Executive Officer. This followed his impressive work experience and the leadership he showed during his time as the Project Manager.

Mr. McDonald also serves as the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute and is an active member at the OSI Group Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. McDonald works with the OSI International Goods division in Australia as their Director. Mr. McDonald was employed at Marfrig for a number of years as their Independent Director until they were acquired by OSI. He knows this company like the back of his hand.

OSI Group continues to expand and build on its global presence. They do this by understanding that their business cannot function under one set of rules, but rather has to be delegated into smaller plans that are specifically tailored to different locations. This is due to different taste preferences and the sensitivities of working in different areas of the world. OSI is able to manage this by building small delegation teams that are located in all of their international facilities. The people that work on these teams are very experienced in their field and understand the cultures that they are working with. This allows OSI to provide a personalized service to all of their clients.

Mr. David McDonald OSI Group believes that OSI is very fortunate in their positioning in the global network. This is thanks to the expansive size the business is run on, yet are able to manage that with the small and localize management teams.

OSI Group’s main office is located in Aurora and they specialize in producing foods that are high in protein, like meat . Mr. David McDonald is working on expanding their presence in China due to the great success that they have had there in the past. They have been in business with China for over 20 years and continue to grow and expand with that nation. OSI Group currently has plans for further expansion in the form of seven new plants and facilities.

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