Jason Hope A Futurist, Entrepreneur And A Well-Known Philanthropist In Arizona

Technology is the single biggest contributor of transforming the world and helping with global evolution in just about every sector. Jason Hope, a well-known entrepreneur, philanthropist, futurist and tech enthusiast, says that the smart technology we use today would be replaced by the Internet of Things technology shortly. He says that the Internet of Things would help in exchange of information across different platforms and devices in a seamless manner, which would assist in reducing waste and increasing operational efficiency.

Jason Hope is one of the most widely known futurists in the word and is dedicated to using his resources to fund researchers and develop technology that makes lives easier for the world population. Jason Hope says that Internet of Things technology would also help the businesses to run efficiently while reducing the waste and increasing the cost-effectiveness of the entire operation.

Jason Hope is a renowned technology commentator, and many of his articles can be found at CrunchBase and Tech Co sites. Jason Hope firmly believes that technology has a vital role to play in the future, and he invests in many tech firms that are developing the futuristic technology. He is also the founder and owner of Jason Hope Business Consulting that helps the start-ups and the tech companies get the investments they need to develop applications and technology for a brighter and better tomorrow.

He also has an extensive academic profile, having done MBA from WP Carey School of Business and received his bachelor degree in finance from the famous Arizona State University. As a noted philanthropist of Arizona, he is known to make generous donations to many charitable organizations and research-based organizations to help serve and empower the communities, and find cure for many diseases. One of the biotechnology firms Jason Hope is associated with deeply is SENS Research Foundation that focuses on research on anti-aging and find ways to live a healthier and longer life.