The Importance of Healthy Dog Food

Dog food has become more and more of a priority as dog owners begin to realize how important it is to make sure that nutrition is received by the dog. Since 2009, dog food demand has surged by over 45 percent. The new big seller of dog food is dog food that uses fresh and wholesome ingredients that provide nutrition to any dog. One example of a company that has had a kick-start by selling healthy dog food is a small local brand owned by Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson and his employees have created a niche dog food that emphasizes gourmet food. The dog food is even tested personally by Mr. Thompson and his fellow chefs who put love into each bag of dog food. Currently the dog-food has made a huge jump in sales. The industry itself is a 27.3 billion dollar industry on Amazon that is constantly adding more and more competitors to the competition. New innovations are being created everyday such as the emphasizing of healthy food. The idea behind this is that every package or can of dog food should be high enough quality to be put on the table for the dog owner to eat. One of the leading brands in the dog food industry is Beneful which is one of the world’s most popular dog brands. What makes this brand so popular is the fact that the company offers wet food, dry food, and treats that comes in all different flavors. Each product that is sold by Beneful emphasizes the idea of a healthy meal that will leave any dog happy and healthy. The wet dog food that is sold through Beneful comes in 20 different varieties. These varieties can be chosen from the chicken, beef, pork, and lamb proteins that can be combined with carrots, green beans, barley, as well as rice. All of the ingredients that are added to Beneful products such as the wet canned food are fresh and have a course texture to show what each ingredient is. The goal of Beneful is to provide a healthy and wholesome meal that any dog will enjoy.