Why Slyce has Gained Prominence in Online Marketing Structures

The development of the internet is one major milestone that has seen the emergence of different communication channels and platforms. The internet has been used widely by many people in the advancement of business opportunities across the world. As such, business platforms have emerged sharing a common interest of maximizing online sales to boost economic growth. Marketing platforms have also emerged on the internet offering advanced opportunity for people to promote and advance their services to the entire world. As a result, the internet has contributed to globalization of the world where goods and services can be accessed from any point all round the clock. Many visual recognition companies have taken to the internet and digital migration to develop image recognition products that have added importance in development of goods and services.

Slyce is a visual recognition manufacturing company that has been used by many people to sell products online to customers across the world. The company has developed software that is used to visually identify similar products thus giving the customer a wide variety of products to choose from. The company has recently advanced its coverage through signing a contract with Fortune 500 which is a Global Toy Retailing Company. The contract will see Slyce increase its revenue by doubling the profit through the provision of more sophisticated visual search engines that will help in identifying the diverse products during marketing. Slyce has been in the market structure for over one year and has made tremendous progress through achieving its vision of maximizing the opportunities in online marketing by providing updated products. This piece was originally reported on Marketwired. According to http://www.marketwired.com/press-release/slyce-doubles-contract-with-fortune-500-retailer-launches-slyce-link-new-proprietary-tsx-venture-slc-2076980.htm , the software is integrated in the customer mobile phone application and websites to enable the client chose the desired product.

The Chief Executive Officer of Slyce Mark Elfenbein attributes the success of the company to its numerous attributes that accompany the development of the software to provide customers with increased purchasing interest. Cart Abandonment is a platform used by the company in reminding the consumers who might have abandoned a given type of products by providing an alternative to the said product. This is through sending an SMS to the customer and reminding them through the email of the available product. A command prompt of “You May Also Like” is widely used to remind the customers and buyers on the existence of the similar product and how to purchase it. This software has led to increased sales since customers and retailers can easily interact through the internet.