Magnises Is A Cool Friend For Upper Crust Millennials Living In Big Cities

The Millennials are a group or generation that is made up of people born during a 22-year period. That period is from 1981 to 1997. The Baby Boomers lived through the Kennedy assassination and the Millennials lived through 9/11. Those events played an important role in how the people in those generations grew up. Key events like those unforgettable events bring respective generation together in order to make sense of those issues. Personalities on tend to repeat in every generation cycle. There are four main personality types: idealists, reactive, adaptive and civic. Millennials are characterized as the civic personality type. The civic personality type is considered achievers and heroes. The Baby Boomers are the idealist or the individualists. The GenX generation is considered the reactive type so they are the nomads and the rogues. The silent generation is the adaptive type, and they are considered the artists and the conformists.

Millennials value accomplishment above everything else, and they have an empowering attitude. They value society over individual interests, and they are very team oriented on Millennials seem to mimic the GI Generation because of their hero attitude, sense of empowerment, and team approach to life. Billy McFarland, a college dropout from Short Hills, New Jersey, study the characteristics of his Millennial counterparts. He decided that an exclusive members only club that had all the earmarks of a social networking site would attract Millennials living in the big American cities. McFarland was able to get more than $4 million in venture capital to start Magnises. Magnises is a modern day social, members only club that offers products, services and virtual assistance to elite Millennials that have money, but limited time to spend it.

Magnises is the cool friend who knows about the latest hot clubs, make introductions, and recommend activities. Magnises offers Millennials a turnkey solution to functional software for professional and social life in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Magnises charges a $250 a year membership fee, but the company makes money by providing an interface between the 19 to 35-year-old crowd, and the big brands that want their business. Companies like Tesla, Johnny Walker, Ilegal Mezcal and other big names have jumped on the Magnises bandwagon and have hosted branded events for members.

McFarland knows how to tap into the Millennial market because he is a Millennial. The 24-year-old McFarland is a modern day entrepreneur that values accomplishments and knows what he wants. McFarland wants to expand Magnises to London, Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta, and Philadelphia. He wants the Magnises black card to represent what the American Express black card represents. Magnises is an exclusive social techno club that offers its members perks that are reserved for the upper crust. Private tables at the top restaurants in New York. Hotel suites in Dream Hotels for $79 a night, and concert seats that are reserved for the privilege all come with the $250 black card membership fee.

Finding the best of the best in big cities can be a challenge, but being a member of the social scene at Magnises makes life a little more fun and a lot easier, according to the 12,000 members of Magnises.