Get Your Best Lips With EOS

EOS is a company ( that gave their clients what they wanted when it came to a lip balm. EOS wanted to be able to produce a lip balm that was different than Chapstick. They wanted to create a lip balm that was made specifically for women, and they wanted to know what women wanted in a lip balm. Chapstick was the company that had the lip balm industry on lock. They were the lip balm company that everyone knew about, and they dominated the industry for more than 100 years. Well, since Chapstick set the tone for lip balm, no other company dared to take them on.

EOS lip balm came on the scene, and they switch up the game. They decided to ask women what they wanted in a lip balm before they actually put their product on the market. They found that the feel of the lip balm was something that was very important to women. Most women wanted a lip balm feel that was smooth and not waxy. Women also did not like the shape of most lip balms. They either had a long cylinder form, or women had to put her finger into a container to get out her balm. Women wanted something easier to find in their purses, and they wanted a container that was easier to hold.

EOS listened to their target audience, and they made their lip balm out of all natural and organic ingredients. These ingredients leave lips feeling smooth and soft. Apart from that, EOS lip balm ( is easy on the hands, because it comes in a small round container that fits perfectly in a woman’s hands. EOS also comes in flavors that are unique and fun; their containers are bright colors and fun shaped. EOS is a company that stands in a place of their own; they are a company that has a awesome history of achievement.

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