Wengie and Coachella Storm the Beauty Industry

Coachella brings out the fashion forward A-Listers in flocks. Famed names to have graced this music festival’s arena include Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner, and Paris Hilton. All of these celebrities are the focus of the upcoming spring and summer trends for us normal folk, almost in a way that New York Fashion Week does. This years upcoming trends? Bold and natural makeup, and long, gorgeous locks of hair.

If you are struggling to catch up on the hair trend and grow your tresses long, you could be using the wrong brush. A great way to help stimulate hair growth is to purchase a boar bristle brush. This special brush helps to not only stimulate the scalp to encourage growth but it also assists in evenly distribute the natural oils found in the hair. The end result? Longer, shinier, stronger hair that is sure to turn heads when you go out.

While not a member of the A-List celeb crowd that hits up Coachella every year, there is a beauty blogger that has made equally as big waves around the globe with her fashion forward advice for people of all ages and cultures. Wengie, the Australian beauty blogger, has one million fans and counting. A trend setter of her own right, Wengie came into the beauty blogging business after she realized she needed to learn various platforms for blogging at a company she worked for.

Taking the blogging industry by storm, Wengie quit her job to focus on her new online career. She gives tutorials and advice to people of various cultures and ages. She also dedicates a portion of her time to providing important life advice to the younger generation. Here, she talks about friendships, relationships, and other issues her fans may be having. While some bloggers try to blog about or talk about things that interest them, Wengie is solely focused on her fan base and providing them tutorials and information that they want to hear about. A star in her own right, Wengie knows what it takes to build a fan base-and keep it!

The Beauty World of Doe Deere

In times past, the fashion world set out the rules for women to follow. The rules followed a certain pattern that said “Do this and look good. Don’t ever break our rules or you will look terrible.” Though some of their “guidelines” may have been sound, at a certain point, the dictates from the fashion world became oppressive, and many free thinking women realized it was just fine to make their own decisions about style. One of those free thinkers is Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere created her online makeup company by mixing up cosmetics with the help of a chemist. The emphasis at Lime Crime is on good quality makeup with bold color combinations that make a statement. These cosmetics wear beautifully, even if they go beyond what the old school fashion dictators might find acceptable. Yes, we’re talking about lipstick in shades of blue, hot pink, green and more. Against all odds, these makeups look fantastic on women who wear them with confidence and a sense of daring.

Rules That Are Made to Be Broken

There are some hard and fast fashion rules that Deere has broken, and the looks she’s created by breaking the rule are truly stunning. All of this shows us that if you have confidence (plus an eye for color coordination) you can pull off all manner of looks.

One of the rules Deere goes against is the thought that you can only emphasize one part of your face with bold color. The rule is, if you have bold eyes, play down your lips, and vice versa. Deere, however, wears both colors on both the lips and eyes, but she makes sure the colors she uses play off each other well. The result is a beautiful, stunning face.

Other rules involve the idea that we’re not allowed to mix patterns or to wear too many colors together. Again, Deere emphasizes that the key to all of this is coordinating the colors so it’s not a total jumble. Mixing patterns is ok if there is an element, like a color, that’s consistent in all the patterns.

Looking great really means going forward with confidence. That’s what the Lime Crime look is all about. Take a look at the website to see how Deere rocks these looks, using bold colors in a beautiful way.

Doe Deere Brings A New Perspective to Cosmetics

There is a buzz in the air about a certain cosmetics powerhouse and her name is Doe Deere. The first time I heard about her was on Twitter. A of couple friends were talking about some really cool make up that they discovered online. Usually I am not one to really engage in any type of conversation online about cosmetics, but they just would not stop talking about this person that called herself Doe Deere. They seem to be just a couple steps away from obsession when it came to all of the cool types of new lipstick products that she was bringing onto the market. It made me curious so I decided to take a look at her website myself. It was from that moment that I made a very firm decision to become a patron of the very hot and seductive products that she produced.

Her style is very colorful, and my little sister thinks that she is simply the best. I have found that her bold colors are very exciting and the products coordinate with the different seasons. She had colors during the harvest season that were perfect for harvest and Halloween time. She will certainly have colors for the Christmas season that will probably be in sync with this time of year as well. I love the fact that she stays current and continues to promote new products so many other people in the cosmetics world seem to be drifting down the same old path. For a long time it seemed that make up had become a very dull product. Doe Deere, on my honest opinion, is the match that has lit the flame for a whole new generation of young consumers that are buying make up today.

I think a large part of the reason that she is so successful has much to do with her confidence. Doe Deere has become someone that is very successful because she knows her core audience and she has successfully developed products that young consumers like to buy. I think a large part of her ability to market comes from her social media outlet. She has this impressive number of followers that tend to tweet about her products even when she is not online. They are promoting the products that they love, and this allows other people that may have never heard of the Lime Crime reign to become aware of this product line. I would actually feel sorry for any other person that is trying to target the young generation of cosmetic consumers today. I don’t think that too many other competitors would stand a chance because Doe Deere has the market on lock.

There are a lot of consumers that are interested in cosmetics, and Doe Deere already had her sights set on the young adult crowd. She has successfully penetrated this market, and there are even a lot of preteens that are discovering her through products like lipgloss. She is building a very large target market.