Cool Recap of BMG CEO

Vice president and long time leader of one of Brazil’s largest and most influential financial institutions, Marico Alaor, recently discussed the events that took place at one of Las Vegas’ most anticipated tech events, the Consumer Electronics Show. The 2016 show was hosted by a group of the tech industry’s most prolific developers and producers and served as a showcase of the world’s top inventions that are scheduled to make an appearance in the tech market – that’s according to one of Kuttys Word reporters.

Marcio Alaor discussed the wide range of tech savy products that were released at the electronics show. Among the products that were demonstrated and prepared for release at the show, was the remarkable Ehang 184, an invention that places drones on the cutting edge of the consumer vehicle tech market.
Marcio Alaor of the BMG bank described the launch of the Ehang in detail, discussing its universality and ease of use by consumers. The Ehang is a drone has been adjusted to be used by the average consumer as an alternative to its current use as a military vehicle. The Ehang 184 was designed to implement the “flying car” theory that so many consumers have demanded for decades. The vehicle was designed to give the driver the impression that he or she is operating a flying vehicle that can be utilized for daily activities.
Marcio Alaor relayed the inventor’s purpose in designing such a cutting edge vehicle.

The designer of the Ehang 184 apparently began the process creating the drone vehicle after the tragic deaths of both his best friend and his father. These important men in his life were both killed as a result of faulty machinery in airplane accidents. The developer of the Ehang 184 decided to devote his life to the development of a highly functioning, efficient, and extremely safe vehicle that consumers could use to fly to the places they wished to go. The developer of the Ehang 184 wished to create a safer system of flying for consumers around the world.

According the Marcio Alaor BMG, the Ehang 184 is the vehicle of the future and will accomplish exactly what the developer had in mind when creating it. It was launched at the consumer electronics show and received astounding reviews by the participants of the show. Marcio Alaor reported that several major tech industry review sites have mentioned the Ehang 184 and referred to it as a safe and efficient alternative to the airplane. More information about Marcio Alaor and his review can be found here.

The European Union Lacks Democratic Legitimacy According To George Soros

The European Union’s mood of self-assurance is grossly misplaced, according to hedge fund investor George Soros. Mr. Soros expressed his thoughts about the health of the EU during an interview with a German Magazine recently. Mr. Soros told the Bloomberg interviewer that the EU was on a disaster course. The EU leaders have botched several issues lately, and the consequences of their dismissive attitudes is catching up with them. The European Union is in serious trouble, and the leaders are complacent enough to let the trouble continue, according to Soros.

When Soros posted the German magazine interview on his website, many American were shocked to learn how much trouble the EU was in. Most Americans know very little about the internal workings of the EU. The facts they do know are simple ones. Americans know they can travel through Western Europe without showing a passport or a visa, and they can use the euro instead of individual currencies on their trip. But most Americans don’t keep track of the EU’s economic performance or how decisions are made. It’s safe to say Americans don’t know who leads the EU, and according to Soros, the EU members question their own leadership. That is one of the main issues. There are too many leaders that have their own agenda.

Americans don’t realize the EU, the edifice of federalism, is disintegrating by its spectacular failures and contradictions. George Soros said the initiators of the European Union promised to bring prosperity and peace to Europe, but instead of those two promises the EU has delivered debt, disintegration and despair to the people of Europe. It is clear that the EU has become a dysfunctional group that would rather protect individual interests than work for the good of all people in Europe.

Soros thinks the migration crisis has brought out all the flaws within the EU that have been hidden from the rest of the world. It’s obvious that the EU lacks any sort of democratic legitimacy and that signals that the end is near, according to Mr. Soros. One only has to look at apartheid regime in South Africa to realize how sudden and dramatic a collapse can be. The Soviet Union collapse is another example of a failure that was predicted but was ignored.

The migration crisis may well be the event that brings the European Union down. Mr. Soros said that a leader must come forward to resolve the issues between the EU members. If German Chancellor Angela Merkel can’t get the EU under control, and come up with an effective solution to the migration issue then all the other issues that the EU is dealing with will be exacerbated. All those issues may finally create the radical separation of EU members.