The President of Status Lab’s Idea on Decreasing Employee Turn-Over

Darius Fisher, co-founder and president of Status Labs, is an expert at digital crisis. Fisher works with high-profile clients, including CEOs of fortune 500 companies, helping them “erase” and repair their online presence. His company, Status Labs, works mostly on a referral basis. Status Labs mainly works with social media presence and fixing that first search page on google. The company has offices in Austin, New York and São Paolo.


Fisher graduated Cum Laude from Vanderbilt University with a degree in economics. Before Status Labs, Fisher was a political consultant for Storefront Political Media and a copywriter for Angora Publishing.


Fisher believes in good business, and one way to increase overall profit is to decrease employee turn-over. An entry level employee alone costs about fifty percent of their annual salary to find a new employee, according to Fisher’s article for Forbes. Fisher gives multiple ideas on how to decrease employee turnover in his article. The first is to create incentives. Any incentive can work, including technology, paid trips, and extra vacation days. According to Huffington Post, Fisher’s second piece of advice is to acknowledge achievements by sending out a company wide email congratulating that special employee. Also acknowledging their birthdays increases an employee’s willingness to stay. Keeping employees in the loop by sending out a company newsletter also helps decrease turn-over. A key ingredient to decreasing employee turn-over is giving raises. If an employee works at the company for ten years with no raise, they are more than likely to quit for another job that offers them more money. Creating a friendly environment also helps employees, even going as far as creating a pet-friendly environment! Darius Fisher uses this tactic at one of the Status Labs offices, allowing employees to bring well-mannered dogs to work. The main question to ask is what makes your employees happy? This can be achieved in various ways from sending out a survey to making personal inquiries. Knowing what makes your employees happy is the key to decreasing those dreaded employee turn-overs.

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