The Broad Perspective of Arthur Becker

Madison Partners LLC is an American investment firm that has majored in the development and sale of real estate property. Additionally, the organization has a particular interest in the development of biotech ventures. Madison Partner operates under the management of its managing member Arthur Becker. Before Madison Partners, he held the chairman position at Zinio LLC. The company is the largest newsstand across the globe. He was also the chief executive officer at NaviSite, a company responsible for the distribution of Internet technology services. NaviSite provided cloud-based application management and data hosting services in the market.

Arthur acted as a senior advisor to Vera Wang Fashion Company for seven years. In 2011, NaviSite was sold to Time Warner. Since its sale, Arthur ventured into the real estate industry and as an investor in the technology sector. He attended the Bennington College between 1969 and 1972. Later, he advanced and attended Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. Arthur has a broad set of skills including excellent guiding tips for start-ups, investments, mergers & acquisitions among many others. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

In a recent interview on NY Daily News, he attributed the development of Madison Partners to the desire of expanding his interests in the real-estate industry. According to him, his tenure at NaviSite and Zinio exposed him to both technology and real-estate industries. Upon the sale of NaviSite in 2011, he chose to invest in condominium development in New York City. Exposure to biotechnology and the economic opportunity in the industry created room for his investment. With the reduction of scheduled meetings and conference calls, Arthurs days have become flexible. Currently, he is in the final phases of building townhouses in New York. He is also preparing to build a luxury condominium in Tribeca. Becker is mostly productive while working with respectable people. According to him, the industry is fascinating in the various stages of its development. Therefore, organizing and coordinating the work of these experts allows him to be effective and acts as a fountain of ideas.

The advancement of the biotech industry especially in addressing cancer is one trend that excites Mr. Arthur Becker. The clarity of vision, unrelenting drive, critical thinking among many others are essentials to success. Additionally, knowing when to adjust the vision, strategy and sometimes the workforce is just as important. Flexibility and customer feedback is also critical to the growth of any business

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