The Inspiring Story of Nick Vertucci and His Rise Up From the Bottom

Nick Vertucci is someone who knows the meaning of hard times. As a matter of fact, he has found himself falling on hard times more than once in his life. Early on in his adult life, he was living out of his van. He has eventually started his own business selling parts for computers on One thing that he has enjoyed about being his own business owner is that he has a lot of freedom. He also did not have to worry about losing his job. However, he would experience his next hardship in the dot com bubble burst of 2000.

The dot com crash has sent him on a downward spiral of lack of income and increasing debt on Fortunately, he had a good friend that has told him about an opportunity that has turned out to be the best thing to ever happen to him. Nick Vertucci has decided to check out this opportunity which was a three-day real estate training seminar which would change his life. It was during the seminar that Nick Vertucci has decided that he is going to get into training for real estate. One thing that Nick will admit is that success didn’t come overnight. As a matter of fact, it has taken him more than a decade to get all of the training and information he needs to be successful.

Nick Vertucci has developed a good system that has helped him succeed. He believes this system could help others succeed. This is one of the reasons that Vertucci has set up his own Real Estate Academy. He tells his story on the website that he has set up. His story not only inspires, but also shows that he is very trustworthy and sympathetic to people of all walks of life. Given that he has seen all conditions of life, he is better able to empathize with struggling people.

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Manhattan Vacancies on the Rise

Many thought that New York City real estate was in a never ending spiral upwards increasing each year as more and more investors from overseas were attracted to the glit and glamour of New York real estate and the price stability that it offers. But in a trend that has now traveled around the world hitting many of the residential hot spots including Australia, China, Miami, and London, New York is becoming the next victim with apartment vacancies on the rise.

A recent Bloomberg report has indicated that the vacancy rate rose almost 0.5% from the prior year rate and is not currently up to 2.87%. This is a rapid increase in the vacancy rate and shows a significant amount of slack in the market. In fact, the vacancy rate has not been as high as this since 2006 and we all know what happened to the housing market after this.

What appears to be foretelling the rising vacancy rate of New York City apartments for sale is the underlying economics behind it. While the vacancy rate is up, prices haven’t been falling. The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is up almost 4% from the prior year and is becoming increasingly unaffordable for the majority of people in the city who are now flocking to the outer boroughs and suburbs to find units to rent. Since the recession in 2009, rent rates are up almost 20% Rents cannot continue to increase without the underlying economics improving and many believe that prices will begin to decrease from an average amount currently of $3,361. So far, only the luxury apartment model has seen a decrease though many indicators are present that other categories will drop as well.

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