How Roberto Santiago has developed Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping Mall beat the expectations of many people in Joao Pessoa when it was opened in 1989. The locals of the area had not imagined that they would have the busiest shopping center in Paraiba state on their door steps. Manaira Shopping is owned by Roberto Santiago, who is one of the region’s most successful business men. The business center has been established on a piece of land that covers approximately 92,500 square meters, and its parking space can accommodate about 3,180 vehicles. Many residents of Joao Pessoa love shopping in the mall, and therefore, it receives millions of visitors annually.


Manaira Shopping is a safe place since it is under 24 hours CCTV surveillance. All shoppers are also screened at the gate before they are allowed to enter. The mall also attracts the locals and tourists because of the wide array of the entertainment facilities that it owns. The shopping center’s primary trade mark has been the fun and relaxation that it provides to its customers. It features an electronic amusement park, a bowling area, a gaming zone, and a movie theater. The movie theater has various halls that have been 3D technology and have been arranged in different ways. Customers can have snacks and drinks when watching movies. The building’s aisles are always very clean, and it also has elevators and rails to help disabled people.


The shopping center houses several businesses. They include banks, a food court, a learning institution, and over 200 retail stores. Leading mobile phone brands such as Apple and Samsung have established shops at the facility. All the stalls at Manaira Shopping offer incredible deals to the clients. They sell products such as home supplies, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, jewelry, and many others. The mall’s food court houses a broad array of restaurants that allow the shoppers to enjoy any food that they would like to have. The cuisines at the eateries range from six-course gourmet meals to fast foods such as burgers. The mall’s rooftop has an outstanding concert hall that is called the Domus Hall. It was established in 2009 and has been used for hosting several events.


Roberto Santiago has gained significant wealth since he started venturing into business. He currently has another business center that is known as Mangeria Shopping. His first source of income was a small restaurant that he had established in Santa Rosa. The entrepreneur then founded a cartonnage company before investing in the real estate sector. Santiago’s businesses have generated millions of dollars, and he has been mentoring young people who wish to be successful. He was a motocross and kart champion during his hay days and won several medals and trophies.


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