Rocketship Education Give Kids and Parents Power to Excel

Picking the right school for your kids is perhaps one of the most important things that you can do to help ensure that they have a good start on a great future. For those who want to give their kids, the best start possible charter schools are a wonderful midway option between traditional public schools and private academies. One such public charter school network, Rocketship Education takes the idea of a charter school to a whole new level by combining it with concepts that normally are found in co-op environments.

Rocketship Education doesn’t just get parents involved with their kid’s education in terms of homework assignments and PTA meetings. At Rocketship, they even get the parents involved in operational decisions such as budgets, programs, and even the hiring of the teachers. Their philosophy is that when parents are more involved in their children’s schooling at every level of the process the educational product will be much better and the child will learn more, learn faster, and learn deeper than anywhere else. The concept is based on a holistic philosophy that learning takes place not just at the school, but also at home, and out in the world, every minute of every day,

Rocketship Education runs a growing number of schools across the country and is considered one of the most successful educational startups ever. The school focuses not only on the fundamentals, but also on advanced teaching techniques that prepare students for furthering their education for the rest of their learning career. More than a prep school, Rocketship considers their system to be a learning incubator where students don’t just learn information that is presented, but learn also how to learn for themselves on their own.

One of the most unique things about Rocketship is the fact that so many people you never thought would be involved in the idea of educational reform are getting on board to help develop the system as it spreads to new cities. One of those individuals is internationally renowned tennis star Andre Agassi, who recently helped to develop the newest location, Rocketship Rise Academy in Washington, D.C. This is not the first time the athlete has been involved in the development of one of the Rocketship locations and will no doubt not be his last. The redevelopment of the educational system as it has been for decades into a new more effective method of educating the future of society is a very strong motivator in the 47-year-old tennis pro. He is proud of the fact that Rocketship is currently on its 69th school and is growing faster every year.

With the new type of mentality that Rocketship has brought to the primary educational sector, it can be certain that the future is going to be a much better place for children of all backgrounds, locations, and economic brackets. A good education is a stepping stone toward a great future, and Rocketship education is laying the foundations for a generation of innovators and thinkers that will be unstoppable.