Newly Raised Money Helping FreedomPop

FreedomPop is expanding the services it provides customers not only in the United States but around the world. Creating a worldwide network for inexpensive connections is not cheap to do. While FreedomPop does not build or maintain its own towers, it still needs to negotiate terms with service providers in other countries that do. In order to create an inexpensive service, FreedomPop realized it needed to buy contact services with these international networks to ensure quality coverage at low prices for its customers. This is why the latest $50 million the company raised has proven to be so important.

For anyone who has ever traveled internationally with their mobile phone, they know just how expensive using the device overseas can be. The sky-high roaming fees are charged by the larger carriers. Why is this exactly? When a mobile phone connects to a different network, the external network charges per minute. This bill is sent to the carrier the mobile phone is connected to. The major carriers see this as a way to drastically increase prices, so while the international company might charge one fee, the national carrier might increase this by 10 times. FreedomPop doesn’t want this to happen, so it is doing whatever it can to work with these international companies in order to reduce the cost.

Currently, FreedomPop has been able to work out arrangements through 25 different companies around the world. There are some companies in the United States that do provide roaming, but often times speeds are drastically ramped down. FreedomPop wants to make sure a customer receives the very best access wherever they go. This $50 million has helped crate these inroads to the different companies around the world. Customers looking to opt into the international services only need to pay $49 with $10 for a SIM card.