Kabbalah Centres are Designed to Assist in Fulfilling the Soul

Students who study Kabbalah are studying the principles that bring the wisdom and secret keys of the universe together. The study of Kabbalah is not a theological study because it is not a religion. Instructors of Kabbalah teach practical principles to bring understanding about the spirituality on which it stands. Kabbalah wisdom is taught from the perspective of helping students understand their everyday lives. Then, as the student finds more understanding, they find more joy.

There are over 40 Kabbalah Centres worldwide, and they provide a meeting place for study and fellowship. The first Centre was established in Jerusalem, Israel in 1922. Until then, knowledge and wisdom of Kabbalah was passed down from generation to generation.

Students came from all around the world, and the Bergs were some of those who came to study. They stayed 10 years under the leadership, and then they founded the first Centre in the U.S. in New York City.

Karen and her son, Michael, are now the spiritual leaders of the Kabbalah Centres. Rav passed away in 2013, and Karen has continued on with the work. They translated the Kabbalah principles into many different languages and distributed them around the world.

In recent years, the Kabbalah University located in Los Angeles is led by Michael and reaches 100,000 people a day online with topics such as Preventing Deterioration, Community Matters, Introduction to Kabbalah, Tools for Change and No More Selfishness.

Aside from the classes, Kabbalah Centres also encourages fellowship with the other students, and once a month, dinners are held for all of the instructors and students.
Volunteer projects are also formed to improve the student and also the community. Leaders organize volunteer projects both in the community and to join with other Kabbalah Centres in unity.

Karen Berg believes that by volunteering in a permanent way, the individual is bringing satisfaction to their soul. She also says that it improves the quality of life and that the soul is fed with unconditional sharing. The Kabbalah Centres do this type of work regularly and believe that they are being fulfilled just as the people they are helping. Visit their Wikipedia page to learn more about the history of the Kabbalah Centre and more.