George Soros, Better Plans and More Options

George Soros, on April 9th of this year, has written a very interesting article. “Europe: A Better Plan for Refugees”, published in “The New York Review of Books”. This takes a look at flaws in the current policy on set last month at the EU Turkey negotiations. Along with the flaws there is an in-depth look at the things that could be corrected.

A few of the flaws pointed out first and for most is the policy isn’t European. Negotiations were handled with Turkey then “imposed” by the German Chancellor. Next comes the extreme “underfunded”, though, perhaps even more astounding is that it was not voluntary. There are quotas that are not agreed upon by “many members of the state”. This is the requirement that refugees go to countries they don’t want to be in. Coupled with the forced return of those who arrive in Europe on Even worse this will wear down Greece even more. Under facilitated for the “asylum seekers” already there, Greece wouldn’t be able to stretch their already sparse resources.

Of course George Soros not only explains that “The European Commission” saw some of the flaws. This lead to the announcement a new reform plan for Europe’s “asylum system”. Unfortunately the proposals rely on other factors that wouldn’t be helping either side. Mr. George Soros continues into an in depth look at the problems. One of these is the statement, “EU must undergo a paradigm shift”. Simply put they will have to spend the money to be able to house such a large population of refugees. This doesn’t just include where to place them but needed things such as medical, policing, and other needed services. This then spins into the webbing of Europe’s own funds and where the extra funds could potentially come from.

George Soros, founder and chair of Soros Fund Management and Open Society Foundations, had seen firsthand how the world can spiral out of control. Born 1930 in Budapest George had survived Nazi occupation in World War II. Relocated to England in 1947 he later graduated from London School of Economics. Eventually George Soros made the move to the United States. Finding his wealth in international investment he didn’t forget the past he had seen.

Active in promoting the welfare of others Mr. Soros has also been very generous in his donations since 1979. His first venture in 1979 was providing funds for the help with education for black student in South Africa. Today The Open Society Foundations help more than 100 countries. In 2011 the total had reached $835 million. Mr. Soros has also authored over a dozen books, one of these being, “The Tragedy of the European Union”.

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