Learn how to dicpher between dengue fever and the zika virus with the help of Sergio Cortes

An article that is found on the R7 noticias website has revealed that recently it was discovered that, in addition to dengue fever, the Aedes Aegypti mosquito also has been responsible for the transmission of two other types of viruses: the zika and chikungunya. According to experts, the symptoms of the three diseases are very similar to each other, being among them: high fever, body aches, eyes, muscles and red spots on the skin, said Dr. Sergio Cortes.

With the emergence of these new viruses caused by the same mosquito, is very important to point out a few ways to differentiate each disease. The symptoms that stand out on dengue in relation to other illnesses are muscle pains and behind the eyes. Dr. Sergio Cortes says that still to clarify about the similarities between the symptoms of zika virus and chikungunya, the nurse Bruno Del War, representative of the epidemiological surveillance of Itapetininga (Sao Paulo), some signs as prevalent according to each disease. In the zika virus which predominates is the itching in the Cup and the redness in the eyes. Chikungunya in the joint pains are fairly intense.

Although associated with the current rate of microcephaly in newborns, these data are still being studied, making it difficult to establish the level of gravity of zika virus. The representative said that, on the other hand, in the case of dengue fever is already known of the possible consequences of the haemorrhagic disease, recalls Dr. Sergio Cortes. In addition, War still emphasizes the importance of seeking medical assistance in case of emergence of symptoms that may characterize some of these diseases. According to the nurse, Dr. Sergio Cortes, studies are underway to see if it is possible for an individual to host more than one virus at the same time.

It is known that there are no antiviral or any type of medicine to solve or prevent the disease. Sergio Cortes mentions that, according to the expert, the treatment for these diseases is in the process of studies. For now, the treatment must be done with oral rehydration serum base, or if necessary intravenously in health units. Hydration must be accompanied by complete rest for at least five days to restore physical strength. About four years ago, the Butantan Institute, in São Paulo, works in an attempt to create an effective antidote to combat the diseases. In the second stage of the research, the Institute is waiting for the medicine pass to the third stage and is manufactured on an industrial scale, says Sergio Cortes. Scientists have the hope that medicine is approved later this month by the national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) to begin the last stage of the research.

Relying on the monitoring of researchers, approximately 17 1000 volunteers will receive the first doses of the new medicine. For the experts, says Sergio Cortes, the vaccine developed will feature 80% efficiency and can fight the four types of dengue fever. However, there is still no date for the start of the last stage of the studies. According to Anvisa the release request is being reviewed. While there is no solution to these problems, there’s only the prevention and elimination of possible outbreaks of mosquito reproduction transmitter of disease, professionals in the field.

Dr. Sergio Cortes has made many contributions to the entertainment and medicine world. Many have enjoyed his impersonation of Michael Jackson while the medical community and his patients have benefited from his medical practice and research.

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