Find An Affordable Solution For Your Hair

How important is it for you to have an affordable hair care solution? Most women know how important it is to find the right hair shampoo and conditioner for daily use. WEN hair by Chaz is safe for men and women and provides a hair genie in a bottle for under $40. It provides a reliable and effective hair care solution that works for all hair types men and women. Learn how to build your hair with a few easy steps through using Wen by Chaz. You can order their hair care products online on Sephora and Amazon or through an online customer service representative.

A recent online Bustle news article documented the use of one young lady that decided to use it for the first time. She chose to use the strengthening conditioner after every shampoo. She gave her actual testimonial to the Bustle readers and says it worked wonders for her hair. She noticed far less breakage when she washed her hair and by the end of the week she noticed stronger healthier hair. She loves the way her hair is extremely manageable and has great results. She recommends Wen by Chaz to all of their customers for an inexpensive hair care solution.

Wen by Chaz Dean [see,] has the proper amount of usage clearly listed on each bottle. You will never waste money or use to much. You get all natural products that smell rich and can leave you refreshed after a long day. In fact, your hair will began to withstand the elements of humidity. You can order Wen by Chaz products and have them shipped to your door. Say goodbye to pricey online hair care products or expensive salon visits. You’ll be glad that you decided to take the first step in reviving your hair. You’re invited to visit their online website for more details and product information.


Kabbalah Centres are Designed to Assist in Fulfilling the Soul

Students who study Kabbalah are studying the principles that bring the wisdom and secret keys of the universe together. The study of Kabbalah is not a theological study because it is not a religion. Instructors of Kabbalah teach practical principles to bring understanding about the spirituality on which it stands. Kabbalah wisdom is taught from the perspective of helping students understand their everyday lives. Then, as the student finds more understanding, they find more joy.

There are over 40 Kabbalah Centres worldwide, and they provide a meeting place for study and fellowship. The first Centre was established in Jerusalem, Israel in 1922. Until then, knowledge and wisdom of Kabbalah was passed down from generation to generation.

Students came from all around the world, and the Bergs were some of those who came to study. They stayed 10 years under the leadership, and then they founded the first Centre in the U.S. in New York City.

Karen and her son, Michael, are now the spiritual leaders of the Kabbalah Centres. Rav passed away in 2013, and Karen has continued on with the work. They translated the Kabbalah principles into many different languages and distributed them around the world.

In recent years, the Kabbalah University located in Los Angeles is led by Michael and reaches 100,000 people a day online with topics such as Preventing Deterioration, Community Matters, Introduction to Kabbalah, Tools for Change and No More Selfishness.

Aside from the classes, Kabbalah Centres also encourages fellowship with the other students, and once a month, dinners are held for all of the instructors and students.
Volunteer projects are also formed to improve the student and also the community. Leaders organize volunteer projects both in the community and to join with other Kabbalah Centres in unity.

Karen Berg believes that by volunteering in a permanent way, the individual is bringing satisfaction to their soul. She also says that it improves the quality of life and that the soul is fed with unconditional sharing. The Kabbalah Centres do this type of work regularly and believe that they are being fulfilled just as the people they are helping. Visit their Wikipedia page to learn more about the history of the Kabbalah Centre and more.

Adam Goldenberg: Passion That is Real

When it comes to JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have talked about developing a passion for fashion. When you look at their photo, you might be caught off guard, as they are just two guys that you wouldn’t expect to be in the fashion world. They like to have fun with this and even talk about it. This, to me, shows that they have a sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously. While they might not take themselves too seriously, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg certainly take the business seriously. It is their lifeblood, their passion, their desire, and it is everything they care about poured into JustFab.

When they started JustFab, Goldenberg and Ressler talked about a few key points that were going to help the company and make it successful. Whatever they didn’t know, they hired people that did know it. As the old adage goes, you have to spend money to make money. They weren’t afraid to hire people that knew more than them and could show them the ropes and get them off the ground. Again, it is a team effort. No one can do it all on their own. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler need help and they need a team they can trust. They built that team they can trust and a team that gets the job done each and every time.

They also talked about wanting fashion to be fun. If you ever watch fashion shows or hear people talk about fashion, sometimes it can be very stuffy and have sort of an elitist attitude about it. They wanted to get rid of that, as soon as possible, and right away. They wanted people to enjoy fashion, look forward to it, and take it seriously but not TOO seriously, as to where it becomes a chore and a job. It shouldn’t feel that way. When you dress yourself up and find the latest fashions at, you should be happy about it, excited, and pumped.

They also talk about it being engaging and highly social. We live in a social world today where everyone is connected at all times. You can use those social platforms to engage people, start up a conversation on, and find out what they like. Because of the Internet, everyone has a voice. It is up to you to listen to that voice and find out what it is saying. There are going to be many voices and you have to block certain ones out, but others one, they are worth listening to as they can provide crucial information.

Online Reputation Management Tips For Success

Brand management has always been a key business focus for success, but in recent years a new style of brand management has grown. This style is known as ‘online reputation management’ within the hospitality industry. According to website, the new requirement for online identity and branding focuses on the digital arena via blogging, social media, active PR, and search engine results. Luckily for those just catching up with the development of this new factor in the hospitality industry, there are some general tips for success.

There are three distinct elements to online reputation management. There is the media reputation, the public relations outreach, and the brand positivity in search results. The first element is the media reputation and revolves around having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and a Linked in account that allows for customers to interact with the business digitally. The second element is public relations outreach where the business uses customer interaction as a way to troubleshoot complaints, make promotional offers, and create consistent public content to draw attention. The third and final element for online reputation management is brand positivism. 44% of online shopping begins with customers using search engines to identify their brand or product before checking prices. This means that when someone types your business name into the search bar there needs to be an official website and positive articles listed first. The brand positivism extends to maintaining the executives’ personal reputations as well since these days such information is easily available to online consumers and can greatly affect their interest in spending money on a business.

Online reputation management isn’t going to go away in the new digital age of consumerism. People will always want the most for their money and the least amount of complications. Thus it falls onto each business owner to pursue a positive brand image not only in personal interactions but also digital ones. It is possible, it is profitable, and most of all it will help the customer be confident and happy in your product and services.


Cambridge Who’s Who Registry Honors Brian Bonar

The Cambridge honorary recognition for best executive of the year was bestowed to Dr. Brian Bonar. Dr. Bonar is Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO. The honorary recognition as the executive of the year is among the most prestigious awards for the Cambridge Registry.

The Cambridge Who’s Who Registry only names four persons in each discipline for executive of the year award. Of the four nominees, two must be women. The selection of the winner of the award is a rigorous process that is led by an internal committee. Nominees are evaluated and reviewed on the basis of their professional accomplishments, academic exploits, and their application of superior leadership attributes.

This implies that by being recognized as the executive of the year, Dr. Bonar possesses an incredible mix of attributes that make him an exceptional executive.

While the honorary award adds tremendous weight in Dr. Bonar’s leadership capabilities, it is his vast experience in the industry that makes him ideal to lead Dalrada. Dr. Bonar has been in the industry for close to 30 years. He has held different financial management positions in different companies.

According to LinkedIn, Brian Bonar’s relationship with Dalrada is almost 10 years old. His leadership abilities have helped shape the firm into a dependable liaison agent. Being Dalrada Financial Corporation’s Chairman and CEO places Dr. Bonar in close contact with the firm’s senior employees as well as strategic clients.

Over the years, he has not only displayed exemplary management skills but has also succeeded in forging a strong team culture in the organization. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada Financial Corporation provides a diverse mix of risk management products, insurance services and tax consultations services to their clients. To maintain and expand their market base, the Dalrada management team utilizes the company’s strong organizational culture. With Dr. Bonar’s leadership attributes, Dalrada boasts of a workforce that exudes a strong teamwork spirit.

In Dalrada, Dr. Brian Bonar oversees the company’s operations that mainly involve creation and sale of varying marketing and employee programs. Dalrada provides to its clients a wide variety of financial, insurance, BPO products and services, as well as employers and employees’ benefits. The firm’s market category is mainly constituted of Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs), a market niche that has seen a steady growth over the years. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Dalrada Financial Corporation’s products are aimed at enabling businesses to operate efficiently. Products aimed at risk management include various insurance plans, tax strategy solutions, payroll management, and benefits. Dr. Brian Bonar has expressed his confidence in the growth of PEO sector arguing that more organizations are recognizing and contracting PEOs’ services.

Dr. Bonar also holds executive positions at Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc., Smart-Tek, and AMS Outsourcing. He previously worked for IBM, QMS, and Adaptec.

Lime Crime Maven And NYC Dollmaker Hacked By Lazy Artist


Most artists take their craft seriously, and we’re not talking solely about the kind of pieces you find hanging in a gallery.

Take artists Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney, who happen to have a lot of respect for each other. Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime makeup, an independent company that creates bright, highly pigmented makeup. Her bold shades like Squash, Cement, Flamingo, Lawn and Metallic Gold are colors that look gorgeous on all skin tones, and cosmetics that shine the spotlight on the wearer. She has slowly and carefully built her brand since 2008 and has captured a major social media presence on Instagram with more than 2.2 million makeup-addicted followers.

Apparently, her pop culture popularity attracted the discerning eye of New York City artist Richard Prince, because he did something other artists don’t appreciate. Prince took an Instagram screen shot of Doe Deere in ice blue hair and red lipstick posing with her mini lookalike Pidgin fashion doll and used it for his “lazy” art.

According to a report by, Prince blew up the image to a very large 48-by-65-inch print, removed the original text from under her Instagram pic and created his own text and hung it up at the New York Frieze Art Fair. The stunning print of the makeup maven posing with the gorgeous 23-inch fashion doll went fast, selling quickly for $90,000.

Doe Deere and her artist friend Joshua David McKenney who makes Pigin custom dolls like the one he gave to Doe Deere, were not happy about the rip-off by Prince. In fact, they were shocked another artist would stoop so low and make them both voiceless in who they are as artists.

McKenney takes a lot of time with meticulous detail to create each beautiful fashion doll. Some of his fans include Taylor Swift, Dita Von Teese and Mariah, who appreciate the uniqueness of his dolls from Brooklyn, NY.

Doe Deere was especially upset, because she never gave Richard Prince the green light to use her popular Instagram screen shot. He got away with using the pic as lazy art, by merely removing the text Doe Deere had written as the caption and inserting his own words. Prince never mentioned who Doe Deere and Joshua David McKenney were, only interested in blowing up the image of Doe Deere in her candy-colored tresses and the look-alike hand-crafted doll with matching blue hair and red lips.

Being hacked by another artist doesn’t sit well with Doe Deere or Joshua David McKenney. They spoke up to put the focus back where it belongs, on the beautiful doll which is true art, in the humblest sense of the word.

To know more about Doe Deere and Lime Crime, check out



Securus Technologies – Report on Industry Integrity

On June 7, Securus Technologies issued its first report in a series, which targeted wrongdoing by inmate communications provider Global Tel Link (GTL). The report was based on an earlier report published in 1998 by the Louisiana Public Service Commission after an investigation into GTL practices.

The investigation found that GLT programmed the clocks on their phones in the facilities to add minutes to calls made, phones were programmed to add additional rates that were not authorized, single calls were billed more than once, and charges were artificially inflated. GLT’s actions were solely based on increased profits resulting in Louisiana taxpayers paying the company $1,243,000 more than necessary.

According to Richard A. (“Rick”) Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, the 18-year-old report would not have been brought up if GLT were not continuing such practices. “If that was the only potential wrongdoing – I would not be bringing it up now – but their potential wrongdoings have continued. Our customers need a higher level of integrity. . . “Securus Technologies will continue to monitor GLT and to release their findings in an effort to shame GLT into providing quality service at a higher level of integrity.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is an innovative company in the industry, holding over 140 patents with an additional 90 that are pending. The company and its team are committed to making the world a safer place to live by providing products and services to public safety, law enforcement, 3,400 corrections facilities, and over 1,200,000 inmates throughout North America.

Doe Deere Shows Me How To Get The Look I want


I tend to be very picky about makeup. I want makeup that is bright but subtle in color. I also want makeup that will stay with me all day so I can relax and concentrate on other things in life. This is why I’ve spent some time looking for just the right makeup for me. I want certain items. Like so many others, I’ve turned to a company called Lime Crime for help in getting the look I know is perfect for me. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere. Deere is someone I greatly admire. She understands the needs of women just like me.

So Many Choices
When I go looking for the makeup at Lime Crime, I know I always get access to many choices that are going to work for my needs. Doe Deere fully understands the needs of the contemporary woman. Like so many others, I’m not interested in ordinary and boring looks. I want something that is truly special, something that I can call my own. I don’t want to look like everyone else. I want to stand out in a crowd. I also want to bring out my own inner creativity and my personal sense of style the second I step out of my house.

A Background In Fashion
Deere is someone who comes to fashion because she shares the creativity of her own fans. Her fans know that she can provide us an example of the kind of ways we can use makeup. Like so many of us, we know that she’s been there and seen blah makeup. We know that she’s examined modern fashionable makeup and found it wanting. This is why I think so many of us have found her company and the products she offers us so ideal for our needs.

The Right Vision
I know that when I think fashion, I don’t just think about bit and pieces. I think about a coherent whole. Deere has the same approach. She wants people to reach out and find fashion that is ideal for our needs and offers a totally new viewpoint. I realize that when I’m going to look at the fashionable makeup I see on her site, I’m going to have choices I can pick out that let me create a vision of myself that works on all levels including my own desire to be who I really am.

Fit and Fabulous — New Fabletics Athleisure and Swimsuit Designs Offer Comfort and High Fashion

Actress Kate Hudson knows something about busy schedules. Between acting and managing Kate Hudson’s active wear line Fabletics, she has mastered the art of looking great and feeling comfortable. Recently she sat down to talk with “Marie Claire” magazine about launching a line of swimsuits and athleisure dresses from Fabletics that take the woman on the go from day to night in comfort and in style.

Read the full article: Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night

The new lines incorporate the same principles that drove the creation of their history via Wikipedia: solid construction with quality fabrics in fun, fashionable styles. Gone are the days of frumpy leisure wear. The active wear options from Fabletics are standouts by virtue of cute designs produced to make workouts a breeze. Now it is possible to look good while doing something good for your body.

Almost every woman dreads swimsuit season. Hudson says that the swimsuits from Fabletics are designed for more than just lying on the beach or poolside. Made so that activities are not compromised, they offer good looks for optimum performance and protection. You don’t have to be concerned about spilling out of your bra or about coverage below. In fact, Hudson says your bikini top can even double as your sports bra.

The new athleisure line from Fabletics is designed with what Hudson calls “the lazy-girl” in mind. It offers women the option to go out on the town in high style with the same kind of comfort they can expect from their regular leisure wear. All of this comes at an affordable price point. Some of the designs, such as the Tropez dress, offer feminine looks with just the right level of support. This particular dress comes with its own built-in bra and all the styles eliminate the need for slimming undergarments. The result is a smooth, sexy line that shows off all the hard work that goes into being fit. Hudson emphasizes that the entire focus of Fabletics is to encourage people to be physically active and healthier. Furthermore by looking good in your workout clothes, you immediately begin to feel better. If you are a “lazy-girl” who is addicted to her leggings, check out the active wear from Fabletics. Styles are available online at and in a number of brick-and-mortar Fabletics stores.

Devco Makes Development In New Jersey That Much Easier

The Press of Atlantic City has run a story about how Devco is providing loans for cities in New Jersey, and they are making sure that they are offering plans to cities that need to develop. A city like New Brunswick might have a plan to develop a part of the city, but they do not have all the funds they need. They can turn to Devco for the money, and Devco will help the city figure out exactly how the development will be done.
That means according to Chris Paladino that the city will get a loan for the exact amount of the development, and they will know how much money they are going to make when they are done with the work. They will make sure that they can make so much money on taxes, and then they will be there to make sure that city is making enough money to pay back their loans. Development will be planned so that there is a lot of commerce created, and jobs will start to form in an area that once had nothing at all.

The community in New Jersey that is working with Devco will be able to do the things that will bring prosperity to their community. They will have jobs for the people that live in the area, and they will have a chance to bring in more commercial, retail and industrial business to the area. The whole community will start to thrive on a tourism industry that was created with help from a hotel or casino. Everyone who is trying to make the most of their community development should work with Devco on their plan. Devco makes the development of the area very easy, and then they will help the community plan to grow commerce and their tax base in the area.