Yeonmi Park and Her Harrowing Defection Journey From North Korea


As we go about our daily lives, sometimes it is easy to take things for granted. If we live in America, England, or another developed country within the world, we usually go about our daily lives without too much of a struggle. We have fully stocked supermarkets, clean streets, and an orderly society. We usually do not have to worry too much about the bare necessities. In a communist country such as North Korea, however, many of the things that we take for granted are things that they are desperate for.

Take the story of Yeonmi Park, for example. She says that for most of her life she did not know what the word “freedom” meant. She simply had no concept of it.

“To me,” Yeonmi said, “the best thing to have was enough food.

After much discussion back and forth, Yeonmi Park and her family made a very hard decision: they decided to defect from the communist hellhole of North Korea. They made their first timid steps into the great unknown on March 31, 2007. At just the ripe old age of 13, Yeonmi and her mother crossed the frozen Yalu River in the dead of night and reached China. Even after escaping from the country, they weren’t sure what to do next.

Most of her story she tells in, and the story is not for the faint of heart. North Korea was led to Kim Jong Il, who was nicknamed the “Dear Leader” and his presence and likeness were literally everywhere.

For Yeonmi Park, it was a world where everything was commanded to serve him. The walls, trees, and the vermin scurrying around her dingy childhood apartment bedroom were all called to call his name and express their devotion to him.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when her father was sentenced to 17 years in a labor camp for smuggling metal to help feed his family. Although it has been a long time coming, Yeonmi Park is now in the United States and she is in her early 20’s. She says that even though North Korea might desire to silence her, the truth of the matter is her home country is a dark and dreary place and she is glad to have it behind her.



Natural Premium Dog Food is Changing the way people think

Many people are taking the plunge and investing in premium dog food for their furry family members. The industry in natural, premium ingredients has significantly increased in the last few years, leading to a billion dollar industry with many people, as well as animals, preferring the best quality ingredients available. They’re basing their pet’s diet on the natural foods that wolves eat, which are their ancestors. Many of the ingredients used are premium choices like chicken, beef and salmon. Ingredients that are suitable for humans to eat, but of course are geared toward the dog food industry. Many companies offer completely organic dog food that don’t have all of the extra fillers that are used in the cheaper brands. The fillers don’t have the quality ingredients that your animal needs, just “filler” ingredients that make your dog feel full, but don’t offer the benefits of longevity and the essential vitamins required for the health of your pet.

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Beneful Products Are Premium & Made With High Quality Ingredients

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The Zika Virus May Be Responsible For Microcephaly In Brazil

Microcephaly is a rare neurological disease that produces a significantly smaller head in infants, and it usually results in a brain abnormality that restricts the mental development of children. There’s no cure for the disease, and that is the reason women in Brazil are having a difficult time adjusting to the outbreak of the Zika virus. A study done in 2013 suggests that the Zika virus is the main cause of microcephaly, and according to Brazil’s Minister of Health, Sergio Cortes, the Zika virus is quickly spreading throughout the country. A recent article interviewed one pregnant Brazilian woman, and she is concerned about her unborn child. Dr. Cortes says she is not alone. More than million people in Brazil could be infected with the virus.

The Zika virus was first discovered in Brazil in 2015, and Cortes told that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of microcephaly cases since then. From May to October of 2015 there were 150 cases, but from October to January 2016 more than 3,900 cases were reported, according to Dr. Cortes. Cortes believes the virus is transferred to humans through mosquito bites. But one study indicates the virus can also be transmitted through sexual intercourse. However, more research is needed to confirm that result.

Brazil is not the only country that has been experiencing an outbreak of the Zika virus. The virus was discovered in Africa almost 70 years ago, and it spread to Asia and then to the South Pacific. Most cases of Zika are not serious. Infected people run a high fever, break out in a rash, and have joint pain, but those symptoms usually disappear in 7 to 10 days.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued a warning to travelers, and that warning is not just for Brazil. Colombia, El Salvador, Barbados, Ecuador, Guatemala, French Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Martinique, Panama, Venezuela, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, Suriname, Guadeloupe, Bolivia, Saint Martin, Samoa, Haiti, and Guyana are also on the warning list.

There are 12 known cases of the Zika virus in the United States, but health officials expect more cases during mosquito season. The UK has three known cases, but Dr. Cortes said there are more British citizens infected, but they haven’t been reported. Health officials believe the Zika virus will be front page news in the summer of 2016. There is no known cure for the virus, and there is no known cure for microcephaly.

Dr. Cortes told that most of the cases in Brazil were in the Northern part of the country in areas where the mosquito population is out of control. But Cortes is quick to point out that all parts of Brazil are breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitos, so he expects the number of cases of microcephaly to increase in several cities and rural areas in 2016. Meanwhile, the medical National Public Radio researchers are trying to develop a vaccine that will get the Zika virus under control. Cortes is hopeful that will happen in 2016.

CCMP Capital: Selecting A Reputable Private Equity Investment Firm

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Steve Murray on blogs.wsj was a private equity investor as well as a philanthropist. He was President and Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital. CCMP Capital is a New York-based private equity investment company specializing in buyout and growth equity transactions. Steve Murray was also a founding partner of CCMP Capital, which he helped grow into a highly successful business. Steve Murray passed away on March 12, at age 52.

When Nature and Video Collide

The Natural Wonders of Jon Urbana Videos

When looking for interesting videos that present some interesting fact or motivational scenes from nature then you should definitely view videos on Vimeo and Twitter and published by Jon Urbana. Urbana is a coach, business exec, photographer and video maker who produces interesting content that contributes to making the world a better place. Here are some of the more interesting Urbana videos out there.

People who love giraffes will find this first video irresistible.  These elegant creatures are beautiful to watch and the video, “When giraffes butt heads, here’s what happens”, provides a rare insight into the day to day life of giraffes. It is intriguing and interesting.  This is truly the wonders of nature on display in this photo on Jon Urbana’s Official Blog.

A second video that a viewer can enjoy is called, “The Stunning Mountains of Alaska”. This video brings all viewers to the majestic snow covered peaks of Alaska. The terrain is breathtaking and makes you want to visit this state as soon as you can.  The video provides several different looks of Urbana’s nature shots, rife with aerial artistry as well as panoramic views. There is something wild and untamed about the Alaskan wilderness that makes you want to get lost in it. This video provides the same kind of experience.

“Stadium Scenes”, is a different video (first seen on his Facebook timeline) that moves away from the wonders of natural settings and investigates the magic that happens when weather invades a manmade realm like a stadium. Watching the timelapse imagery of clouds and weather encroach on and engulf a modern stadium is amazing. It surely makes you realize that despite the advances of modern architecture and technology, we are still small compared to the wonders of Mother Nature. A very typical Jon Urbana perspective is portrayed here.

Jon Urbana Photography from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Finally, Jon Urbana’s video called “Moose in Alaska”, makes the list. It is always amazing to think that these majestic creatures are living in the woods a la Cryptaris experience throughout North America, and to see Urbana and his lacrosse students in their natural habitat is a rare treat. Watching this moose feed during an Alaskan summer allows the viewer to understand the sheer size and power the moose possesses.  It is a rare invitation into the natural world, maybe even as much so as Earth Temple was.

Earth Temple – credit: Jon Urbana

There are many more Jon Urbana videos that provide a real connection through Urbana with the natural world. Some of the images are all around us and connect us to the natural world, and others featured on his Instagram account are of places and animals that we would never see. Taking some time to explore the world through these videos is time well spent.

The Beauty World of Doe Deere

In times past, the fashion world set out the rules for women to follow. The rules followed a certain pattern that said “Do this and look good. Don’t ever break our rules or you will look terrible.” Though some of their “guidelines” may have been sound, at a certain point, the dictates from the fashion world became oppressive, and many free thinking women realized it was just fine to make their own decisions about style. One of those free thinkers is Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere created her online makeup company by mixing up cosmetics with the help of a chemist. The emphasis at Lime Crime is on good quality makeup with bold color combinations that make a statement. These cosmetics wear beautifully, even if they go beyond what the old school fashion dictators might find acceptable. Yes, we’re talking about lipstick in shades of blue, hot pink, green and more. Against all odds, these makeups look fantastic on women who wear them with confidence and a sense of daring.

Rules That Are Made to Be Broken

There are some hard and fast fashion rules that Deere has broken, and the looks she’s created by breaking the rule are truly stunning. All of this shows us that if you have confidence (plus an eye for color coordination) you can pull off all manner of looks.

One of the rules Deere goes against is the thought that you can only emphasize one part of your face with bold color. The rule is, if you have bold eyes, play down your lips, and vice versa. Deere, however, wears both colors on both the lips and eyes, but she makes sure the colors she uses play off each other well. The result is a beautiful, stunning face.

Other rules involve the idea that we’re not allowed to mix patterns or to wear too many colors together. Again, Deere emphasizes that the key to all of this is coordinating the colors so it’s not a total jumble. Mixing patterns is ok if there is an element, like a color, that’s consistent in all the patterns.

Looking great really means going forward with confidence. That’s what the Lime Crime look is all about. Take a look at the website to see how Deere rocks these looks, using bold colors in a beautiful way.

NYC Real Estate Prices Are Soaring with No End in Sight

After years of depressing figures in the real estate market nationwide, the tide has finally turned. Cities across the country are experiencing higher closing prices and New York City is no different. In 2015 there were several astounding sales completed, including the sale of a penthouse in Extell Development’s One57 for $100.47 million. Hundreds of townhomes and condos shared in the booming real estate market with increasing closing prices.

As NYC regains its footing, “billionaire bunkers” are making the city their home. Keep an eye out for 432 and 520 Park, as well as 56 Leonard, as the addresses boasting some of the most expensive real estate in NYC. A new record is scheduled to be set in the next few years by Kenneth C. Griffin, a Forbes favorite. He entered into a contract last summer to purchase a triplex at 220 Central Park South for $220 million, surpassing the most expensive real estate transaction on the books, that of a $147 million estate in East Hampton, NY.

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The Importance of Healthy Dog Food

Dog food has become more and more of a priority as dog owners begin to realize how important it is to make sure that nutrition is received by the dog. Since 2009, dog food demand has surged by over 45 percent. The new big seller of dog food is dog food that uses fresh and wholesome ingredients that provide nutrition to any dog. One example of a company that has had a kick-start by selling healthy dog food is a small local brand owned by Richard Thompson. Mr. Thompson and his employees have created a niche dog food that emphasizes gourmet food. The dog food is even tested personally by Mr. Thompson and his fellow chefs who put love into each bag of dog food. Currently the dog-food has made a huge jump in sales. The industry itself is a 27.3 billion dollar industry on Amazon that is constantly adding more and more competitors to the competition. New innovations are being created everyday such as the emphasizing of healthy food. The idea behind this is that every package or can of dog food should be high enough quality to be put on the table for the dog owner to eat. One of the leading brands in the dog food industry is Beneful which is one of the world’s most popular dog brands. What makes this brand so popular is the fact that the company offers wet food, dry food, and treats that comes in all different flavors. Each product that is sold by Beneful emphasizes the idea of a healthy meal that will leave any dog happy and healthy. The wet dog food that is sold through Beneful comes in 20 different varieties. These varieties can be chosen from the chicken, beef, pork, and lamb proteins that can be combined with carrots, green beans, barley, as well as rice. All of the ingredients that are added to Beneful products such as the wet canned food are fresh and have a course texture to show what each ingredient is. The goal of Beneful is to provide a healthy and wholesome meal that any dog will enjoy.

Manhattan Vacancies on the Rise

Many thought that New York City real estate was in a never ending spiral upwards increasing each year as more and more investors from overseas were attracted to the glit and glamour of New York real estate and the price stability that it offers. But in a trend that has now traveled around the world hitting many of the residential hot spots including Australia, China, Miami, and London, New York is becoming the next victim with apartment vacancies on the rise.

A recent Bloomberg report has indicated that the vacancy rate rose almost 0.5% from the prior year rate and is not currently up to 2.87%. This is a rapid increase in the vacancy rate and shows a significant amount of slack in the market. In fact, the vacancy rate has not been as high as this since 2006 and we all know what happened to the housing market after this.

What appears to be foretelling the rising vacancy rate of New York City apartments for sale is the underlying economics behind it. While the vacancy rate is up, prices haven’t been falling. The average rent for an apartment in Manhattan is up almost 4% from the prior year and is becoming increasingly unaffordable for the majority of people in the city who are now flocking to the outer boroughs and suburbs to find units to rent. Since the recession in 2009, rent rates are up almost 20% Rents cannot continue to increase without the underlying economics improving and many believe that prices will begin to decrease from an average amount currently of $3,361. So far, only the luxury apartment model has seen a decrease though many indicators are present that other categories will drop as well.

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