A Bright Future for the Wine Retailer Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a business that uses network marketing as well as wine tasting parties and events as a channel to sell award-winning wine.

The president of the Traveling Vineyard company is Mr. Rick Libby. He had had many years of previous experience at a number positions in leadership. For about thirty years, Mr. Rick Libby has been leading successful businesses such as Marriott, Student Advantage, Cendant Corporation, Move Central, and so on. About sixteen years ago, Mr. Rick Libby developed a strong interest in the business wine retail. He came up with a concept during a past position of his. Mr. Rick Libby was working for a wine retail company which offered catalogs to sell the wine. Mr. Rick Libby was given the task to come up with a new strategy in order to boost sales. Thatis how he developed the idea to use live demonstration as a way to sell more wine.

In 2010, Mr. Rick Libby made a life changing purchase when he bought the company of Traveling Vineyard. Over the years, Mr. Rick Libby grew the business to have over 5 000 indented marketers who are called wine guides. The Traveling Vineyard does more than retail and providing wine tasting. The Traveling Vineyard also puts out technology and concepts every year. The company recently put out a mobile app called Awesomm. The app is for the e guides of the Traveling Vineyard. It allows them to process the orders and take care of other tasks as well. Another software that the traveling Vineyard created for wine guides is called Sommology. The wine guides can use the software to pair up wine and food that go along great together, and that way they can also arrange excellent wine tastings.

For Mr. Rick Libby it is important to have a daily work schedule that accommodates both short term and long term goals as well as set aside a couple of hours to communicate with the people working at the company as well as the wine guides. Mr. Rick Libby devotes half of his work day to immediate tasks and the rest of the work day is dedicated to communication as well as working towards strategic goals.

Mr. Rick Libby firmly believes in the bright future of his business. The company had a shaky start back in the 1980s as Mr. Rick Libby did not have enough funding to maintain stability until profits started rolling in. In the United States of America, wine retailers had reported that sales had increased by about 5 percent last year in 2016. Despite the fact that some beverages have become a lot less popular, wine is going up. That gives wine retailers such as Mr. Rick Libby a lot of hope for the future of Traveling Vineyard.

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