Paul Mampilly: Helping the Public with their Finances

Paul Mampilly is an article and newsletter writer for the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, and he has been with the company for years, earning him the title as a senior editor. He is also a businessman and an investor, and he has been sharing Paul Mampilly’s techniques on how to dominate the market. One of his newsletters, named as “Profits Unlimited,” has been widely read around the world. Currently, over 90,000 people are subscribed to his newsletter, and the number keeps on increasing as his newsletter is reaching more businesspeople. Profits Unlimited was released around two years ago, and Paul Mampilly is proud to say that one of the reasons why it keeps on earning new subscribers is because of the quality write-ups that he is putting inside the newsletter. He also stated that the articles inside the newsletter are inspiring the public to do business and to invest in the stock market, and they are learning so much from it that is why the newsletter is still acquiring new patrons. Profits Unlimited is said to be the reason why there is a rising number of Americans who wanted to invest their money to earn a profit in the long run.

Paul Mampilly has an excellent record in the field of finances. He is using these excellent records to sell himself to the public, and because of the positive reputation that he built through the years, many people have trusted him, and they are asking him for help regarding investment portfolios. This is the same strategy that he is applying to get more people into buying his newsletter. Back when he was still working on Wall Street, he managed to transform an investment entrusted to him, turning it from a multi-million investment to a multi-billion investment. His ability to manage hedge funds effectively has garnered the attention of investors who wanted his service. He even made it possible for those who have trusted in his service to earn during the financial crisis from 2008-2009. Paul Mampilly is also investing his own money when he opens up a hedge fund, and through the years, his profit went as high as 6,000% of the money he invested.

However, Paul Mampilly realized that he is starting to get exhausted making the rich people richer. He decided to quit his job at Wall Street to focus on working with the public. It was the reason why he entered the Banyan Hill Publishing Company, creating several newsletters that would help the public with their financial needs.

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