Welcome Waiakea Water, The World’s Purest Volcanic Water

When we think about our overall health, we typically think about the foods we eat, our overall weight and fitness goals, how much water we consumer, what vitamins we take, and much more. One thing that we typically don’t think about, but science is proving to be one element that ties our entire health together, is the alkaline level that our body typically sits at. The alkaline level affects every aspect of our body, right down to the health of our individual cells. Typically, our bodies work best at a pH level of around 7.4 on a scale of between 1 and 10. Many of the bottles of water currently available on the shelves of our grocery stores

Waiakea Water has launched an incredible new volcanic water that may literally be the best bottled water that we have ever seen, both as far as how it provides you with health and as far as its zero-impact on the environment. The water is pure in the purest form to ever exist. Firstly, it comes from a wholly sustainable source. Waiakea Water comes from just one active volcano in Hawaii, and that volcano replenishes its own water source daily, meaning that the water source is wholly sustainable. As the ice caps on top of the volcano melts it naturally washes down over 14,000 feet of pure, untouched volcanic rock. As the water moves down, it absorbs all the rich, mineral nutrients that the volcanic rock provides.

In addition to absorbing nutrients such as magnesium and calcium, the water becomes naturally alkaline as it flows over the volcanic rock, which is another thing Waiakea Water offers that no other waters can. Waiakea Water was recently highlighted by Premier Gazette for its potential to not only hydrate the body, but to actually give it the perfect pH level. As mentioned above, the body’s ideal pH level is 7.4. Because the natural, volcanic water has a pH level of 8.8, drinking Waiakea Water will naturally draw your pH level to the perfect alkalinity. Most waters on the shelves today barely have a pH level of 5.